Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I finally mustered enough courage to get this done. I’m still terrified and grossed out by the prospect of having laser going through my eyes. I have been wearing glasses since I was 10, and contacts since I was 14. I am so old now, so that was a long time ago. For the past few months my eyes have become intolerant to contacts. I tried different extended wear contacts that were the best in the market, and still my eyes were tired within few hours of wearing them. It could be Saskatoon’s dry air. Toronto is a lot more humid so it was great for my eyes, but bad for my hair. You cannot win eh?
So in a bit over two weeks, I will be able to see without glasses or contacts. I will be able to get out of bed, look around and see everything in the room. I will not have to sleep with my cell phone under my pillow so I can see the time. I will not dread going out early in the morning because my eyes are too tired to put contacts in. I will be able to go swimming and splash in the pool with my kids without worrying about my contacts falling off or my glasses getting wet. And I will learn to swim.The bad thing is that I cannot wear contacts for few weeks before my surgery. So for he past 3 weeks I have been wearing glasses, and I hate it! After surgery I will not be able to wear any eye makeup for two weeks! This is why I am getting this done in Saskatoon. I only know a total of 8 people including 2 babies in Saskatoon. So there is not much going out, and I can live without makeup for a couple of week, I will not run into someone I know while grocery shopping or at the gym.


7aki Fadi said...

Oh Oh, I want to do it tooooo.

I have been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade :( , I switched to contacts in University and then in Canada I switched back to glasses. My eyes could not take the contacts either.

I need you to tell me everything when you do it. I mean EVERYTHING in detail, my husband does not want me to do it, he is afraid. But I will do it, I want to just F’n wake up and be able to see.

By the way. HA HA HA @ I only know 8 people including 2 babies.

Sam said...

my husband was the same..first he used the it is too expensive exuse, and i found a place that does it for $1000 in missisauga....then he wanted me to wait 10more years to see if there are any side affects with people who already got it done..finally i told him that im getting it done, get over it and booked my appointment! i'll let u know how it so nervous and so exited about it..:)

7aki Fadi said...

Well I don't know if wishing you good look is the right thing to say, but good luck anyway :)