Saturday, May 31, 2008


If you are a woman and have a beard and/or a moustache shave it, wax it, burn it do anything but do not let it grow! But do not bleach it, which does not do the trick! I do not believe some people live with ugly facial hairs in this time and age! Laser hair removal is pretty affordable these ladies, go for it please!

Very short shorts should be banned! They do not look flattering on anyone unless you are 6yo or are you a very skinny girl at the beach. I do not know what some women are thinking! Do they look at themselves and say yeh I look good this is a great look for the mall??! It is especially disgusting when the women have cellulite and fat thighs! EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I know I know this has been talked about, but I do not believe there are women out there who are still wearing the MOM jeans! OMG these are not flattering on anyone...If you have the mommy pouch they make it 10x bigger...if you do not they make you look like you have one! I do not know why someone has not burned them yet! A low rise (not too low mind you!) is more affective at hiding that Mommy’s go jeans shopping right now and do me a favour and burn those MOM jeans for ever!

This is not the pregnancy hormones talking...just my observations at the mall today! I am in a good mood...I got the cutest pair of shoes ever! Shhhhh do not tell hubby because I just bought a pair yesterday as well...and they were cute as well.

I decided that if you are pregnant and hungry, DO NOT GO SHOPPING! I bought Mac and cheese and some soups, scalloped potatoes and few other things...I do not even like Mac and cheese!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

who put soap in my food??

Seriously am I the weirdest person or what? Everything I eat tastes like it has soap in first I blamed it on my dishwasher! Poor little thing got me yelling at it for not washing the dishes is a good thing it does not have any feelings! Then I ate an apple! It tastes like soap! Now I can not blame my dishwasher for this can I??

Water! It has no taste, no smell , no colour yet I am grossed out by it!! Ya3ni seriously who gets sick from drinking water?? How am I supposed to workout so I do not become an almost 170lb person in 8 months??

Ok now on to the good stuff! I am loving shopping! Now I have an excuse to shop and shop all I want...well I am buying tops...and the coolest thing is that they look like maternity tops...but they are not! so instead of paying $50 for a top I am only paying $20-30...

My jeans still fit OK for most of the day...but then they get tights is weird...I gain few lb through the day...I found the coolest thing! A belly band! I can undo my jeans and put this keeps my pants up and it hides the fact that it is undone...I can make it narrow or make it show to look like I am wearing layers! It is a life saver...I am still too small for maternity pants...but my jeans do not have much room for growth and I do not want to go out and buy bigger clothes... not now! Maybe...just maybe a miracle will happen and I will be able to fit into my prepregnancy clothes not too long after the baby is born...HEY IT COULD HAPPEN! I will be able to get back to the gym 6wks after the baby is born...I am so glad I joined this gym! Other gyms only take babies 6months old and up...

I have not been in a blogging mood lately...I used to find everything bloggable few months ago now I do not...I wonder how long this will last...

Sunday, May 18, 2008


waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh......I am going to be so fat!! Have I mentioned how much I hate being fat??? I am so going to the gym every day...ok 4x a week! Absolutly no cheesecake, timbits, kitkat, twix, those new cakes with dates I have recently discovered ...althought at this moment nothing sound too appealing...YUCK! *Kicking myself for not losing the weight I planned to lose earlier...damned procrastination!*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog about Palestine is my home that I have never set foot in, it is the land I love without boundaries.

My heart cries for Palestine, I want to touch its soil even once in my life. My heart and soul are always with Palestine, it is a part of my prayer ritual. I pray that one day we get our freedom we get our right to return. I pray for the gruesome murders and unfairness to stop, for children to start living like they are supposed to without fear, for mothers to be able to sleep the night without worrying that tomorrow or the day after she may lose some or all of her children. I pray for families to live together all in one place without a brother, a son an uncle in the isreali prisons for life. I pray that children can go to school or out to play and come back home safely. I pray that wives and husbands are not widowed too soon, and children are not orphaned when they are still young. I pray for people to live in peace and harmony and for all of us Palestinians born all over the world to reunite and meet in our homeland, a land who’s love was born in our heart...

Palestine will always be a part of us, it will never be forgotten, I am instilling the love of Palestine into my children just like my parents have done before...if Israel (tfoo) thinks that Palestine will be eventually forgotten then they are wrong..

I am a Palestinian and proud of it...

me and vans!

Ok this has nothing to do with pregnancy hormones people! Stop blaming my ranting on pregnancy, I have been ranting and complaining about things for over a year now! Nothing has having said that , beware a rant is coming up...

