Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I hate snow!

I hate it , hate it , hate it!

I've always hated it, it ruined my 16th bday, my 20th bday, and now it snows lots in a country where it barley snow the day before hubby's flight and two days before my flight! The airport will be a huge mess! Who knows when our flights will take off!

UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hate snow! Im so mad at the snow I ruined the taljeh for everyone...hahaha....

O hubby's niece was supposed to go to court get married, but it is not going to happen today, so she is not too happy...

I really really really hate hate hate hate hate hate snow!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Renting an apartment in amman!

This is one thing that is for sure alot easier to do in canada, aint it??

We pay 500 JD to rent the apartment. It is furnished with very old furniture. Everything is pretty much worn out, the apartment was bought from the family that owned it few years ago for 30K with all the funiture and household items now it is worth about 70 something.

This guy wants us to give him everything like we left . He wants us to paint that wall that were not really that clean to start with. The walls in the bedrooms are molded and all black...YUCK! of course it is our fault according to him! The carpets are a million years old and pretty gross, he looks at them and said we made it dirty and wants us to clean it! The 7ares was there and told him the carpet was this dirty when he helped me put it on the floor less than two months ago!

Now the kicker! The water silo was broken, we paid 30Jd to fix it! it is not ours to fix, the owner has to pay for this! But according to him, he gave it to us in a good shape so it is our problem! Ok no problem we fixed it, and deducted it from the money we were supposed to pay him.

Yesterday we ran out of water, no problem turn on the pump and the water will go from the silos downstair to the ones upstairs. Except that the pump was all hot and not working! So yeh we spent all day yesterday without any water! We called him today and he said to get someone to fix the pump and pay him! since he gave us the pump in a working condition!

In canada we never had to worry about fixing things, everyone knows that when you use something there wear and tear! unless we purposly ruin something like making a hole in the wall or breaking the door handle by misuse it is the owner's responsibilty to fix things on the rental premises!

Last year when my house was rented, the renters sent me an email saying that the pipe under the sink has burst open! I did not even tell them to call someone...I was in Saskatoon and my house in Milton, 3000Km away! I called a plumber in the area, paid him by credit card and the problem was fixed within few hours of receiving her email!

We all know that renters income is not a net income! When doing our taxes I was asked for any maintenace I spent on the house and those were deducted from the income!

This dude in Amman does not even pay taxes on his rental income! Otherwise he would have caused hell and would not have settled for the 800JD to break the contract! He does not want to fix anything, he wants us to do all the cleaning, fixing, painting and blah blah blah! ugggggghhhhhh!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

a sad/happy goodbye

OMG time sure does go by quickly! It is almost time for us to leave Amman! Only FOUR MORE DAYS! I am sad to be leaving Amman, but I do miss my family and home in Canada! So I am happy about going back home.

There are actually few things I am looking forward to back home!

My furnace! It keeps my house warm all day long! I have been wearing way too many clothes to keep warm inside! right now I am wearing a turtle neck sweater, my long sleeve and long pants fleece PJ's a pair of socks and my new cute warm pink and white slippers! I have been wearing socks and shoes for so long I have forgotten how my feet look like!

Clothes dryer! I do my laundry and it takes a good two days to dry! I have to sit infront of the soba to dry them piece by piece!

My deep soak bath tub in my beautiful bathroom! A bathroom so pretty makes doing the bathroom business ok! yeh back to the bath! I am so looking forward to a nice relaxing bath.

Water pressure! You do not appreciate those little things until you no longer have them! I am sick of bad hair days!!

My car! I miss driving! I miss shopping and not be worried about finding a taxi! or going out during prayers because all the taxi drivers come here to pray so finding a taxi is a pain..oh I can keep going about this no car business but I'll stop here !

An endless supply of water! No more no water on Sunday because I did few loads of laundry during the week! Like today! I have had the water pump on for hours and still no water! I have things to do uggh!

And drinkable tap water!

