Friday, February 23, 2007

So Sad

Today a friend shared this story with me. Among other things, it is a parent's worst nightmare.

I feel bad for this family. I cannot imagine what I would do if God forbid anything happened to my baby.

I have heard many stories like this, so I have never left my kids in the car alone. I am very grateful for those pay at the pump gas stations. Otherwise I would never fill gas alone with the kids. Lugging 2 very active boys with me to pay for gas is not a very appealing option, but I would defiantly do it if I had to.

I remember back when I was a kid, my parents left us in the car alone many, many times.
We lived in Lebanon then, my parents would go to the balad(downtown) to buy clothes and stuff. I guess we were a nightmare to take along, all four monsters, me being the oldest. I was 11 yo when we came to Canada, so I was pretty young when left in the car to take care of my brothers and sister (I was so mature back then, what the heck happened?). Surprisingly we never left the car; I can see my son undoing his seatbelt, climbing to the front seat, since the back seats have a child lock, and getting out of the car. Yikes!

This is not about the car, but this past summer we were in Amman visiting my husband's family. one night the kids were sleeping early , yup 12 am was early this past summer, for the first three weeks of us being in Amman, the kids fell asleep when the fajr athan was called. Anyways, so everyone decides they want to go out to bolmando(sp?) for coffee and argeelah. I say ok great, you guys go along I’ll stay home with the kids. My mother in law as sweet as she is, suggested that I come along and leave the kids sleeping alone! What? Go across town and to drink coffee and argreling while my kids are all alone? Heck, I feel bad going across the street to check the mailbox and leaving the kids alone even if they are napping. I take quick showers, with me calling zozo, bolbol, are you guys ok every 2 minutes when I'm home alone with the boys, and my apartment here is as baby proof as can be.

I wonder if people still leave their kids in the car, and home alone this time and age in Lebanon and Jordan...


7aki Fadi said...

Do you remember the lady who went to prison and neglected to tell the police hat she had left her 3 year old home alone? so she ended up alone for a whole week eating dried pasta and ketchup.

Or the woman who was parting 4 days straight that left her baby in the cribbed and the baby passed away from sever dehydration.

I tell you lots of freaks out there

Sam said...

Yeh it is pathetic how some people are. poor kids!

kinzi said...

Hi Sam! Now I recognize your feet from someone else's blog...wayn?

This is so interesting you are from Saskatoon...that is just SO north! My brain is ticking away, remembering I went to a wedding about 5 1/2 years ago at the Amra Hotel, the daughter of my neighbor getting married after the son had a week earlier. I thought she had been from Saskatoon, or was it Edmondton? It wouldn't have been you???

Sam said...

Kinzi, I've commented on few people's blogs and my "feet" showed up...these are my baby's feet...i love his feet, they are just too cute!

no that wasn't me, but most likely it is someone from edmonton, there arent too many arabs here...:( this is why im not liking it much..I usually live in toronto and it is a much better place for an Arab to live in:)