I hate vans, I really hate them...I have been checking them out in parking lots, on the streets, everywhere....I can not see myself driving a huge van! It will take me hours to get into and out of parking spots! With winter coming it will be even harder! I had a hard time getting my accord out of my driveway when someone was parked on the street behind me with a few feet of snow banks around...imagine me trying to get a van out! So not happening! Hubby is so moktani3 belvans! I hate him!

We do need to fit three kids in the car, and our accord even thought it is a huge car does not fit two car seats and a booster, heck if I were to move Bilal out of the carseat into a booster seat and put Ziad into a backless booster seat it will still be pretty tight and and a PITA to put the seat belts on! I still do not feel that Bilal is ok in a booster seat although he will be legal...and those backless boosters do not seem too safe to that idea is out!

I have been looking at a Mazda is a true mini van! Hubby is worried about the cargo space...bas ya3ni I hardly ever used the trunk in my car, as long as the cargo area fits a stroller and few grocery bags I am ok with it! The seats do go flat to fit stuff if we ever need to transport something.....

Beoble...I am having a night mare about me driving a huge van! I will take a look at the 5..and see if the cargo space is not too bad I am so buying it...Hubby can sell his car and get a big van if he wants to, but I am not driving a 50000000lb 100000 feet long van! I am so putting my foot down! OK??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Annoying things...

You know that hair on your leg that you always forget to shave?? you notice it at the oddest times! You are sitting there with your legs crossed wearing a skirt and talking to someone and there it is, those two hairs that you always miss while shaving! I used to think it was because I was blind in the shower, no glasses or contacts but now what is my excuse for missing those two hairs?? I think they hide from me on purpose! 3an jad it is very annoying!

You know what else is annoying?? when you put on nail polish and someone needs you to do something right away! Like making them coffee or putting some grapes in bowl, or getting a bar out of a tiny box and trying to open it with your newly not dried yet polished fingers! How frustrating!

Another annoying thing is going to the bathroom and finding there is no toilet paper after you have finished your business! This happens too much here these days because Bilal was watching big comfy couch once and it was the episode where annoying Lunette had a toilet paper stuck to her shoe and and she dragged the whole thing with her to the couch and then starting playing with it...well now Bilal goes into the bathroom an starts unrolling the paper all over the house! uggh! He is not allowed to watch the big comfy couch anymore!

o and it is so annoying when you are in a hurry and you get to a red right, but no biggie you will be making a right turn so you do not have to wait for long...but there is an idiot in front of you who won't more ahead few inches to let you make that red turn and you end up having to wait until the light turns green..and what is even more annoying is when you are trying to make a right turn and there is a pedestrian crossing, a teenager who thinks he/she is so cool and walking at a snail pace! Move your stupid butt, this is why a lot of kids are fat these days, they move so freaking slow!

Another annoying thing is when you are sleeping and all of the sudden you are awaken by someone starting a conversation with your about this and that, and then asking you to get up and chit chat with him and watch a movie...then making u feel guilty the following the day for making him watch a movie all alone...7aram! NOT!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a blah blah of many..

Yesterday I made it to the gym for the first time in three weeks, it felt great to be working out again! I was feeling queasy when I left my house but after 35min of cardio my queasiness was ok! I did feel like gagging every time I drank some water! I was a bit paranoid when doing weight training and opted for using some free weights using 3 lb dumbells! I know I know too light....but better safe than sorry right at this stage...the baby is only the size of a sesame I gotta be careful! I do not know how something this tiny can turn a body upside down!

Yesterday I went shopping...since I am starting this pregnancy with my jeans already fitting right on, I do not have much room for growth (I could shoot myself for procrastinating and not hitting the gym earlier and for eating like a horse)...I bought some shirts that look like maternity clothes but are is so great how those maternity style tops are in style, it saves me a ton of money for now at least!

Spring is finally back...I have to start my gardening! I have the browniest thumb in the world...I do not even know where to start...I am never ever buying a brand new house! Next time I buy a house it will have a garden that I just have to water! I am waiting for hubby to dig out the grass and get the top soil and start planting some shrubs and flowers so our poor house has something to make it look pretty on the outside..but hubby is a lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I know I can do it myself..but like I said I do not know where to start!

Ok no more procrastinating...I am off to the gym now before child minding closes for the morning...

Friday, May 9, 2008

just thinking out loud..

