Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I finally mustered enough courage to get this done. I’m still terrified and grossed out by the prospect of having laser going through my eyes. I have been wearing glasses since I was 10, and contacts since I was 14. I am so old now, so that was a long time ago. For the past few months my eyes have become intolerant to contacts. I tried different extended wear contacts that were the best in the market, and still my eyes were tired within few hours of wearing them. It could be Saskatoon’s dry air. Toronto is a lot more humid so it was great for my eyes, but bad for my hair. You cannot win eh?
So in a bit over two weeks, I will be able to see without glasses or contacts. I will be able to get out of bed, look around and see everything in the room. I will not have to sleep with my cell phone under my pillow so I can see the time. I will not dread going out early in the morning because my eyes are too tired to put contacts in. I will be able to go swimming and splash in the pool with my kids without worrying about my contacts falling off or my glasses getting wet. And I will learn to swim.The bad thing is that I cannot wear contacts for few weeks before my surgery. So for he past 3 weeks I have been wearing glasses, and I hate it! After surgery I will not be able to wear any eye makeup for two weeks! This is why I am getting this done in Saskatoon. I only know a total of 8 people including 2 babies in Saskatoon. So there is not much going out, and I can live without makeup for a couple of week, I will not run into someone I know while grocery shopping or at the gym.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My husbad's co-worker

My husband works with an Egyptian man. He is very nice, but he has the weirdest obsessions.
He bought a car few months ago. He is very worried about his car; you would think it is his baby. My brothers love their cars but they would never do what this guy does. He lives in an apartment building. His parking spot where he has his block heater plug is in the back of building. We live in Saskatchewan where at night it could get to –40 degree Celsius, so if you car is not plugged in, it may not start in the morning. Anyways so he can watch his car day and night, he parks it in front right at the corner. He peeks at though the window every few minutes. So far his car has been broken into and his wife’s purse has been stolen. His car has been keyed. I guess the way he parks it makes it hard for people to drive buy. So someone got mad at him and keyed his car. What is the fuss about? This is why we buy extra insurance against vandalism, and parcel insurance. He is too cheap to do that so instead he parks his car in front, and watches it like a hawk. He gets up few times a night, goes down and starts the car so it is does not freeze.
Maybe you are thinking well it is probably an expensive can and is a target for car thieves. It is a Mitsubishi, a 4-door sedan. My husband wishes he could give this much attention to his work.

When my husband first met the guy, they were talking about Ontario and E said he used to live in Hamilton. But he hated it so much. “You should have seen what they did to me”. My husband thought poor guy, what did those Hamilton meanos do to him? Maybe they stole something from him, beat him up, and made his life miserable. E explains how horrible they were. When he first moved to Hamilton, he went to the mosque. Not even one person came to greet me and welcome me to the city, seeing how I am new and all. Now Hamilton is a pretty big city, with a large Muslim and Arabic population. There are at least 4 mosques I know of, and each mosque has lots of worshippers on Fridays. So a new comer will not stand out. What a stupid reason to hate a whole city, eh?
This past summer E wanted to go to Edmonton, to get some Eish(pita bread) and other Arabic foods, since we do not have Arabic grocery stores here. He tells my husband, I want to get the company to send me on site. So he will rent a car, drive to the site (1hr drive) leave his pregnant wife and one year old daughter in the parked car. Then drive to Edmonton and pay the difference for the car. The site is a potash plant in the middle of nowhere. Not a place to take your pregnant wife and baby daughter. His reason for renting is a car, is so he will not put mileage on his leased Mitsubishi. Now I would understand someone having this concern if he lived around Toronto area, because there is a lot of driving and the mileage add up quickly. But living in Saskatoon no one has to worry about mileage. The city is so small. My husband and I drive a lot, our favourite thing to do is get in the car out of the city and drive until it gets dark. Since we moved here 1.5yrs go we have barely put 10,000km on our car. After my husband talking him out of it, and telling him that taking his wife to the plant will not be safe, and he might get in trouble. And that he has no reason to worry about the mileage; he decided he would drive to Edmonton. He says that he will not book a hotel room. When he gets to Edmonton, he will go to an Arabic food store and ask the people there if they know someone who will rent them their house for those three days! He wants to save money this way! I do not know what goes in this guy’s head. Who would just happen to have a house he is willing to rent for few days! Now in Toronto my house is vacant. I cannot imagine that someone at one of the Arabic food stores knowing that we are away from the city and our house is vacant. Or that I will be willing to rent my house for three days to someone I do not know! Now just picture this, he drovs for five hours from here to Edmonton, his wife was eight months pregnant, and he had a one-year-old baby. He was planning on lugging his wife and baby around from store to store asking Arabs if they a room to rent, so he could save few dollars on hotel room. Sheesh! I could go on, this is the weirdest person I have ever met!