Ok that is about it, I have to go back and dry my laundry! I am never going to curse, kick or do anything bad to my dear dryer!

Oh and I am almost done packing, I have already packed 4 bags, two more to go! I think I will have enough room to leave our coats in the luggage so I do not have to deal with them on the plane and during our six hours stay in Abu dhabi! Let’s just hope our luggage does not get lost like it did the one time I decided to leave our coats in the checked luggage on one of our trip from Toronto to Saskatoon! It was -30 degrees in Saskatoon! Our luggage did come home the next day but we froze our u know what off getting home from the airport!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The clueless Doctor

Last week Ziad started limping. It started on Sunday after he came home from winter camp. He said his leg hurts from our long walk on Friday morning. He is always saying his legs hurts and then after putting on cream it miraculously gets better. He kept on pointing to different areas of pain, one minute it is his ankle, the next it is his calf and so on. So we thought it is the same time and didn’t pay it much attention.

By Monday evening he was still limping and the cream did not make it better. Upon examining his leg we found the problem. His knee was swollen! He could not straighten his leg and it only hurt when he tried to straighten it.

On Tuesday we wanted to take him to the doctor we usually see, but it was snow day so she was closed. We took him to Ibn Alhaitham sure there is something broken! The x-rays show the knee bones in great condition. The doctor said so when he first saw the x-rays! But then changed his mind when he saw Zozo could not straighten his leg! He was dumbfounded and went back to the x-rays! He started saying maybe this, maybe that! He ended up putting a cast on the back of his leg going from his upper thigh to this ankle! Well there was nothing broken so why the cast, but he is the doctor what do we know!

The cast was annoying Ziad and making him walk weird. His knee was even more bent than before. So the cast was not doing what it is supposed to do!

On Friday hubby and I decided the doctor is an idiot and did our own research! We googled and found something called a jumpers knee, in medical terms it is called patellar tendonitis sounds like exactly what Ziad has! Ziad loves to run! He is always running and jumping in the apartment ,outside, wherever when doesn’t have anything to do. The swollen knee, unable to straighten, caused by too much running and jumping!

We called hubby’s uncle in Aqaba who is a doctor, and he confirmed our opinion! If the bones are not broken or fractured then it must be something with the muscle! What ever you do, do not try to straighten the leg he said! This is what that doctor was trying to do! I am sending him an email soon, to give him a piece of my mind!

If you are unsure about something ask another doctor for god’s sake! I am sure this doctor is great with bones, but when the bones were perfect he had no idea what to do, so he puts a cast on! Dah! We will not think he is less of a doctor if he went to someone else! He is a young guy and probably just recently graduated. If the bones are perfect then go to a muscle doctor Mr. Bone doctor! Same goes with any other profession! If you are not sure how to do something, ask someone more experienced for help! This is how you learn and gain experience! Sheesh!
After a day of resting, applying ice and taking medicine Ziad’s knee is not swollen. He is still not able to straighten it, but it will take few weeks to get better!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let it snow , Let it snow

Wohooo! We woke up to a fluffy, white morning!

Hubby's neice came to wakeup at almost 8 am, all excited about the snow! Her excitment made all excited about the snow, even though we are sick of it! Everyone is having a snow day here! yippy!

We called everyone....hubby's sister is in Aqaba and so sad, his niece is in Dubai and we haha'ed her, his other sister in Saudi and of course we had to rub it in....Everyone is upset for missing the snow...what is wrong with people here!

I'd post my own pictures, but I am a lazy picture person..I upload my pictures on the computer 3 times a year, so I have way too many pictures on my camera it will take forever!

Update: I decided it looked too pretty, so I downloaded my 500+ pictures on my computer

I am just glad I did my shopping yesterday so I am all stocked up on milk, fruits and bread! Yippy!

