Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My husbad's co-worker

My husband works with an Egyptian man. He is very nice, but he has the weirdest obsessions.
He bought a car few months ago. He is very worried about his car; you would think it is his baby. My brothers love their cars but they would never do what this guy does. He lives in an apartment building. His parking spot where he has his block heater plug is in the back of building. We live in Saskatchewan where at night it could get to –40 degree Celsius, so if you car is not plugged in, it may not start in the morning. Anyways so he can watch his car day and night, he parks it in front right at the corner. He peeks at though the window every few minutes. So far his car has been broken into and his wife’s purse has been stolen. His car has been keyed. I guess the way he parks it makes it hard for people to drive buy. So someone got mad at him and keyed his car. What is the fuss about? This is why we buy extra insurance against vandalism, and parcel insurance. He is too cheap to do that so instead he parks his car in front, and watches it like a hawk. He gets up few times a night, goes down and starts the car so it is does not freeze.
Maybe you are thinking well it is probably an expensive can and is a target for car thieves. It is a Mitsubishi, a 4-door sedan. My husband wishes he could give this much attention to his work.

When my husband first met the guy, they were talking about Ontario and E said he used to live in Hamilton. But he hated it so much. “You should have seen what they did to me”. My husband thought poor guy, what did those Hamilton meanos do to him? Maybe they stole something from him, beat him up, and made his life miserable. E explains how horrible they were. When he first moved to Hamilton, he went to the mosque. Not even one person came to greet me and welcome me to the city, seeing how I am new and all. Now Hamilton is a pretty big city, with a large Muslim and Arabic population. There are at least 4 mosques I know of, and each mosque has lots of worshippers on Fridays. So a new comer will not stand out. What a stupid reason to hate a whole city, eh?
This past summer E wanted to go to Edmonton, to get some Eish(pita bread) and other Arabic foods, since we do not have Arabic grocery stores here. He tells my husband, I want to get the company to send me on site. So he will rent a car, drive to the site (1hr drive) leave his pregnant wife and one year old daughter in the parked car. Then drive to Edmonton and pay the difference for the car. The site is a potash plant in the middle of nowhere. Not a place to take your pregnant wife and baby daughter. His reason for renting is a car, is so he will not put mileage on his leased Mitsubishi. Now I would understand someone having this concern if he lived around Toronto area, because there is a lot of driving and the mileage add up quickly. But living in Saskatoon no one has to worry about mileage. The city is so small. My husband and I drive a lot, our favourite thing to do is get in the car out of the city and drive until it gets dark. Since we moved here 1.5yrs go we have barely put 10,000km on our car. After my husband talking him out of it, and telling him that taking his wife to the plant will not be safe, and he might get in trouble. And that he has no reason to worry about the mileage; he decided he would drive to Edmonton. He says that he will not book a hotel room. When he gets to Edmonton, he will go to an Arabic food store and ask the people there if they know someone who will rent them their house for those three days! He wants to save money this way! I do not know what goes in this guy’s head. Who would just happen to have a house he is willing to rent for few days! Now in Toronto my house is vacant. I cannot imagine that someone at one of the Arabic food stores knowing that we are away from the city and our house is vacant. Or that I will be willing to rent my house for three days to someone I do not know! Now just picture this, he drovs for five hours from here to Edmonton, his wife was eight months pregnant, and he had a one-year-old baby. He was planning on lugging his wife and baby around from store to store asking Arabs if they a room to rent, so he could save few dollars on hotel room. Sheesh! I could go on, this is the weirdest person I have ever met!

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7aki Fadi said...

Sheesh is the word.

2araf, seebkom minno we min 2osasoh.