Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy mothers day to those who celebrate today!

This morning my kids gave me their presents that they made in school..

Bilal had a hand print with a poem...ok seriously those hand print poems are tear jerkers...they always get to me!

Ziad had a pot, paint ,soil and seeds...we decorated the pot and planted the seeds together...I took over the painting and he got mad though...he had a questionnaire and he said he loves me because I do everything for him and let him eat on the sofa...

And I got a gift card for a manicure, pedicure and a facial at a local I have to find the time to do this...hmmmmmmmmm...

We will be going to my parent's house mom is making a turkey!! I know who the heck cooks on mothers day?? MY MOM DOES...we were planning on taking her out to dinner but I guess not...this is why I did not get her a pampering seems the older generation does not like to be pampered! My parents are redoing their bathroom, so I got her the bathroom stuff...rugs, curtains, decorations...I hope she likes green!

I guess Tamer's present to me is that he let me type this post...with one hand...thank you Tamer!

It is days like this that I like being a mother...and thank god no breakfast in bed..but one day I know my kids will do it and I will get down to a super messy sticky kitchen.

Well I did get bkfast...*sigh* Ziad poured my favourite special K cereal...great right?? noo there was a big hair in it! now I will not be able to eat my cereal for a week! We are going to make pancakes together...hubby is going to hate is unarabic! We will make him labne, zeet w zaatar with shai on fathers day...Hey he can have that today too for breaskfast since he hates pancakes..yeh I know I have a weird husband!