My weight loss challenge

This week I started yet another weight loss challenge on my mom’s losing weight bulletin board. My third challenge so far. I bumped on the first two. I actually gained 2lb each challenge! This challenge is going to be a regional challenge, all Canadian moms. We are called Tim Horton’s hotties. How cute eh? My goal for this challenge is to lose three lb. Yup just 3lb, how hard can it be to lose 3lb in few weeks? Very hard I guess. Well now that the whole world (ok few people) know that I want to lose three lb and go from 129lb to 126lb, how can I not do it?? I will have to workout five times a week, and keep the sweets from entering my mouth. Shouldn’t be too hard eh? Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day light saving

I did not realize that day light saving has been extended(maybe because SK does not have DLS) . I always loved DLS, it made it easy to have summer bedtime hours and winter bedtime hours for the kids. So in winter they will be going to bed at 8:00, but in the summer they go to bed at 9:00. It may not work out this way this year though, since ds is in school now, and their summer bedtime hours will not start untill the end of June(when we will be back home in ontario for sure inshallah, yippy!)

Friday, February 23, 2007

A snow day...

It doesn’t look too bad out today. It is snowing, but the snowflakes are very tiny. It is supposed to taper off by the evening. The good news is that I will not be house bound for long. It does not look like the snow is too deep on the roads, so it is not stuck able snow. I may even be able to go out tomorrow. J

The bad news is that I am stuck home for today, and my husband decided he felt like eating cookies while we were shopping last night. Why o Why did let him come shopping with us. So right now I have three bags of cookies, two I could careless about, but one I love, staring me in the face. Maybe I will accidentally crush them, or oops they will fall into a sink full of water. Wish me luck staying on track, summer is almost here and I need to lose 10 lb. How hard is it to lose 10 lb? My husband always laughs at me and says he can lose that much in two days. He actually can, he stops eating chips for a couple of days and traaa he loses few pounds. On the other hand I kill myself at the gym, doing cardio and weight training, come home count every single calories I put in my mouth and if I am good and do not cheat, I might lose a whole ½ lb! Yippy!

It is so unfair!

Anyways, as I was saying, so it is a snow day. My husband is at work though. I love those snowy days, you can get so cozy in front of the fireplace and watch movies while eating cookies and popcorn. Maybe the boys and I will order a movie, sit by the fireplace and munch on some low fat popcorn :)

So Sad

Today a friend shared this story with me. Among other things, it is a parent's worst nightmare.

I feel bad for this family. I cannot imagine what I would do if God forbid anything happened to my baby.

I have heard many stories like this, so I have never left my kids in the car alone. I am very grateful for those pay at the pump gas stations. Otherwise I would never fill gas alone with the kids. Lugging 2 very active boys with me to pay for gas is not a very appealing option, but I would defiantly do it if I had to.