I am getting excited about this baby now! It did take few days but it is starting to sink in, WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

I think I will have the baby at our local hospital...why drive all the way to Mississauga when there is a hospital five minutes away from home..??! I asked people on the forum for my area and everyone had good stuff to say about the hospital...I hope I can get a private room, I hate sharing a room!

Ah in the next few months you guys will hear all about will become pregnancy experts if you keep on reading my blog! Well if you do not get so sick of it and decide to never visit my home away from home again!

I just had a new realization! I have to get a bigger car! Like my car is not already huge enough..I have to get a van......waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! There is no way the back seat can fit 3 car seats! Ziad will be a bit over 7 when the baby is born, but he will still be in a booster seat, and of course it takes a lot of room! He will not be out of the booster seat until he is 8! Bilal will be 4.5...I am not sure if I will keep him his 5point car is already getting small on him, maybe if Bilal is in a booster seat which is alot skinnier than his chuncky car seat...we maybe be able to fit the baby in the car..ah who am I kidding, we have to get a van! waaaaaaahhhhhh...I already find my accord huge how am I supposed to dive a huge van! I am too tiny for a van!

I have a feeling this baby is a girl....I keep on refering to the baby as a her, she, so maybe! I am so going to find out during the ultra sound at I think twenty weeks. I will not be able to wait until birth..if it is a girl I will need a lot more time buying clothes...although for the first 6 months she ...see here I go again...refering to the baby as a she..Ok I will not talk about it...inshallah it will be a healthy cute baby...if it is khair for us to have a girl then be it, and if is better for us to have a boy then it will be great...inshallah a good healthy baby who will grow up into a good person...and please do not let the baby have hubby's nose!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on being pregnant..

Yay I have new things to blog about now...after I came from Amman I had the snow to complain about, then spring came and I got busy with taking the kids out and stuff...but now I have a new thing to blog AKA complain about! being pregnant! Ah you guys will hate any pregnant woman in the next eight months!!

So this was very unplanned, but I think it is something in the air! I have three pregnant friends so far, pregnancy is contagious I tell ya!

Well I have been thinking about have a 3rd baby, but not now! I still wanted to lose those 10lb I have been talking about in the past year...and do you know what the due date for this baby is?? January 11!! in the middle of winter! when there might be snow storms!! With my luck I will actually go into labour on my own this time in the middle of a snow storm and end up having the baby in the car! Please please please let me not go into labour this time again..I like being induced!! I am going to call and order the epidural from now!

Ah the things I have to look forward to! In exactly two week my all day pregnancy sickness will start! I hardly throw up while pregnant, but I do have a mild nausea all day long for six long weeks! In those six weeks the sigh, or even the thought of water, milk and most liquids makes me sick...Hopefully it will be limited to water this time...I need milk and I'd like to be able to have some juice to keep hydrated! how am I supposed to workout without water...maybe this time I will not have water aversion!

I will keep on going to the gym 4x a week inshallah......It helped a lot with my two pregnancies...I only gained the 34lb I was supposed to gain even thought I did have way too many timbits and cheese cakes..

O I just found out that I am pregnant on Monday, but everyone already knows! I do not know how people can wait three months! I could not even wait for hubby to come home..I called him at work...I told the kids, my sister, my mom, your friends on babycenter...and if it was not too late in Jordan I would have called my mother in law, but not to fear...the next day I found hubby's niece on messenger and told her and now everyone knows......I can not keep anything from anyone! I am the same with gifts...we getting mama a patio table and gazibo for mother's day..and it is taking a lot of me not to mention anything to her! My kids always get their birthday presents early, because I just can not keep a surprise...I know tsk tsk..

When I told Ziad he got this thinking look and he asked me when did I buy the baby seed?? Why didn't I take him the baby store to help me pick a seed...and Why did I eat it without showing him how it looks like??! my bad! Few years ago I was showing Ziad pictures of babies in the womb...he asked how the babies got inside and I said well I guess the mommy's ate them! He got a very scared look on his face and asked "did you eat me???, are you going to eat me again?"...O what did I get myself into, so the whole baby seed story got started...when parents are ready to have a baby, they go into a special baby store and buy a seed , the mommy eats the seed and the baby grows in her is not very far from the truth eh??

O least now all clothes look like pregnancy clothes so I will not have a problem with shopping..heck I am going to go out and buy two new shirts today to hide my not yet visible baby bump...:) yay!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008





I am so going to kill my husband!