Monday, December 29, 2008

wearing black for Gaza...

My heart cries out for the people in Gaza...:'( Inshallah allah yefregha 3aleehom and yensorhom

Allah yer7am our Martyrs and ysaber their families...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mall madness...

I have made a vow not to even drive on streets that have a mall on is crazy out there!!

Yesterday the kids and I decided it will be fun to mall walk...since I have put my gym membership on hold..and it is too cold and too slippery to walk outside...mall walking would be a good alternative...yeh right!!

We were in Burlington and decided we will go to the mall in Mississauga...the highway was too busy so we took the long way to get to Mississauga...thirty minutes later we are at the mall...but alas...there is no parking! I always part on the same side of the mall....and that parking is usually not that busy...but yesterday it was full.....we went all around the mall trying to find a small tiny spot for our way...and then we thought if the parking lot is this will be even more crazy inside so we went home...but our trip was not for nothing...there is an Arabic store close the mall , and we are out of pita our trip to Mississauga was not for nothing...

I guess we will start mall walking on the 27th...when malls are back to normal...why do people wait until the last minute to start shopping?? I guess it was pretty bad around eid in Amman as well eh?? It has been a year so I can not remember now...I will mark my calendar for next year to avoid going to the mall and other shopping centers from December 20-27!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

when a stupid idea hits...just shoot me!

Yesterday was a busy day for me...go for a doctor's appointment, go shopping for few last minute items, get together with a friend we met at the store for coffee, take Bilal to school, got my nails done, and then off to the gym for a quick workout....

When I got home I got this stupid idea....hey it will be fun to shovel the snow...FUN?? shovel snow? FUN? what was I thinking?

So Bilal changed into his snow suite, snow mittens, snow boots and we got our big and small shovels out and got to work! I was shovelling the snow off the driveway (which was not too bad because hubby's car was parked there last night so it was not fully cover..but still), throwing it on the grass...and Bilal shoveling the snow from the grass on the driveway...not very help eh?

He was a lot smarter than I was...his mitten fell, he ate some snow, he got cold so he went inside...

I on the other hand stayed outside...shovelled the drive way...the path leading to the house from the driveway, the porch, the steps on the other side of the house...and one of the sidewalks...a nice guy shovelled the other side in the morning...(we live on a corner lot so lots of sidewalks to clear)..

My back was hurting, but I could not is such as achievement to see the snow gone off the sidewalk I kept on going and going and going....I have been getting too many braxton hicks all evening, and I feel yucky...I hate snow!

Seriously what is wrong with me? I am 8.5 months pregnant...with a very sore back and I do not want this baby to come any earlier than Jan 11th.....hey maybe he can even come on my friends promised they will bring me a cake to the hospital if they baby comes on the 15th...If wanted to have fun outside why couldn't I just make a snow man with Bilal??

Sunday, December 14, 2008

fa la la la la laa laaaaaaaaaaaa

Why is this song always on my mind! I hate it...

Anyways I have nothing to blog about...unless you want to hear about how ya haram poor me can not sleep it is hard to get comfy on any position while sleeping...why isn't there anything on good on TV at 4 am?? Not on Arabic or cable..*sigh*

This is the last week before Christmas break...the last week I can go to the gym without having to leave hubby and the kids home making a mess...I have to do all my shopping this week including finding shoes that are cute but not too high heeled to wear next to the outlet mall I go on Tuesday, it is my only hope! or else I will have to borrow my mom's shoes...I am a size 7 and she is a not happening! I just realized that I have no low healed shoes...other than sneakers and very casual stuff..but I can not wear those to a party can I...I am only 5'1.5 so of course I only have the highest heals they make when it comes to dress shoes...*sigh* there were all those cute dressy flip floppy type shoes all over the mall all summer long..I wish I knew I would be needing one of those in December...o not fret..I am sure will find something at Dixie mall!

OK back to fa la la laaaaaaa la laaaaaaaaaaaa and back to my not so comfy bed to get few more hours of much needed sleep..

Monday, December 1, 2008

5am ramblings...

Why am I up at 5 am you ask?? NO I am not a morning person and I would rather be in bed, sleeping...I am so sick of this pregnancy induced insomnia...but seriously how can one sleep when your belly is few inches ahead of you and you have little hands and feet squirming all over the place?? Braxton hicks can you find a better time to hit?? Getting up few times to go the bathroom does not help either!

So here I am...watching TV...I accidentally ruined my satellite asked if I wanted to download the new software and I accidentally pushed yes! So now I need a new pin # and I do not know how to do it!! So tomorrow I will send the receiver with hubby to take to his friend to fix..and I will have to admit that I did it...I ruined it! darned sw download! I was looking forward to watching some Arabic TV quietly..without the annoyance of my kids or hubby wanting to watch something else...o well I guess watching everybody loves Raymond is just as good...

Six more weeks to go, I am not sure how I feel about having a third little one around. My older two are driving me crazy! Ziad talks none stop, I never knew someone could talk so much!! One topic after the other...drives me crazy!! Bilal keeps on doing annoying things..and when you tell him to stop he thinks it is funny and keeps on doing it while looking at you to see how annoyed he can make you! I have learned to ignore him ..but sometimes it is hard to ignore...when will this stage be over?? I hate the terrible 4's! Who ever said the 2's were terrible had not experienced the 4's!!

Since I am on a complaining streak let me throw few other pregnancy related complaints...

I have already rambled about still sucks few paragraphs later...

putting on socks has become a chore!! It is hard to get to your feet when your belly stretches few inches ahead of you!

Going on the cross trainer at the gym is starting to get more and more thighs keep on hitting my stomach...the bike which I never liked anyways but used it for change sometimes has been out for few months due to I guess soon it will be the boring treadmill for me...

Pregnancy brains!! I keep on forgetting things I have done not too long ago..did I put sugar in my coffee yet or not? Losing my keys, going upstairs few times to get something and forgetting what I am there for, and few other things...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brothers and their SOs!

My baby brother's engagement party will be at the December....O great..I even suggested they do it on new year's we do not have to think about where to go...and I am so happy for him...his little fiance is so adorable....We know the family since she was 4 yo....and she is my brother in law's cousin...a sweet girl..

But people at the end of December I will be as big as an elephant if not bigger!! Two weeks before my due date I will not look or feel pretty at all! So now I have to shop for a dress that will fit a huge belly that has a 7lb+ baby in it...This is a huge motivation for me to hit the gym more often...I will make to 4 days instead of 3....I can not help the belly has to grow no matter what I do...but at least I can have nice arms and legs...and I have to lay off the sodium...which is no biggi since I am not a salty foods fan...phew!

Then what if , just what if dancing and dabking makes me go into an early labour!! I do not want to have my baby early...and I am terrified of going into labour on my scary would that be?? I like being induced...contractions start when I am already sitting in the hospital bed, connected to all the wires...and have the epidural dude close by! But I love dancing...even a huge belly will not prevent me from hitting the dance floor!

I think I will go to the mall this week and find a dress like the one on top...and no more cheese cake for me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have not had a chance to post in so long...I have been busy...and when I am not busy and just sitting there watching TV my laptop is being hogged by a little four year old..he is either playing games on treehouse TV or learning to read on starfall or looking at car websites...he can get into Honda, jeep, ford and kia on his own...the rest he still can not spell right...

Winter is officially here...there is a snow in the forecast for tomorrow...I am not ready for snow yet.......:o(

Why is it when you are pregnant you get insomnia?? Is it to get us used to the baby waking up at night...I have no reason to be up at 3:30 kids are sound husband is in bed and not snoring why am I not snoozing??

