Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on being pregnant..

Yay I have new things to blog about now...after I came from Amman I had the snow to complain about, then spring came and I got busy with taking the kids out and stuff...but now I have a new thing to blog AKA complain about! being pregnant! Ah you guys will hate any pregnant woman in the next eight months!!

So this was very unplanned, but I think it is something in the air! I have three pregnant friends so far, pregnancy is contagious I tell ya!

Well I have been thinking about have a 3rd baby, but not now! I still wanted to lose those 10lb I have been talking about in the past year...and do you know what the due date for this baby is?? January 11!! in the middle of winter! when there might be snow storms!! With my luck I will actually go into labour on my own this time in the middle of a snow storm and end up having the baby in the car! Please please please let me not go into labour this time again..I like being induced!! I am going to call and order the epidural from now!

Ah the things I have to look forward to! In exactly two week my all day pregnancy sickness will start! I hardly throw up while pregnant, but I do have a mild nausea all day long for six long weeks! In those six weeks the sigh, or even the thought of water, milk and most liquids makes me sick...Hopefully it will be limited to water this time...I need milk and I'd like to be able to have some juice to keep hydrated! how am I supposed to workout without water...maybe this time I will not have water aversion!

I will keep on going to the gym 4x a week inshallah......It helped a lot with my two pregnancies...I only gained the 34lb I was supposed to gain even thought I did have way too many timbits and cheese cakes..

O I just found out that I am pregnant on Monday, but everyone already knows! I do not know how people can wait three months! I could not even wait for hubby to come home..I called him at work...I told the kids, my sister, my mom, your friends on babycenter...and if it was not too late in Jordan I would have called my mother in law, but not to fear...the next day I found hubby's niece on messenger and told her and now everyone knows......I can not keep anything from anyone! I am the same with gifts...we getting mama a patio table and gazibo for mother's day..and it is taking a lot of me not to mention anything to her! My kids always get their birthday presents early, because I just can not keep a surprise...I know tsk tsk..

When I told Ziad he got this thinking look and he asked me when did I buy the baby seed?? Why didn't I take him the baby store to help me pick a seed...and Why did I eat it without showing him how it looks like??! my bad! Few years ago I was showing Ziad pictures of babies in the womb...he asked how the babies got inside and I said well I guess the mommy's ate them! He got a very scared look on his face and asked "did you eat me???, are you going to eat me again?"...O what did I get myself into, so the whole baby seed story got started...when parents are ready to have a baby, they go into a special baby store and buy a seed , the mommy eats the seed and the baby grows in her is not very far from the truth eh??

O least now all clothes look like pregnancy clothes so I will not have a problem with shopping..heck I am going to go out and buy two new shirts today to hide my not yet visible baby bump...:) yay!


Anonymous said...

Water aversion!!! wrong time to be pregnant woman. summer + no water = yikes! lool I cant hide things either even though I try real hard. And the "baby seed" is yet the BEST story I heard told to a little one on how you got pregnant. And fashion is so with you on this one, enjoy itttt!

7aki Fadi said...


This is great news :D .

ok let me go read the post now.

7aki Fadi said...
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7aki Fadi said...

OK so today I am going to shop for Mat clothes, I went to Thyme the other day and OH MY GOD Sam they have sooooo much cool stuff, 4 years ago the mat clothes sucked but now, very fashionable.

I am buying capri jeans, a pair of regular jeans and black pants and maybe more i don't know :D .

Hope your Nausea isn't too bad :D .

7aki Fadi said...

And heeeeeeeey, I just read the other posts comments. How is it my fault? You and your husband do naughty things and then you blame me? LOL.

OH OH by the way, please be careful with the cat litter, don't even go near it. You know it's not good for pregnant women at an early stage.

Sam said...

batoul i know i water in the summer i am going to die...hopefully it wont happen this least not to all liquids...with bilal i could only drink cranberry juice without getting sick...:( but maybe not this time...water is good , water is aversion please!

7aki i know about the litter thing..i told hubby that it is his job to clean the litter box now last night and he said that is it the cat is gone! MEN! I just realized that I will not need maternity clothes for at least few more then summer will be over..winter mat clothes r not as cute:( but i dont have to buy much my sister just had her baby few months ago and has our maternity clothes box...:O) I have to get it this weekend...and it is your fault well i dont know i have to blame it on someone and u r the newest pregnant person...burligton is not too far from here and u threw some pregnancy dust at me...well i have to blame someone....:)

Jundi said...

haha i liked the seed story .. very cute :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

I hear, pregnancy is contagious :)

I'm sooooooo excited for you ... ya rab it will be an easy pregnancy and you will "t2oomi" bil salameh

nido said...

Yaaaaay...more more of these posts :) This is really nice! I have 4 other friends who are pregnant and will deliver sometime around my due date!!!
1/11/2009 looks neat:) Allah yi2awmik bissalameh!!

Maioush said...

mabrook again sam, bs LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ ur boy, ya 7aram u scared him when u told him that she ate the babay :D LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! bel salameh ya rabbi

KJ said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL Now we know why you want to kill your husband hahahaha! It isn't all his fault you know!


Alf mabrook ya rub :D