Monday, October 5, 2009

Ena Lelah wa Ina Elayhi Raje3oon

Early this morning my mother in law passed away:o(
She has been in a coma since last Friday, so we kinda of had a week to prepare for this....but you can never be prepared for a loved one dying...
I am just glad my husband went to Amman to see her when we heard the news. Everyone told him to stay put and not to go , it is useless...she is a coma, what is the point...but he got to spend some time with her...see her, touch her, talk to her, kiss her...I am so glad he did not listen and I was able to convince him to leave as soon as we got the news...
I am just so sad that I will never see her Tamer will never know his teta, and she never got to see Ziad (her favourite grandson) again...Bilal will never really know her, since last time he saw her he was only 3...I wish we were able to go to Amman this past summer...but my husband started a new job in May, and he could not take time off, and I could not travel alone with 3 kids including a little baby...:o(
May she rest in peace least now she will not be in any pain...something that she has lived with constantly for the past few years....Allah yer7amik khalto! :o(