Speaking of snow, the first year we went to Saskatoon....the place where it snows the most in my opinion, there was a spider web on my was a huge spider web, but it was invisible! After the first snow it was covered with snow and looked liked huge and unreal! I was so scared that this was the web of a snow spider...*LOL* I know, I know! Silly! I made hubby come home from work to make sure there is no giant snow spider on our balcony!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I hate packing(again)

Have I mentioned how much I hate packing??? Well I do, I hate it, hate it hate it! If I do not pack for the next 20years it will not be soon enough!

Didn't I just do this 6 months ago?? And hubby thinks that I will agree to go back to Saskatoon only to move back to Toronto, no way!

I have not started packing yet, but everyday the maid comes and helps me clean a bit. Just thinking about though it driving me crazy! I have bags full of clothes to give away, but now I have no idea where to give it. The foods and the dishes and other stuff I bought will go downstairs to my sister in law's house . We have to go throught the kids toys, decided what we will keep in one box here in amman for them to play with, what we will take with us, and the broken toys will be thrown away. I have to start this soon. I only have 12 days left!

O and hubby extended his stay in Amman, he leaves one day before we do! It is nice having him here to help??

I have to fit my stuff into six bags to take to Toronto.

Today I had a dream we were going to stay in Abu Dhabi for one week and for reason who-sane and his wife as well as Q were there. I remembered that I put all my summer clothes in the bag hubby is to take with him, so I had to go shopping and they were helping buy summer clothes, since my sweaters were too hot for AD weather...isnt that weird? Maybe this is a sign not to send my cute summer clothes with hubby eh??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

oh no! not another birthday!!

I just realized today is the 10th of January! Meaning in 5 days it will be my birthday! I remember the days when I used to get excited about my birthday! Everyone knew it was my birthday because I got a new hair do right before my bday! Well not anymore....I hate birthdays! It just means I am getting a year older, and approaching old age!

*a huge sigh*

I do not want to get old...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh....

yummy hot chocolate. meeting the blogger vacation vent

Damn it people you are I am changing the hot chocolate picture..:p

Phew hubby is gone to his mom's house so my precious laptop is free!

So like Kinzi said last night we went to the Galler for a ladies night out....It was great getting together with Kinzi, Mamabean, and Salam....and of course I finally got to try the yummy hot chocolate everyone has been raving about. Yes it was yummy! But i had a little bit in my cup when the guy took the cup away! I wanted that last sip! Even if it was cold!

It was a nice break away from the kids...who are on top of me as type ...

Speaking of kids I am so looking forward to them going back to school! Ziad has been off for two weeks now!! Please someone shoot me! Who the heck gives kids 5 weeks off???!!!!! Bilal's vacation just started today....I have been looking for a program to send them to, you something for few hours a day, but the only thing I found is a two week thing that teacher English, no problem they will be out of the house and get to spend time with other kids, but it costs over 260 JD for two weeks! It is a bit too much! *crying*

Well the sucky thing is our kids will not be going back to school in Amman, since we leave on Feb 01! It will take a couple of weeks for us to be back to our house and the kids registered in schools in Milton not Saskatoon!

Let me a take a minute to vent! Hubby wants us to move back to Saskatoon! I do not want to! No offence to Saskatooners, but it is soooo freaking boring! I want to be back in my beautiful house and not in that crummy apartment in Saskatoon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a quick post about Mr computer hogger

My poor blog...I have not blogged for eight days!! This is a record for me, unless I am away on vacation!

Since the computer hog (AKA hubby) is here I have not had much computer time! He is too busy with stocks and options AKA as losing our money...OK in all fairness he has made $5000 but he did lost $40,000...ah gives me an excuse to buy whatever I argument is hey do not look at me, I am spending $100 on shoes, but you did lose 40k...haha...ok so it is 35k now...

Ok hmmmm I do have lots to blog about....a weekend at the farm and seeing a few hours old baby goat, tooooo cute! And few other bloggable things that came to me.

Next time hubby is around he'd better bring his laptop with him!

o and I am starting to feel sad about leaving Amman! I made some good friends here, and other than this annoying cold 24/7 I have really fell in love with Amman...

OK computer time is up..:(