I got my hair cut yesterday....I think I like my new hair cut...but I will not know for sure until I wash my hair and have to style it myself...Allah yestor..I do already feel too fat; I do not need to feel ugly with bad hair as well! It was getting too long and annoying the heck out of me though, so I guess it won't be much worse eh?

Bad news!!My GPS has been stolen right out of my car! I feel so violated! I still have to go report it....I feel so guilty for forgetting to lock my seems like everyone in the area has had their GPS stolen these days...I knew the warnings...everyday I read on the HV forum that someone's car was broken into...but I still forgot to lock mine...or I should just start parking it in the garage...SOBs...allah ykaser edeehom!

Tomorrow Ziad has is doing a presentation on Jordan...we got his posters all ready with pictures and stuff...I hope he remember to talk slow an clear and not get too excited and talk too fast...He gets to excited about presenting...They have a presentation about different topics every month...I used to be nervous and stress about presentations for days back in high I see why the others did not seem so concerned and stressed out...if they have been doing presentations since they were in grade 1...their presentation experience had topped mine by 7 yrs or more! Now at my old age it is no biggie...

I guess this is enough rambling for tonight...or this morning I guess...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy birthday Zozo...

My baby turns the big 7 today......
*sniff* where did the time go?? It feels like yesterday that we brought him home!
We are having party at an indoor playground ....with few friends and should be fun:)

so tired...

ah so tired and too busy to complain about it on my blog...but the next rainy cold day we have that I would rather stay home and keep warm, I will be blogging about it all....hopefully I will not have a doctor apt or something else that I must go to ..I just want to sit at home, and watch a movie eat popcorn and maybe some of that halloween candy hiding in the closet, while the kids are at school and before the baby that too much to ask for?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

stupid spam!!

I just wasted a whole freakin hour deleting this loser's spam! Damn him/her!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby name woes!

I am glad we are not having a girl! We would have never agreed to a name...hubby hates cutesy names and I love them...after so many years of marriage you start realizing your difference in so many ways...I wish there was a thorough check list pre marriage...but when you are going out and engaged you do not know the other person's parenting style and o so many things...but I guess no two people are going to agree on everything 100%...and baby names is one of those things....

When I got pregnant with Ziad his name was decided on the same day I did the pregnancy test...hubby wanted to name the baby after his brother who passed away 23years ago...and his story was very touching to me that I had no problems with the is a cute name...and ziad does love his name! during that pregnancy we could not agree on a girl name...if ziad was a girl he would still be without a name!

With Bilal I picked the name...hubby was not crazy about the name but got used to it..I used the you picked Zozo's name , it is my turn now....and it worked....and Bilal's name suits him and he does love his name too...all day long he spells it out...B-I-L-A-L BILAL...and his name is written all over books, notebooks, sheets of paper, a wall, a table...

Well now with baby boy #3....I want to name the baby Omar....I like the name...hubby likes it too..with one problem! Leave it to hubby to come up with this one! He will only agree to the name if the boys can say 30mar and not Omar! So the boys have three months to perfect the letter 3...sometimes they get it right but mostly it is an O sound....I tell him that by naming their brother Omar they will have get enough practice using the letter and perfect it...

So far he has not come up with an alternatives...MEN!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It is getting cold here...not heavy jacket cold...but I have to put away my short sleeve shirt, Capri's and tank tops...and get out my fall clothes..

Hubby and I have been debating turning the furnace on or just feels silly turning it on in early October no???

After a winter in Amman though I can take all the cold in the world....Why is it that when the temperature is in the single digits in Canada I am able to just wear a regular PJ and not freeze, while in Amman at the same temperature I was freezing and could see my breath when going to a room that didn't have a soba and I was dressed with few layers of clothes...weird eh?

I guess this is it...summer is really gone..I have been in denial still wearing my sandals but yesterday my feet froze and made me crampy so I had to go and put my boots on...waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh and yesterday I switched the clothes in my closet..the long sleeves went into the easily accessible area, the sweaters right behind them..and all my cute summer clothes went into the harder to reach side of my walk in closet....although I do not see the point of this, none of those clothes fit or they will not fit for long....the good news is that I will be going shopping next week while the kids are in school, so I am not too sad...who wants to wear last winter`s clothes anyways.....

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today is hubby's niece's wedding....I am so sad that we can not be there....but who gets married in is all hubby's fault! They wanted to take it slow..get to know each other better and all...but noooooooooo he pushed them to hurry up and do the fate7a and then kateb ktab..why wait he said...well if they waited a bit the wedding would have been in the summer and we would have been able to husband and his big mouth!!

Anyways, I am so happy for them...I hope they have/are having a great wedding day and a great life together!

I wish we were there...but for so many reasons we can not go to Amman now...first the kid's school ,my growing belly, and hubby's work...(he barley worked in Ramadan it is a miracle he was not fired!) so now he has a lot of work to catch up on....

And seriously have you seen maternity formal wear?? Not very nice..although I think my brother will force me to go shopping for a formal dress when I am 8 months pregnant! I think I am going to hate my brother and his future wife when I am looking at their engagement party pictures!! But if I keep on going to the gym, and not gain more than 10more lb I think I will not hate them so much...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak!

Well to everyone except us!!

Eid is not until tomorrow here , but well it is kinda at our house! Hubby stopped fasting and he is off work.....the kids are in school though...we will do the actual celebration tomorrow with everyone else....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bye bye summer..

As the temperature starts to dip into the early early twenties and teens we have to face it, summer is almost gone! It is going to be sad farewell...but it is a cycle and we have to accept it....Fall is not a bad we are not shedding any tears yet...autumn does have it own fun and spirit...

We did have a great summer with great memories...we did a lot with the kids...from trips to amusement parks in the area....walks to a local park with friends, bbquing at the park with friends and family, going to the many beaches in the area...

Summer in Ontario sure beats summer anywhere else(saskatoon uggh)....there are so many things we did not scratch off our list, we didn't even have time to get away...this is the first summer we do not go on a vacation out of the country or at least out of the province...but we manage to have a fun filled summer full of action...

My sister is on maternity leave so we got to take the kids places sans husbands....which was fun...

I took the kids to Toronto to see the CN tower...ziad is now obsessed with Toronto and the CN tower...we parked our car at the GO station and took to the bus to Toronto...we had walked around, had lunch and finally went to the tower...we had to wait for 1.5hr to get up! It was Monday for god's sake! I can not even imagine how it would have been if we went on the weekend...but we could not turn back, Ziad would not hear of it....thankfully in the line just in front of there were three Egyptian guys and they kept the kids entertained and chased after bilal when he decided it will be funny to run off...

The kids favourite place to go to was Niagara Falls and Marine Land...we got a seasons pass and we went few times with friend and other times just the four of us...I could not go on any of the rides...I did not want to risk harming the little guy inside of me....but the kids loved it there...they enjoyed the whales and dolphins shows...petting and feeding the deer was great fun!

There are few things we wanted to do still before the weather gets colder...but with Ramadan hubby is useless....I feel bad about next summer, the kids will miss out on a lot of fun things to do! I wish Ramadan had a set month and that month was a winter month...but o well...we will manage to make it a fun summer inshallah....

So goodbye were a good summer this year..we will miss you...! Lets hope this winter will be not be a snow and storms filled winter....especially around the mid January...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thing not to say to a pregnant woman...

- WOW u've gained soo much are going to be huge

- you are losing weight, are you on a diet??

- WOW , r you sure there is only one in there?? maybe the second one is hiding..

- What? You are in your 6th month?? you barley look pregnant...

- O you are pregnant??

- Eat some more, you are eating for two don't starve the baby...

