Friday, February 23, 2007

snow, snow, go away

My first post is going to be about the thing I hate the most at the moment. Snow! I have never seen so much snow in my life, and I have been living in Canada for a long time, over 75% of my life. Tonight, we have a snowfall warning, about 20 cm by the end of tomorrow. This means that I will be stuck at home for the next few days, until the roads are cleared and the snow is packed and is easier to drive on. I have gotten stuck in the snow too many times this winter. It is pretty embarrassing to just sit there and wait for someone to help push the car out.

So today I went to the gym, since will not be going for few days. After gym we went shopping to stock up so I will not have to ask my husband to go buy this and that for me. Usually I write him a list and email it to him at his work, I write everything in details, even what colour the package is. He usually comes home with mostly wrong items. I would specify that he buys green delicious apples, how can you not get that one right? Well he buys me red/green who knows what their name is apples that are way too sweet; I do not like sweet apples. And dare I ask for anything low fat, he will always get the full fat version of whatever I ask for. See why I hate snow? It keeps me from doing my own shopping. The other bad thing is that whenever my hubby goes shopping, he has to get few bags for cookies. The kinds I like! So here I am, stuck at home, with all this junk food and I cannot go the gym. I blame those 6 lb I have gained over the winter on the snow. So now I have one more reason to hate the supposedly white, fluffy stuff. It has been so cold lately, that we have not even been able to go out and play in the snow all winter long, which would have been a plus side to the snow.

I guess if I ever move to a warmer climate, I would miss snow. But for now, I am so sick of looking at it. The middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan, I live in has been white since November 08, my baby’s 5th birthday. The reason I did not want to have a winter baby is so that my kids can have nice birthday, and enjoy their day. But when I had my son, I did not know I would move to a city where winter started that early. My birthday is in January, and I always hated it, because there was always a snowstorm on my birthday. On my 16th birthday I had a party, but only 4 people were able to come, I was very disappointed and never had a birthday party after that. Few years ago on my birthday I was supposed to go to work and after work go out and celebrate my birthday with my then fiancĂ© now husband. And yup, you guessed it; there was a storm on that day. I did go,(I do not know what I was thinking, my work was a 70-80 KM away from my home) but just after I got on the highway, my car skidded and I was in the middle of the highway going the wrong way. So anyways, back to my son’s birthday, I had ordered cupcakes from sobey’s (I can not bake to save my life) on that day, but I could not send my son to school. So there I was 18 so yummy looking cupcakes and I, under one roof! I am happy to say that we only ate 2 cupcakes, well because we only had 2 extra cupcakes.

So there you have it, I hate snow. Summer is too short, so we do not even get a chance to miss the snow.


7aki Fadi said...

Hey, I am glad you started a blog :).
You remind me of my birthday, it was in March break and we were always off so it sucked because I couldn't invite my school freinds

Sam said...

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while, but I could not think of a name...but then I remembered my old was called home away from home:)