Monday, January 28, 2008

Renting an apartment in amman!

This is one thing that is for sure alot easier to do in canada, aint it??

We pay 500 JD to rent the apartment. It is furnished with very old furniture. Everything is pretty much worn out, the apartment was bought from the family that owned it few years ago for 30K with all the funiture and household items now it is worth about 70 something.

This guy wants us to give him everything like we left . He wants us to paint that wall that were not really that clean to start with. The walls in the bedrooms are molded and all black...YUCK! of course it is our fault according to him! The carpets are a million years old and pretty gross, he looks at them and said we made it dirty and wants us to clean it! The 7ares was there and told him the carpet was this dirty when he helped me put it on the floor less than two months ago!

Now the kicker! The water silo was broken, we paid 30Jd to fix it! it is not ours to fix, the owner has to pay for this! But according to him, he gave it to us in a good shape so it is our problem! Ok no problem we fixed it, and deducted it from the money we were supposed to pay him.

Yesterday we ran out of water, no problem turn on the pump and the water will go from the silos downstair to the ones upstairs. Except that the pump was all hot and not working! So yeh we spent all day yesterday without any water! We called him today and he said to get someone to fix the pump and pay him! since he gave us the pump in a working condition!

In canada we never had to worry about fixing things, everyone knows that when you use something there wear and tear! unless we purposly ruin something like making a hole in the wall or breaking the door handle by misuse it is the owner's responsibilty to fix things on the rental premises!

Last year when my house was rented, the renters sent me an email saying that the pipe under the sink has burst open! I did not even tell them to call someone...I was in Saskatoon and my house in Milton, 3000Km away! I called a plumber in the area, paid him by credit card and the problem was fixed within few hours of receiving her email!

We all know that renters income is not a net income! When doing our taxes I was asked for any maintenace I spent on the house and those were deducted from the income!

This dude in Amman does not even pay taxes on his rental income! Otherwise he would have caused hell and would not have settled for the 800JD to break the contract! He does not want to fix anything, he wants us to do all the cleaning, fixing, painting and blah blah blah! ugggggghhhhhh!


Qabbani said...


What are u talking about!!!!!!!! there's a contract right???

yes to give him things as u take it but NOT EVERY thing if the bump old 10 yr's and its broke with u its not ur problem ..

come on its all on him not on u!!!!
how come he ask like this , its known here when u rent any place u ask "the fix on who"!!! usually the 7ares take care of all this and the owner PAY not u!!

oh u pay by advance ! did u take the rest of money or not yet? he might use it to let u fix every thing then give it to u if u took it dont fix any thing , read the contract before and see

if not listed u dont have to do any thing !!

i HATE THIS PPL , dont be easy with him

Anonymous said...

sometimes I feel like when they know you're a foreigner, they take advantage of you. Nothing better than Jordanians with doing that lol. The kashra never fails you so you dont know if he ever feels guilty, its always the same expression lol.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Guess what happened to me with my Avis rental car...
Yeah, they made me pay for a wornout tire!
I'm diputing the charge right now!

Jordan is really not a good play for customer service.

However I will say this, the occupants are responsible for everything that goes in thier house wall to wall. But not in furnished apartments

Take it easy, it's alright ... you're leaving that dump anyway

Greetings to the hubby and the kids

mr.anonymous said...

I deal with these kind of people all the time,knowing ur Canadians "and even though he knows exactly whats on him and whats on you"..he tries to see how far he can go,anything he gets out of u is a bonus for him.

One solution, show him a glimpse of the bitter side of you,and he will turn into a white rabbit..Welcome to Jordan!...actually good bye lady..and have a nice trip across the oceans.

tinkerbella said...

That's so weird, my dad rents a few houses in Amman and he has a maintenance guy that takes care of EVERYTHING for the tenants. I wonder if this guy is the odd one out or if my dad picked up too many lessons from North America.

Seriously, 7aram 3aleeh this guy, this is not the way to do business, his money is haram. But it's like Batoul said, they prob are taking advantage since they know you are a "foreigner".

Good luck! And take refuge in the fact that you will be out of there soon insha Allah!

KJ said...

OMG are you serious?! HEEEEEEEEEEE

This man needs a fix himself! Off with his head!

I bet you can't wait to go back to Canada and I can't blame you!