- Are you sure it is ok to eat that??

- Drink some juice or milk instead...Puleaaaaaaaaase...a cup of coffee is not going to harm the baby!

Just do not say anything about how a pregnant lady looks, eats, or about politics, the weather ... fasting, the mosalsalat..or just talk about the annoying people you know!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hubby and fasting....

I used to love and enjoy Ramadan, but not so much anymore!!

My husband is a smoker (eww) and a coffee guzzler....for the first few year of our marriage he did not fast....I kept on encouraging him to fast...and for the past few years he has been fasting...WHAT HAVE I DONE??

You would think he is the only person that fasts in the world...we have not had a bomb blowing for no reason because he is dying for a smoke lately....he is actually in a good mood...but he complains so much!! All day...he calls me from work at home or on my cell..when he gets home, when he wakes up from his nap, at 4 am when I am in the middle of a dream at 6 am before he leaves to it October yet?

He does not get much sleep because he has to wake for su7oor...not to eat mind you...he might eat bit of food but not much...he drinks coffee and smokes...then he leaves to work at 6am...(YIPPY) but he is home at 3pm (ugggghhhhhhhhh)...he goes up to the bedroom , puts the door knob thingie on the door so Bolbol will not go in to tell him to waaate uuupppp.....Ziad is making him a "do not disturb sign".

..then he wakes up an hour before iftar and he wonders why the kitchen is a mess?? hmmmmmm I am in the middle of cooking...go away...yesterday he wanted to help clean up the kitchen....and was in my way and annoying the heck out of me..I finally reminded him of his flowers that need watering and he was out of my hair...phew!
A bit before Iftar he goes to Tim Hortons and gets and extra large cup of coffee to drink after he makes him stay he does not go to bed until he is only getting few hours of sleep before he is up for so7oor...and of course him not sleeping at night = me not getting much sleep...I am so tired already from lack of sleep...I will use that "do not disturb sign" on my door from now on...or make a no talking sign in the bedroom...or go hide somewhere and sleep where no chatty husband will come wake me up....

I am not fasting this Ramadan...I am pregnant...I have very little appetite and eating very little as it is, everyone is saying I have lost weight..although my scale is 6lb up from what it was back in fasting is not good for me...I get nauseous and light headed when I do not eat for more than 3hrs...and I still feel guilty for fasting when my son was three months old and my milk supply dried up...ok formula made him much fatter than my milk would have ever done...and he is still pretty smart ..but still! So people leave me alone...I do not care if you are also pregnant and each his own...I do not need your lectures....!

Ziad is fasting this Ramadan....soom el3asfoora as his teetah calls it....he comes from school at 4:00, eats a sandwich , a glass of milk, some fruits and drinks water...that is his su7oor and he fasts until iftar time...he gets so hungry and o so thirsty..his throat hurts, his tummy hurts...and he is so tired or so he claims..but the minute the neighbours kids are outside playing he feels all better and ready to go out....and the minute we say ok iftar time..he jumps to his food like he has not eaten for days!!
O and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone....I hope everyone is coping well with the long fasting hours.....

Friday, August 29, 2008

back to school ....YIPPY! is finally time!!! We had a fun summer with the kids and did lots of activities from going to theme parks in the area to just good ol' family picnics with friends and family....but now it time for my house and me to take a break from the kids....well at least one kid!!

Ziad starts grade 2...*sniff, baby is growing up* and bilal will be going to junior kindergarten *double sniff, sniff*

yay I get my freedom back...I can go shopping peacefully....I can visit my friends without yelling at this kid and that kid to behave...and I can go for peaceful walks all by myself....o and I can go to the gym when I please during the day without having to worry that the day care at the gym is open or not....ah the freedom!! 2-3 day a week I will have 7 hours all to myself!!! o well until mid January that is!:o(


Thursday, August 14, 2008

a sad goodbye..

It is official...after almost 19wks of being pregnant I have to say goodbye to my prepregnancy jeans!! They no longer button up comfortably over my expanding belly!!

Goodbye dear jeans , and other pants holding a size 6 and 4 tags....I hope to wear you shortly after January...Maybe...just maybe we will be together again by March or April or maybe june of later....I promise!! For now I will hang you in the back of my closet to make room for my not as nice but comfy maternity long!! I will miss you! *sniff, sniff*

dreams...a pregnancy post..enter at own risk...

When your are pregnant you have weird dreams right?? Well few night ago I had a dream about the was so weird...I am looking forward to my ultra sound to find out what the baby is so I can start shopping..This is my third baby but I have no baby clothes at sister will be giving me her kid's clothes...which is ok..but I do not want my baby to have all hand me I am so excited about buying baby clothes...I really do not care if I buy pink or blue..I just want a healthy baby who is cute and a good baby...

Ok back to my dream...In my dream I moved the baby's clothes and saw that it was a boy...and I said to hubby why did we have to wait for the ultra sound..I could have just taken the baby's clothes off to find out what the baby is....isn't that so weird??? I wish it was that easy...There are lots more than clothing that have to be removed to see the baby now....Ok one more week and we will know..if the baby far both my kids we very cooperative and not shy at all to show their stuff, they still aren't...

I can not wait until the 19th to find out...and to see if everything is ok with the little guy/gal...

You know what is so annoying?? Braxton hicks contractions!! One minute you are minding your own business and the next you feel your belly is contracting and becoming a hard ball! At this rate this baby will come on it's own with no need to induce...:o/ I hope not!! It is so embarrassing but I have never gone into labour on my I am terrified of it happening now!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

no chocolates!

For the first time ever since I can remember I am completely chocolate free!!

I can not remember the last time I had a chocolate bar or even a tiny piece of chocolates...(ewwwwwwwwwwww)

I love this baby...he/she is making me hate sweets....give me salty or 7amed stuff...but sweets no thanks!!

Now with this no chocolates/cakes and other fattening stuff and going to the gym 3x a week I have not gained any weight yet and I am already in my 5th mo of pregnancy...YIPPY! and no body can make me feel guilty...I have been eating healthy three meals and healthy snacks like veggies...mostly baby carrots.., and fruits that are not too sweet like red rasberries ...YUMMMY!

The thing that I want to eat lots of are lemons! YUM!

Must it is girl this time eh?....she is already watching her weight so making me not eat bad stuff!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

when people disappoint you...

You know some one for 10 years and then you realize you didn't know

You are always telling you husband to be more like this person...

You think his wife is so lucky to have a husband like him..

You think what a great job his parents did raising him...

Then you realize that this person has a pea for a brain, the temper of a 7mar, and the manners of a beast!

I am very very disappointed!! And very grateful for my least he has enough brains to not let other things in his life make him lose his temper and treat people bad over silly and stupid stuff......OK he can be super annoying and drives me crazy at times...but will never be rude to anyone for a very very stupid reason!

I will never ever ever...tell my husband I wish he was more like someone else...NEVER...he is perfect the way he is...and if our biggest fight is because I am letting the kids watch too much English TV some days, then life is good alhamdoullah!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain Rain go away...

Come again at night when I am sleeping and do not care about going outdoor...

This summer it has rained so much...I am loving the rain because my grass is looking nice and green! Last year it was a sad shade of yellow ....

I love it when it rains while I am in bed, laying there and listening to the rain is peaceful...but I hate it when it rain during the day!

This past weekend was bolbol's birthday...we had a party at a farm..alhamdoullah it was nice and clear when we were doing the outdoor stuff...but the minute we got in to eat the cupcakes and stuff it poured....after the farm we were supposed to take all the kids to a park for pizza and cake for everyone and there is a splash pad...instead we had to go to my house and finish the party there...with 12 kids between the age of 1.5 and 7 running all over the place and 14 was a very noisy day...but none the less it was fun..and surprisingly my house was not a total mess..everyone was helpful so the kitchen was left clean and miraculously the playroom is not a total can still see some of the floor...

