Thursday, May 15, 2008

me and vans!

Ok this has nothing to do with pregnancy hormones people! Stop blaming my ranting on pregnancy, I have been ranting and complaining about things for over a year now! Nothing has having said that , beware a rant is coming up...

I hate vans, I really hate them...I have been checking them out in parking lots, on the streets, everywhere....I can not see myself driving a huge van! It will take me hours to get into and out of parking spots! With winter coming it will be even harder! I had a hard time getting my accord out of my driveway when someone was parked on the street behind me with a few feet of snow banks around...imagine me trying to get a van out! So not happening! Hubby is so moktani3 belvans! I hate him!

We do need to fit three kids in the car, and our accord even thought it is a huge car does not fit two car seats and a booster, heck if I were to move Bilal out of the carseat into a booster seat and put Ziad into a backless booster seat it will still be pretty tight and and a PITA to put the seat belts on! I still do not feel that Bilal is ok in a booster seat although he will be legal...and those backless boosters do not seem too safe to that idea is out!

I have been looking at a Mazda is a true mini van! Hubby is worried about the cargo space...bas ya3ni I hardly ever used the trunk in my car, as long as the cargo area fits a stroller and few grocery bags I am ok with it! The seats do go flat to fit stuff if we ever need to transport something.....

Beoble...I am having a night mare about me driving a huge van! I will take a look at the 5..and see if the cargo space is not too bad I am so buying it...Hubby can sell his car and get a big van if he wants to, but I am not driving a 50000000lb 100000 feet long van! I am so putting my foot down! OK??


7aki Fadi said...

I hate Vans too but I like the Honda Oddessy. VERY nice van.

Or you could go with the Honda Pilot. It's not a van but has 7 seats.

Qwaider قويدر said...

I HATE minivans too. THEY ARE ... UGH ... HATE THEM!

Why don't you go with something like Honda Pilot? It seats 7 and is very roomy. Or Accura MDX it's gorgeous.
Nissan Pathfinder is also fantastic. Mazda CX9
Why can't a nice SUV fit what you need better than a van?
By the way. Minivans lose thier value even faster than American cars

nido said...

Hubby is in the car business, so here's his 2 cents on the matter:

I know that you don't want a minivan, but take this into consideration, most minivans have a path to the back seat, with 2 captin chairs in the middle, so its easier to get a kid in and out of the back.
Do this, go and try and get into the back seat of any SUV, it will be difficult for you. Now imagine doing it with a child in yr hands! and even worse with a child that is sleeping in the car seat...
I know about it out of experience because customers complain abt it all the time...You really need to shop to see what will work better for yr lifestyle regardless of looks and drivability!
Think abt this also, if you were to ask any minivan owner, if they liked minivans before they bought one, they would say: No! Now ask them would they give it up! the answer will also be No!
SUV will work when the kids are older, or with one car seat. If you need more, go for the minivan.
Oddessy, the grand caravan and solara are the best sellers because they are the best!

MommaBean said...

Welcome to my world! How long has it been since I checked your blog?! I didn't even know baby number 3 was coming. At least for me, I got through the shock of 1 to 3 all at once. And, now, I will give you my two cents. First, Nido's right. El 3atal andI argued and argued about this. He was convinced that we could just go with an SUV (think Yukon). So, I got a friend at work to bring his Yukon and brought an EMPTY infant car seat and made him put it into the back between the captain chairs. It only took once and the SUV idea was gone.

We bought a Toyota Sienna (the extra luxury edition). I'm telling you it's the Lexus of minivans. I still miss it. And I don't really like minivans. But, given the fact that most vans have latch on the third row (few SUVs do) and the flexibility they offe, you can't beat them. trust me when I tell you, with three in car seats, they are your best option...

Oh, and having had both, I'd get the "bench" in the middle row. it's actually 3 separate seats that can each be rmoved and all roll forward to allow very easy access. And, for us, it means we can carry all of us, Miss Thess, and my mom when she visits.

A recently married cousin came to visit this week (after a harrowing trip out of Lebanon) and talked about how "scarily versatile" our van is. If I didn't have the cha-ching for the Sienna, our car is a very good affordable option. It's the Kia Sedona in the US.

Still missing you girl! Come back. :)

Anonymous said...
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