I remember back when I was a kid, my parents left us in the car alone many, many times.
We lived in Lebanon then, my parents would go to the balad(downtown) to buy clothes and stuff. I guess we were a nightmare to take along, all four monsters, me being the oldest. I was 11 yo when we came to Canada, so I was pretty young when left in the car to take care of my brothers and sister (I was so mature back then, what the heck happened?). Surprisingly we never left the car; I can see my son undoing his seatbelt, climbing to the front seat, since the back seats have a child lock, and getting out of the car. Yikes!

This is not about the car, but this past summer we were in Amman visiting my husband's family. one night the kids were sleeping early , yup 12 am was early this past summer, for the first three weeks of us being in Amman, the kids fell asleep when the fajr athan was called. Anyways, so everyone decides they want to go out to bolmando(sp?) for coffee and argeelah. I say ok great, you guys go along I’ll stay home with the kids. My mother in law as sweet as she is, suggested that I come along and leave the kids sleeping alone! What? Go across town and to drink coffee and argreling while my kids are all alone? Heck, I feel bad going across the street to check the mailbox and leaving the kids alone even if they are napping. I take quick showers, with me calling zozo, bolbol, are you guys ok every 2 minutes when I'm home alone with the boys, and my apartment here is as baby proof as can be.

I wonder if people still leave their kids in the car, and home alone this time and age in Lebanon and Jordan...

snow, snow, go away

My first post is going to be about the thing I hate the most at the moment. Snow! I have never seen so much snow in my life, and I have been living in Canada for a long time, over 75% of my life. Tonight, we have a snowfall warning, about 20 cm by the end of tomorrow. This means that I will be stuck at home for the next few days, until the roads are cleared and the snow is packed and is easier to drive on. I have gotten stuck in the snow too many times this winter. It is pretty embarrassing to just sit there and wait for someone to help push the car out.

So today I went to the gym, since will not be going for few days. After gym we went shopping to stock up so I will not have to ask my husband to go buy this and that for me. Usually I write him a list and email it to him at his work, I write everything in details, even what colour the package is. He usually comes home with mostly wrong items. I would specify that he buys green delicious apples, how can you not get that one right? Well he buys me red/green who knows what their name is apples that are way too sweet; I do not like sweet apples. And dare I ask for anything low fat, he will always get the full fat version of whatever I ask for. See why I hate snow? It keeps me from doing my own shopping. The other bad thing is that whenever my hubby goes shopping, he has to get few bags for cookies. The kinds I like! So here I am, stuck at home, with all this junk food and I cannot go the gym. I blame those 6 lb I have gained over the winter on the snow. So now I have one more reason to hate the supposedly white, fluffy stuff. It has been so cold lately, that we have not even been able to go out and play in the snow all winter long, which would have been a plus side to the snow.

I guess if I ever move to a warmer climate, I would miss snow. But for now, I am so sick of looking at it. The middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan, I live in has been white since November 08, my baby’s 5th birthday. The reason I did not want to have a winter baby is so that my kids can have nice birthday, and enjoy their day. But when I had my son, I did not know I would move to a city where winter started that early. My birthday is in January, and I always hated it, because there was always a snowstorm on my birthday. On my 16th birthday I had a party, but only 4 people were able to come, I was very disappointed and never had a birthday party after that. Few years ago on my birthday I was supposed to go to work and after work go out and celebrate my birthday with my then fiancĂ© now husband. And yup, you guessed it; there was a storm on that day. I did go,(I do not know what I was thinking, my work was a 70-80 KM away from my home) but just after I got on the highway, my car skidded and I was in the middle of the highway going the wrong way. So anyways, back to my son’s birthday, I had ordered cupcakes from sobey’s (I can not bake to save my life) on that day, but I could not send my son to school. So there I was 18 so yummy looking cupcakes and I, under one roof! I am happy to say that we only ate 2 cupcakes, well because we only had 2 extra cupcakes.

So there you have it, I hate snow. Summer is too short, so we do not even get a chance to miss the snow.

Welcome to my blog

welcome to my blog...

I do not have much to say right now. I will post stuff later as they come to me :)