On Sunday we were supposed to go to Marine land with our friends...well we woke up to the rain and it rained most if the day so we cancelled it...inshallah next Sunday will be nice..

Today I want to go out and buy few items, but it is raining rained most of the afternoon yesterday and most of the night...our water level is getting high!

Ok alhamdoullah for the rain...I guess it is better than dry weather and it is making the weather now we are not boiling hot....and like I said before my grass is so green and lush..of course hubby is loving it because his new "garden" in the backyard where he planted tomatoes, pepper and few other veggies along with few beds of flowers and 5 trees are getting more than enough water alhamdoullah...

O did mention that those rain falls are accompanied by sever thunder storms?? I do not remember hearing as much thunder as I did this summer..weird! I have a mild to sever case of thunder it not fun...I am making both kids sleep in my know so they won't be scared ...and what if the lights go off?

huh...I think the sun just came out...YIPPY!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Humans are so hard to please!!

seriously I wonder how Allah puts up with us!!!

In winter we complain that it is too cold. In the summer we complain about how hot it is!

Some people have curly hair, the complain and wish for straight hair...other have straight hair and would love for curly hair..

Some people are very slim and would kill for some curves, others are curvy and work day and night to lose their curves..

Some people live in Canada, after having to struggle with a wathika(travel document) all their lives...but yet they complain non stop damn it! and want to move back to the Mideast...(i call those people dumbos..AKA my hubby)...while others are living in the middle east and would do anything to come to time I was in Lebanon and my cousin's friends gave me their pictures to find them a bride to bring them to doesn't matter if she is old and ugly the said...and do you know how many marriage proposals we got last time we were in Lebanon?? I was already engaged for god's sake and my sister was only 14!

Some people try to get pregnant for years..and others cry and throw a fit when they get a positive pregnancy test because they did not want to get pregnant.....

more to come...but right now I am in too much pain....


Friday, July 4, 2008

nothing to blog about

I do not feel like blogging anymore...what is wrong with me?? I always had a million things I wanted to write about. I wrote about everything I did and thought..but now I can not think of any bloggable stuff...I thought about blogging about our weekend outings, and about hubby pretending to be sick so he wont go to work, but I keep on thinking no one cares , so what is the point...

Or maybe it is because it is summer, and I have alot other things to do ...going for walks, to the park, out with friends or just working on the yard...and I do not have snow to complain about it...I do have to vent about the bees and the wasps that are making my windows into their homes! or about how my arms and back are getting tanned but my legs are still white and pale! I am sick of using tanning cream on them..and forget about if going to the beach!

If anyone is wondering how I am doing pregnancy wise....(I know now cares) but I am doing well...actually I can not wait until next wed when I have my ultra sound so I can be sure there is a baby in there! (like throwing up for the first time last week does not prove it)..speaking of throwing up, I do not do it much..and this pregnancy I threw up once..Ziad was very amused and told everyone we met at the grocery store next day! how embarrassing! I am still not showing and can still fit into my regular jeans! I spent $60 on maternity Capri's I want to get some use out of them darn it! I hope I will be able to tell what the baby is next week......I think they should be able to know by 13wks no?

I just found out a week ago that I am not invited to a wedding...I do not why I am pissed off! I guess since I got a baby sitter to get used to the kids just because of this wedding in particular! I thought since they came to my wedding and the whole family came I would be invited to theirs...but I guess not! but it is OK I guess! It saves me $ what can I buy with that money that I just saved...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....anyways, they are so not invited to Ziad and Bilal`s weddings!

so much for nothing to blog about...I just had to get going eh..(my question mark button is not working..I can not figure out what I pressed to make another character appear..this one É...stupid É)

Friday, June 27, 2008

my laptop is back and other blah blahs

yay I got my laptop back..actually I got it back on the day I posted the post below! I have been too busy (sick) to post about it! I got a new keyboard! I guess they noticed that my keyboard had come apart thanks to the little hands of Mr Bilal! For a while when we were in Amman his hobby was to take they keys out...once time he took every single one out and I had to put them back...ah what an ordeal! Well they replaced that keyboard and put a new board inside...and my wireless is working again! No more stealing hubby's wireless device! YIPPY!

In other news during the morning rush hour there was a baby born on the highway!! Poor mother! How embarrassing! I guess they were on their way to the hospital they got stuck in the DVP traffic..This is why I like being induced! I like waking up in the morning taking a shower, doing my hair and makeup (I wanna meet my new baby in style) then getting the kids ready and taking them to my parent's house, spending sometime with my family and then coming back home...making sure my hospital bag is ready to go and this time I WILL TAKE A NAP! Newborn babies do not sleep much, and our hospitals keep the babies in the room with us, so you do not get to sleep much!

Yesterday was Ziad's last day of school! The end of my happiness! But not to fear next week he starts Arabic school. It is only from 9-12 , which means I have to get up early and drive him to school, then drive Bilal to preschool...but no biggie it just means no lazing around in the morning. After the kids are dropped off, I can go to the gym for 1hr and run errands with the other 2hr...o well it is better than nothing! Ziad will have 1hr of tutoring in the afternoons...two days of soccer, and we can go to the farms and neighbouring parks! We also have a season pass to MarineLand, but we can only go when hubby is not working....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life without my laptop!

I feel so lost without my beloved laptop! It tells me the weather every morning, I keep in touch with my friends, I keep up with what is going on in the world, and I use it as an organizer...

I finally sent my computer in for took me two months to part with it and it has been ten long days without my baby!

In those ten days I have missed two doctor's apt, I finally had my prenatal apt today after the doctor's office calling me twice to ask why I did not make it to my apts.

I let poor Zozo go to school in shorts and a tank top yesterday when it was only 14 degrees and raining all day! It is a good thing he at least had his pullover! I did it because I did not go to my laptop sitting conveniently in the family room and see how the weather was on my desktop!

I forgot that I had to book my ultra sound between June 23 and July 9th. The doctor reminded me today and I booked it! Yay I got a spot on July 9th! The only problem is that it will be at 8 am!! I so not a morning person and the drive the Mississauga will be hell at that time of the matter what route I take! So to make the 20 min drive max I have to leave my house at 7am!

Without my laptop I have to come down the basement and use hubby's old computer! I hate our basement , it is still not finished yet and hubby's computer is annoying! I just do a quick email check and go back upstairs where it is nice and pretty!

waaaahhhhhhh I want my laptop back! Annoying HP the girl I spoke with said it will take 7 days! Every time I see a UPS truck I think maybe my laptop is with him, but he passes our house...*sigh* so frustrating!

Friday, June 6, 2008

summer food

I love summer...not just because I get to go outside without shivering and I get to wear cute summer clothes...or because we can go play outside all we want and everything looks so green and pretty...but because there is so much more variety in fruits at the grocery store! In winter all I can get is apples, oranges, grapes , kiwi and not too yummy strawberries that cost too much! In summer I can still get apples , oranges , grapes, kiwi , yummy strawberries, nectarine, peaches, apricots, plums, water melon and so much more! My fridge is so full of fruits right now it is going to burst! I love it, I have so many choices...and right now with liquid aversion fruits are my best friends...YUM!

Soon we will be able to go to pick our own strawberries and in few weeks we can go pick cherries! Picking cherries is so much fun! I just have to remember to dress my kids in old dark colour clothes because they will stain their clothes so bad ! I can not yummy and so much fun! I have got to remember to take the camera this time, the kids are adorable picking the cherries and eating them...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a walk back in time...

This past weekend we went to a pioneer village in TO. It was fun...Bilal enjoyed running around..Ziad was fasinated by everything from the sheep shearing, the tiny school house and the tin maker...I wish I could say the same for hubby, he was bored out of his mind! He had nothing good to say...what? they call this history...let them come and look at our history...blah blah blahhhhh....if I had a weapon he would have been gone..I only had the daggers in my eyes to shoot him with!

Few weeks ago we went to the ROM (Royal ontario museum) Ziad and I were fasinated running from one exhibit to another, talking about the mummies, the pots the statues and looking at the dinosaurs. Bilal and hubby were about to fall asleep from boredom...(note to self, never take hubby and Bilal along to things like this)

I love history, I almost majored in history but my parents convinced me not to , so now it is just a hobby..I love reading about how people lived 100-1000000 years is so interesting. I love reading novels that have a historical setting....

After the poineer village on sunday night on our way home we decided to stop by the airport and show the kids the planes landing up close....It was cool...there is a gas station right across from the run way planes land on...if you stand in one spot the planes come right over your head, it is very fasinating...the kids had a blast watching the planes come so close over their many planes land in Toronto airport...a plane landed every 3min or so...small tiny jazz planes , medium planes, huge planes...The kids want to go to the airport everyday now!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


If you are a woman and have a beard and/or a moustache shave it, wax it, burn it do anything but do not let it grow! But do not bleach it, which does not do the trick! I do not believe some people live with ugly facial hairs in this time and age! Laser hair removal is pretty affordable these ladies, go for it please!

Very short shorts should be banned! They do not look flattering on anyone unless you are 6yo or are you a very skinny girl at the beach. I do not know what some women are thinking! Do they look at themselves and say yeh I look good this is a great look for the mall??! It is especially disgusting when the women have cellulite and fat thighs! EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I know I know this has been talked about, but I do not believe there are women out there who are still wearing the MOM jeans! OMG these are not flattering on anyone...If you have the mommy pouch they make it 10x bigger...if you do not they make you look like you have one! I do not know why someone has not burned them yet! A low rise (not too low mind you!) is more affective at hiding that Mommy’s go jeans shopping right now and do me a favour and burn those MOM jeans for ever!

This is not the pregnancy hormones talking...just my observations at the mall today! I am in a good mood...I got the cutest pair of shoes ever! Shhhhh do not tell hubby because I just bought a pair yesterday as well...and they were cute as well.

I decided that if you are pregnant and hungry, DO NOT GO SHOPPING! I bought Mac and cheese and some soups, scalloped potatoes and few other things...I do not even like Mac and cheese!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

who put soap in my food??

Seriously am I the weirdest person or what? Everything I eat tastes like it has soap in first I blamed it on my dishwasher! Poor little thing got me yelling at it for not washing the dishes is a good thing it does not have any feelings! Then I ate an apple! It tastes like soap! Now I can not blame my dishwasher for this can I??

Water! It has no taste, no smell , no colour yet I am grossed out by it!! Ya3ni seriously who gets sick from drinking water?? How am I supposed to workout so I do not become an almost 170lb person in 8 months??

Ok now on to the good stuff! I am loving shopping! Now I have an excuse to shop and shop all I want...well I am buying tops...and the coolest thing is that they look like maternity tops...but they are not! so instead of paying $50 for a top I am only paying $20-30...

My jeans still fit OK for most of the day...but then they get tights is weird...I gain few lb through the day...I found the coolest thing! A belly band! I can undo my jeans and put this keeps my pants up and it hides the fact that it is undone...I can make it narrow or make it show to look like I am wearing layers! It is a life saver...I am still too small for maternity pants...but my jeans do not have much room for growth and I do not want to go out and buy bigger clothes... not now! Maybe...just maybe a miracle will happen and I will be able to fit into my prepregnancy clothes not too long after the baby is born...HEY IT COULD HAPPEN! I will be able to get back to the gym 6wks after the baby is born...I am so glad I joined this gym! Other gyms only take babies 6months old and up...

I have not been in a blogging mood lately...I used to find everything bloggable few months ago now I do not...I wonder how long this will last...

Sunday, May 18, 2008


waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh......I am going to be so fat!! Have I mentioned how much I hate being fat??? I am so going to the gym every day...ok 4x a week! Absolutly no cheesecake, timbits, kitkat, twix, those new cakes with dates I have recently discovered ...althought at this moment nothing sound too appealing...YUCK! *Kicking myself for not losing the weight I planned to lose earlier...damned procrastination!*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog about Palestine is my home that I have never set foot in, it is the land I love without boundaries.

My heart cries for Palestine, I want to touch its soil even once in my life. My heart and soul are always with Palestine, it is a part of my prayer ritual. I pray that one day we get our freedom we get our right to return. I pray for the gruesome murders and unfairness to stop, for children to start living like they are supposed to without fear, for mothers to be able to sleep the night without worrying that tomorrow or the day after she may lose some or all of her children. I pray for families to live together all in one place without a brother, a son an uncle in the isreali prisons for life. I pray that children can go to school or out to play and come back home safely. I pray that wives and husbands are not widowed too soon, and children are not orphaned when they are still young. I pray for people to live in peace and harmony and for all of us Palestinians born all over the world to reunite and meet in our homeland, a land who’s love was born in our heart...

Palestine will always be a part of us, it will never be forgotten, I am instilling the love of Palestine into my children just like my parents have done before...if Israel (tfoo) thinks that Palestine will be eventually forgotten then they are wrong..

I am a Palestinian and proud of it...

me and vans!

Ok this has nothing to do with pregnancy hormones people! Stop blaming my ranting on pregnancy, I have been ranting and complaining about things for over a year now! Nothing has having said that , beware a rant is coming up...

I hate vans, I really hate them...I have been checking them out in parking lots, on the streets, everywhere....I can not see myself driving a huge van! It will take me hours to get into and out of parking spots! With winter coming it will be even harder! I had a hard time getting my accord out of my driveway when someone was parked on the street behind me with a few feet of snow banks around...imagine me trying to get a van out! So not happening! Hubby is so moktani3 belvans! I hate him!

We do need to fit three kids in the car, and our accord even thought it is a huge car does not fit two car seats and a booster, heck if I were to move Bilal out of the carseat into a booster seat and put Ziad into a backless booster seat it will still be pretty tight and and a PITA to put the seat belts on! I still do not feel that Bilal is ok in a booster seat although he will be legal...and those backless boosters do not seem too safe to that idea is out!

I have been looking at a Mazda is a true mini van! Hubby is worried about the cargo space...bas ya3ni I hardly ever used the trunk in my car, as long as the cargo area fits a stroller and few grocery bags I am ok with it! The seats do go flat to fit stuff if we ever need to transport something.....

Beoble...I am having a night mare about me driving a huge van! I will take a look at the 5..and see if the cargo space is not too bad I am so buying it...Hubby can sell his car and get a big van if he wants to, but I am not driving a 50000000lb 100000 feet long van! I am so putting my foot down! OK??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Annoying things...

You know that hair on your leg that you always forget to shave?? you notice it at the oddest times! You are sitting there with your legs crossed wearing a skirt and talking to someone and there it is, those two hairs that you always miss while shaving! I used to think it was because I was blind in the shower, no glasses or contacts but now what is my excuse for missing those two hairs?? I think they hide from me on purpose! 3an jad it is very annoying!

You know what else is annoying?? when you put on nail polish and someone needs you to do something right away! Like making them coffee or putting some grapes in bowl, or getting a bar out of a tiny box and trying to open it with your newly not dried yet polished fingers! How frustrating!

Another annoying thing is going to the bathroom and finding there is no toilet paper after you have finished your business! This happens too much here these days because Bilal was watching big comfy couch once and it was the episode where annoying Lunette had a toilet paper stuck to her shoe and and she dragged the whole thing with her to the couch and then starting playing with it...well now Bilal goes into the bathroom an starts unrolling the paper all over the house! uggh! He is not allowed to watch the big comfy couch anymore!

o and it is so annoying when you are in a hurry and you get to a red right, but no biggie you will be making a right turn so you do not have to wait for long...but there is an idiot in front of you who won't more ahead few inches to let you make that red turn and you end up having to wait until the light turns green..and what is even more annoying is when you are trying to make a right turn and there is a pedestrian crossing, a teenager who thinks he/she is so cool and walking at a snail pace! Move your stupid butt, this is why a lot of kids are fat these days, they move so freaking slow!

Another annoying thing is when you are sleeping and all of the sudden you are awaken by someone starting a conversation with your about this and that, and then asking you to get up and chit chat with him and watch a movie...then making u feel guilty the following the day for making him watch a movie all alone...7aram! NOT!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a blah blah of many..

Yesterday I made it to the gym for the first time in three weeks, it felt great to be working out again! I was feeling queasy when I left my house but after 35min of cardio my queasiness was ok! I did feel like gagging every time I drank some water! I was a bit paranoid when doing weight training and opted for using some free weights using 3 lb dumbells! I know I know too light....but better safe than sorry right at this stage...the baby is only the size of a sesame I gotta be careful! I do not know how something this tiny can turn a body upside down!

Yesterday I went shopping...since I am starting this pregnancy with my jeans already fitting right on, I do not have much room for growth (I could shoot myself for procrastinating and not hitting the gym earlier and for eating like a horse)...I bought some shirts that look like maternity clothes but are is so great how those maternity style tops are in style, it saves me a ton of money for now at least!

Spring is finally back...I have to start my gardening! I have the browniest thumb in the world...I do not even know where to start...I am never ever buying a brand new house! Next time I buy a house it will have a garden that I just have to water! I am waiting for hubby to dig out the grass and get the top soil and start planting some shrubs and flowers so our poor house has something to make it look pretty on the outside..but hubby is a lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I know I can do it myself..but like I said I do not know where to start!

Ok no more procrastinating...I am off to the gym now before child minding closes for the morning...

Friday, May 9, 2008

just thinking out loud..

I am getting excited about this baby now! It did take few days but it is starting to sink in, WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

I think I will have the baby at our local hospital...why drive all the way to Mississauga when there is a hospital five minutes away from home..??! I asked people on the forum for my area and everyone had good stuff to say about the hospital...I hope I can get a private room, I hate sharing a room!

Ah in the next few months you guys will hear all about will become pregnancy experts if you keep on reading my blog! Well if you do not get so sick of it and decide to never visit my home away from home again!

I just had a new realization! I have to get a bigger car! Like my car is not already huge enough..I have to get a van......waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! There is no way the back seat can fit 3 car seats! Ziad will be a bit over 7 when the baby is born, but he will still be in a booster seat, and of course it takes a lot of room! He will not be out of the booster seat until he is 8! Bilal will be 4.5...I am not sure if I will keep him his 5point car is already getting small on him, maybe if Bilal is in a booster seat which is alot skinnier than his chuncky car seat...we maybe be able to fit the baby in the car..ah who am I kidding, we have to get a van! waaaaaaahhhhhh...I already find my accord huge how am I supposed to dive a huge van! I am too tiny for a van!

I have a feeling this baby is a girl....I keep on refering to the baby as a her, she, so maybe! I am so going to find out during the ultra sound at I think twenty weeks. I will not be able to wait until birth..if it is a girl I will need a lot more time buying clothes...although for the first 6 months she ...see here I go again...refering to the baby as a she..Ok I will not talk about it...inshallah it will be a healthy cute baby...if it is khair for us to have a girl then be it, and if is better for us to have a boy then it will be great...inshallah a good healthy baby who will grow up into a good person...and please do not let the baby have hubby's nose!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on being pregnant..

Yay I have new things to blog about now...after I came from Amman I had the snow to complain about, then spring came and I got busy with taking the kids out and stuff...but now I have a new thing to blog AKA complain about! being pregnant! Ah you guys will hate any pregnant woman in the next eight months!!

So this was very unplanned, but I think it is something in the air! I have three pregnant friends so far, pregnancy is contagious I tell ya!

Well I have been thinking about have a 3rd baby, but not now! I still wanted to lose those 10lb I have been talking about in the past year...and do you know what the due date for this baby is?? January 11!! in the middle of winter! when there might be snow storms!! With my luck I will actually go into labour on my own this time in the middle of a snow storm and end up having the baby in the car! Please please please let me not go into labour this time again..I like being induced!! I am going to call and order the epidural from now!

Ah the things I have to look forward to! In exactly two week my all day pregnancy sickness will start! I hardly throw up while pregnant, but I do have a mild nausea all day long for six long weeks! In those six weeks the sigh, or even the thought of water, milk and most liquids makes me sick...Hopefully it will be limited to water this time...I need milk and I'd like to be able to have some juice to keep hydrated! how am I supposed to workout without water...maybe this time I will not have water aversion!

I will keep on going to the gym 4x a week inshallah......It helped a lot with my two pregnancies...I only gained the 34lb I was supposed to gain even thought I did have way too many timbits and cheese cakes..

O I just found out that I am pregnant on Monday, but everyone already knows! I do not know how people can wait three months! I could not even wait for hubby to come home..I called him at work...I told the kids, my sister, my mom, your friends on babycenter...and if it was not too late in Jordan I would have called my mother in law, but not to fear...the next day I found hubby's niece on messenger and told her and now everyone knows......I can not keep anything from anyone! I am the same with gifts...we getting mama a patio table and gazibo for mother's day..and it is taking a lot of me not to mention anything to her! My kids always get their birthday presents early, because I just can not keep a surprise...I know tsk tsk..

When I told Ziad he got this thinking look and he asked me when did I buy the baby seed?? Why didn't I take him the baby store to help me pick a seed...and Why did I eat it without showing him how it looks like??! my bad! Few years ago I was showing Ziad pictures of babies in the womb...he asked how the babies got inside and I said well I guess the mommy's ate them! He got a very scared look on his face and asked "did you eat me???, are you going to eat me again?"...O what did I get myself into, so the whole baby seed story got started...when parents are ready to have a baby, they go into a special baby store and buy a seed , the mommy eats the seed and the baby grows in her is not very far from the truth eh??

O least now all clothes look like pregnancy clothes so I will not have a problem with shopping..heck I am going to go out and buy two new shirts today to hide my not yet visible baby bump...:) yay!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008





I am so going to kill my husband!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Help !!!! how do I make mansaf??? I thought I knew, but now that I am ready to start I am clueless! My cookbook is no hlep! Neither is Mama!

Monday, April 14, 2008

what a night!

Last night we came home after being out for most of day...the cat was very hiper so we let her play around while hubby and I watched TV.

A little bit later we hear a splash! Well I heard it, so I go check and sure enough the cat has fallen in the toilet! She didn't fall all the way in, she got herself out before she got all wet. The poor thing was scared, he heart was beating so loud. Thankfully the toilet was clean, I had cleaned it with bleach bathroom cleaner earlier in the day!

To add to her misery I gave her a bath! She is a cat she hates bath time, but I will not have a cat that fell in the toilet running around my house, NO WAY! so she got a bath. Now she smells so good, I think I will give her a bath more often...

Cats are so ugly without their fur! They probably think we are the ugliest things in the world because we do not have fur eh? I had to hold her for over an hour all wrapped up in a blanket because she was shaking like crazy! NOTE to self: always keep the toilet seat cover down in the downstairs bathroom!

Other than that we had a good weekend. We went to chuk E cheese, we had so much fun! I am more of a kid than my is so embarrassing! Yesterday we went to a fair in the area and went on some rides, and played some games. We went to my parent's house for a dinner party. I saw my neighbours and other friends I have not seen since I left to Amman, so it was fun to catch up with everyone! The good thing is that now I am officially an adult, it was the girl's job to help cleanup and do the dishes. For years it was my sister and I doing all the work, while those girls sat and watched TV right after they are all grown up *sniff, sniff* one is a doctor well still a resident but still, and one is doing some pharmaceutical research, the others are in university...they are all grown up! I remember when we met them twenty years ago, they were little annoying brats, but we did spent alot of times together, they were the best neighbours ever! It was nice to see them again...

Friday, April 11, 2008

missing Amman....

I am missing Amman these days....could I be feeling homesick after spending six month in Amman??

Today is hubby's niece's jaha and katb ktab. I am so mad that they didn't do it while I was there...uggh! I am super happy for her! She is hubby's favourite niece...not because of her but because hubby used to love her father too much and he passed away from cancer 24 years ago, when Dana was only 10 months old.

So now the little baby is engaged , legally married. I hope the wedding will not be this summer. There is no way we can go to Amman this summer!:(

Hubby's other niece got engaged few weeks ago. I used to not like her much before, but after being neighbours for few months we got pretty close...Now I love her ..for people who were at the cookie party, she the same niece that came along with me. Of course I was not there, when they had the party, I am so mad at them for not doing anything fun when I was there...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........

Yesterday I was watching a Jordanian show and it made me miss I think I am home sick for Amman now:(

great customer service

I was in bed this morning and looking forward to my morning milk and cereal but I was too lazy to get up, doing the five more minutes’ thing over and over!

As I was stalling getting up I got thinking about the one time so long ago when I started eating breakfast. I was never a breakfast person even though it is the most important meal of the day.

I started eating breakfast when I got pregnant with Ziad. I used to stop at Tim Horton’s every morning and order the exact same thing every single weekday morning. The staff at that Tim Horton’s knew me and...I think they named me the pregnant bagel and milk lady. After few months I would say the usual at the drive through. I used to have a whole wheat bagel, with cream cheese and a large chocolate milk everyday, I know I am so boring, but I do love those bagels!

After Ziad was born I had an awful postpartum problem! Constipation! After your birth bodies go out of whack and all sorts of things happen to the body...and believe me you do not want to be constipated few days after giving birth! It is 100000000000x worse than any other time. So of course I could not take any off the counter remedies since I was breastfeeding my few days old Zozo. The next best thing was a high fibre cereal. I chose Kellogg’s raisin bran cereal. It did the trick! When I had my second baby I was already eating cereal every morning I did not have the same problem. So pregnant ladies, do start eating a high fibre cereal from now!

So I got hooked on raisin bran cereal. I had it every morning for month. One day I bought a new box and was all looking forward to my breakfast! I dug in and YUCK! The raisins tasted like olives! I thought that I bought a faulty box; I threw it out and went to the grocery store to buy another one. It was the same! YUCKY RAISINS! What am I supposed to do now?? How could this happen...I was very upset! I called the 1800 number on the box and talked to a nice lady. I complained my heart out. It turned out that they used a different vinery! I was so sad! How could this happen?? My yummy cereal! How could they do this to me! So I went out and bought bran cereal and some is not the same though!

Few days I received a letter from Kellogg’s. They were very apologetic. They sent along four coupons for free Kellogg’s products. Cool I thought. I kept on buying bran cereal and eventually got used to it. I add a bit of sugar and some cinnamon and it is yummy! A couple weeks later they sent another four coupons for free stuff...I bought more cereal with those and I guess other stuff...

Few months later after a visit to Amman, I came back to find a big box from Kellogg’s. They fixed the problem with the raisins and had sent three boxes of the raisin bran cereal. Later they sent another box with three boxes of cereal.

For few months I got free cereal and my favourite cereal was back to normal! I did switch to the plain bran cereal eventually because it has lower calories.

But seriously, isn’t this great customer service or what??

Thursday, April 10, 2008

when everything misfunctions...

Yesterday I had a bad electronics day!

First when I was vacuuming a sheet got stuck in my vacuum cleaner and I the belt broke! Good thing I looked at the manual , the same thing happened to my old vacuum and I threw it out! But since I bought this vacuum two months ago and I loved it I read the manual and I checked the belt. Sure enough, the belt was broken. I had to go out and get a new one!

My cable box was not working! It kept on saying that the channels will come shortly all day long! So for the whole day we did not have cable on the downstairs TV. It worked fine upstairs without the digital box, but I did need to the box to work! I can not stand watching TV without having the information on the bottom of the screen, so I did not disconnect it from the box and put directly to the TV. I was too lazy and what is the point if I do not know what I am watching! So we just watched the leapfrog letter factory DVD all day long! Later at night Bilal pressed something and I figured out that the box does work at channels 900...which are the same channels but I have to put 933 for tree house and so now we have cable with info again!

It was raining and very windy yesterday, so the satellite reception died as well! It was moved by the wind and until Hubby came home and fixed it we did not have any Arabic TV as well!

When I came home at 3:30 after picking Bolbol up from preschool, I came on my laptop to check stuff, and oops! The wireless card or whatever it is, is not working! I had to bring my laptop up here and hook it to the Ethernet...ah I hate being tied down!

When Ziad came home from school I told him that nothing is working today, he asked is the microwave still working though?? I had to go and check the microwave...alhamdoullah it was working fine! I do not why he asked about the funny!

So now everything is working fine...except for my laptop of course...but I watched a mosalsal this morning on the satellite and Bolbol is watching his cartoon on cable...I guess I will get the wireless device from the desktop and put it on the laptop and go downstairs...I hate being this far away from the kids!

bye bye laptop...:(


The wireless thing on my laptop stopped working yesterday. After spending an hour with HP on the phone last night it is still showing an orange light!

It seems that the pavilion has had a recall because the motherboard is miss functioning! Too many crashes and stuff. My laptop only crashed a couple of times so far, but I do not want it to get worse. Besides this wireless thing has got to be fixed! I can not work without it!

I like using my laptop in the family room where my kids are watching TV or playing.

So this weekend I will pack up all my files and pictures, and as soon as I get the box from UPS I will be sending my laptop off...

I guess I will be a bit MIA for a week or so until I get it back. I will check the blogs from time to time on our old desktop. It is in the basement, which I hate, so it will be very minimal.

Not a good time, this means I have to finish our taxes before Monday! OMG way to go procrastinating SAM! Bad bad bad girl!

O will only be 7 days or less the lady said! I can live without my laptop! I will have more time to do other things right?? I don't want to be away from my baby! Ok ok khalas grow up me! I still have the desktop so it is not too bad! But all my stuff are saved on this laptop and I hate the basement! O shut up, grow up...go get dressed and go to the gym! stop whining....but but but...I am going to miss my laptop...:x ....Ok I am off to the gym, I do not want anyone calling me fat at the party in two weeks!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our trip to the falls.

I am procrastinating! I have a long to do list, and what do I do instead?? I blog! Tsk tsk tsk!

This past weekend was the first good weekend of the year; it was nice and warm, sunny and beautiful!We decided to go to Niagara Falls. We have not been there for about three years. It is a 1hr drive from our house, the whole way Ziad was asking if we are there yet. This is the first time we go somewhere and I do not show him pictures online. So he did not know what to except. Every time we passed a bit of water he would ask if this is Niagara should have seen his face when first saw the falls! And it was the puny American falls that he saw first. He was amazed by the falls, he has been there before but he was about 2 when we went last time, so he did not care much about them

When we first got there we saw the American falls, and we thought wow how did they get so big?? Did they do something to make them bigger? What is going on, they were always so small and boring, and how did they get big and awesome?? So we parked and went down to the falls again, walked past the American fall, to the Canadian falls, and to the gushing river. My hair got all wet and frizzy, I knew I should not have blown my hair straight, but o least I had a good hair day for few hours.

When we were walking away from the falls to go play on Clifton street, the American falls looked very small and insignificant after spending a bit of time looking at the bigger I guess they didn’t do anything, the American falls are great and awesome they are huge and very impressive, but when compared to the horseshoe falls they look a lot smaller and insignificant! I never noticed that before!

The kids wanted to go on a horse carriage ride, but we did not want to. When we were walking back some people got on the horse and the horse walk walking along near the sidewalk we were walking on. Bilal was running like a mad kid and yelling the horse to ‘tooooop, waitttttttt...’top peaase...he ran like that for about 5-10 min until the horse turned and went to the other side, it was so funny and cute.
We had a blast at the falls. It was a great family day! We had dinner, and then went to play at the arcades. It used to be called dazzle land when I was a kid and it was outdoors. We used to go there every week with our neighbours and their kids. We used to have so much fun so even though they changed it and added lots more to it, and made it indoor it still brought lots of memories of the time we spent there as kids.

To end the day we went on the sky wheel. I discovered I am not really afraid of heights! At first I refused to go, but everyone else wanted to go on.
Ziad started rushing eating his ice-cream. Bilal actually threw his ice-cream in the garbage so we can do on it. So I thought I will bear it, I will close my eyes if I need to, but within few minutes I was enjoying the view! It was great; I just wanted to kick myself for leaving my camera in the car. hmmmmmmmmmmmm darn it , I totally forgot about my phone camera! OMG I am such an idiot! Ok never mind we will be back soon Inshallah. The cool thing is that while we were on the sky wheel we found a short cut to where we parked. We were to go down the street, past the falls, up a hill and walk a bit to get to our car, but we took a short cut and it only took 5min to get to our car. It was great because after walking for hours my feet were killing me!

Friday, April 4, 2008

an everything post..

I have not been posting much lately. I have so much to do and I have not been getting anything done!

I have not been to gym for a while week. My scale is being very annoying and it got me all depressed. But I have to and I mean I have to lose 5lb before the next week I am going on a calorie reduction diet with lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains...I have a party to go to where all my Friends from Hamilton are going to be. I can not be the fat sister, especially that my sister has a 4mo old baby and is already nice and skinny...gosh I hate my sister! (not really hate, but you know what I mean). The weird thing is although my scale says a number I hate all my clothes are fitting good, even my size 5/6 skinny skirts...maybe my scale needs new batteries?? or is it wishful thinking?? OK new rule! No stepping on the scale. Eat well , exercise and hide the scale.

I just registered Bilal for blast ball. I hope he likes. The boys will start soccer in May. Ziad starts Karate tomorrow, I will sign them up for swimming. I hope it won't be too much. I am going to join the classes at the gym next week. I have never done classes before..I am too scared ...everyone always know what to do except for me! I think I will just stay at the far corner so no one can see my screwing up. I am sick of doing cardio on the E-trainer....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My cat is so annoying....she always follows me around. I think I am her favourite person so far. I will be walking and she is right day I am going to squish her! She is so tiny!

Last week I discovered she had fleas! OMG fleas, bugs in my house! I washed her and got the live ones out! It is no fun washing a cat, she screamed like crazy! I got her a flea collar and yesterday she finally went to the vet and he gave her the stuff that go on the skin and kills all fleas and eggs and so on! I have to put this thing on her once a month.

I was very upset by fleas, but I should have known. We got her from people who had two huge dogs and two adult cats and a house that did not look very well kept. But it is all over now. My cat is clean. Last weekend after washing her and getting about 10 fleas off her I went on a house rampage. I vacuumed my carpet all over about three times. I washed everything that can be washed blankets, covers, cushions, sofa covers and vacuumed things that can not be removed. I think we are safe, especially that the cat was in our house for only less than two days when she was washed and treated. I do not get how these people could live with fleas! I just about died when I noticed them!

Bilal (3.5yo) loves to hold her, but he is too rough with her. She is always running away from him! Ziad is still too scared to hold her, he wants to play with her from far away. I am waiting for the day she gets back at Bilal.

A university if coming into town! Wilfred Laurier, I am so happy with the news. Our house value will go up blah blah blah...and hubby wants to buy an older house to rent out to students, there will be more jobs in town and other blah blahs. But I could careless, this could open a new horizon for me. With a university around the corner just a five min drive away from home and the kid's schools I may be able to finish my CGA courses in a classroom setting instead of online, and I may be able to start my MBA and hubby will not have any excuse of who will watch the kids. Ziad is at school from 9-4 and Bilal will be the same in a couple of years. Just in time for the university to open. YIPPY!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm what else? The weather finally got nice. Bilal and I went out for our first walk of the year. It was great. I love my neighbourhood. We walked to two playground. Then we walked to the pond to see the geese, but there were none there, so we just walked back home picking up rocks from the neighbour's yards. Bilal would not move without taking a stone or a annoying! But it was a fun walk none the less. It is raining today so I am back to being lazy. We plan on going to Niagara falls tomorrow...I have not been to the falls for so long , since before we moved to Saskatoon!

Monday, March 31, 2008

the stain

few days ago my kids were eating strawberries...they do love strawberries, and they are very healthy for them lots of vitamin C and other goodies, besides they do taste great!

While I was busy upstairs Bilal decided that it would be nice to share the strawberries with the carpet! MY WHITE CARPET! he squished the strawberries into my carpet with his feet in few different spots! MY WHITE CARPET! Ziad AKA telltale...he reminds me of little me! I used to wait until my brother did the smallest thing and go tell my parents...came running and told me of what Bilal did

I did not even panic! I do have my trusted spray carpet cleaner. Bilal did get a time out for five whole minutes in his room, where he has his books and some of his toys! But he screamed for the whole five minutes! I do not get kids! It is his bedroom where he spends lots of time, not a jail! I got my spray carpet cleaner and within two minutes my carpet was all clean like magic!

My carpet has been through so much! Once Ziad decided that paper is not good enough so he drew on the carpet with green and black crayons and red and pink markers!!!! My trusted carpet cleaner got them out, while I was yelling at Ziad like a mad woman! It was during Ramadan and I had guests coming in less than an hour! poop?? yes it got it out with no stain. Cranberry juice?? Yes it also got that! Chocolate milk? not a problem!

surprisingly I could not get stains this easily out of the dark grey carpet I had in the apartment in Saskatoon or the coloured carpet I had in Amman. Weird eh? everyone keeps on saying how we are idiots for picking white carpet for our house, but seriously after living with darker carpet I would pick the white again! We shampoo it once is a month or as needed..and for spot cleaning I have my trusted spray cleaner and it looks OK , much better than the dark ones in my apartment in Saskatoon or at my parent's family room! In a couple of years we will be getting hard wood installed downstairs, but when we are done through having kids inshallah...I am not a fan since I have lived in my parents hard wood floored house for years and hated it! But it is preferred by buyers so we have to get it done