Thursday, August 30, 2007

internet providers...

I need to get an interent connection to my place...right now I am "borrowing" my sister in law's wireless internet ...but it is so disconnects alot. I need to get get broadband connection here so I can set up vonage...when we get the stupid device...but this is a vent all on it's own...annoying people!

It really sucks not having a yellow pages directory...when I go back home remind me to kiss that little book...I never knew how useful having it is...ok I did know how usueful it is , but I took it for granted! well not anymore! and that, it rocks! So how do people in amman find services? I know we look at the newspaper..but man that takes forever..and you may not find an ad you need...or is there a directory for Amman that I have not discovered ye?

Ok so back to the internet connection thing...who is your internet provider...are they good...does the server go down at all? how do I sign up? and how long does it take to set it up?

The smelling tag

I was tagged by verbal Alchemy, and oriental-arabesque to do Mqabbani's smell tag.
TAG Rules :
link to who Taged you
Type at least 5 Smells you like
Tag at least 3 :)
Any language :D
Photos is an option
of course I could not just pick 5, so I picked 10 :o)
The smell of Clementine. It takes me back to my childhood when we used to play near the Clementine trees at my grandmother’s farm in Lebanon.

The smell of freshly laundered bed sheet. I love going to bed on freshly washed sheets

The smell of freshly baked bread. It is so heavenly!

The smell of freshly cut lawn in the morning...I hate being awakened by the sound of the lawn mower...but I love the smell early in the is very refreshing and the perfect sign on summer time...

The smell of my kids after a bath. We use a lavender shampoo and lotion so they smell like nice and fresh

Jasmine flower. It reminds me of my grandfather’s home in Lebanon

The smell of cumin. When I in school in Lebanon there would be these kids selling mil7 elamoon and kamoon. I always loved that...and the smell of cumin reminds of those grade school days in Lebanon. I always want to add it to whatever I am cooking...but it does not go with just everything...this is why I like mujaddara..:)

The smell of coffee in the morning; Even Arabic coffee.

The smell of baked sweets, any kind. They all smell so yummy....I want some now!

The smell of roasted garlic...yum!

I tag hmmmmmmmmmmm everyone seems to have been tagged already...waaaaaaaaahhh
i'll tag batoul, Omar, gosh I can not think of anyone else to tag...everyone has been tagged already...i'd tag who-sane but he is away...ah maybe when his family emergency is over inshallah and he comes back to blogging land..:)

Monday, August 27, 2007


I was taged by Mrs Alramahi....thank you dear:) I liked this tag..

1. What is your middle name?


2. What color pants are you wearing?

Blue jeans

3. What are you listening to now?


4. What was the last thing you had to drink?


5. Do you wish on Stars?

Not really

6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?


7. How is the weather today?

nice and sunny

8. Last person you spoke to on the phone?


9. Do you like the person that sent this to you?

yes I like Amal, she is a sweetie

10. Favorite drink?

a latte.

11. Favorite sport?


12. Hair Color?

brown with cooper real hair colour is reddish brown...i think:)

13. Siblings?

One sister and two brothers.

14. Favorite month?

June. when the snow is all melted and the grass looks amazing..and it is warm and it is my shop shop shop untill you drop for cute summer clothes month

15. Favorite Food?


16. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

The wild

17. Favorite day of the year?

I like all days of the year:)

18. What do you do to vent anger?

I blog about it...or call my sister ...or shoot whoever it is I am mad at

19. What was your favourite toy as a child?

My tiny doll and her so many clothes

20. Summer or winter?

summer...I hate winter

21. Hugs or kisses? cant have one without the other

22. Car or motorcycle?

Car....I hate motorcycles...

23. Chocolate or vanilla?

I'd like to have both...but if I can only have one then Chocolate.

24. Do you want your friends to do this survey(tag)?


25. Who is most likely to do this survey(tag)?

someone who has some time to spare

26. Who is least likely to respond?

a super busy person

27. When was the last time you cried?

yesterday when I was missing hubby...and good new! My tears are back! I have tears now!

28. What is under your bed?

an old slipper that was here before we moved in...

29. Who is the friend that you have had the longest?

my friends S...we met in grade 7 and have stayed friends since the...she has been MIA for the past 2yrs but I’ll find her soon...:)

30. What did you do last night?

I put the kids to bed, and went downstairs to my sister’s in law and hung around with the gang

31. What are you afraid of?

Losing my loved ones

32. Plain, buttered, or salted popcorn?


33. Favorite car?

do not have a long as it is nice and cute not too big and drives well I like it

34. Favorite Flower?

jasmine and roses

35. How many keys on your key ring?

Three for the house....since I do not have a car:(

36. How many years at your job?

Almost 6 since my current main job is being a mommy

37. What did you do on your last birthday?

there was a blizzard so I stayed home,and cursed the snow

38. How many states have you lived in?

3 countries...3 canadian provinces...0 states

39. Did you have fun doing this?


40. Who are you going to send this to?

Jundi, Verbal Alchemy, and noura

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there are not many birds in Amman? At home when I’m up early I hear a lot of bird songs, churb churb...This morning I was up since 6:15 am and we were downstairs waiting for my youngest son’s bus where there are few trees at the entrance and did not run into any birds not even one churb...where are the birds?

Also there are no flies!!!! Or beetles...I have forgotten the screen door open all day and not even one fly came inside and no beetles and other nasties dropped in like they would in Canada! Now I like that! But I’m so jinxing myself, I’ll bet as soon I publish this I’ll find a fly! But I do have lots and lots of ants! They are so annoying! But I guess they are less annoying that flies and other bugs...So I’ll take ants over others bugs any day.

In other news...I took the kids to dream park? in Amman mall this weekend...they had a blast. I promised I’ll take them every Friday if we are not going to a farm or something else with my sister in law. I love the streets on Fridays! The streets were not too busy and we were able to walk to the mall without any stress. Of course Bilal got tired, but it was ok. He was good and held my hand the whole time and did not do his annoying lay on the ground so mommy can not make me hold her hand bit.

We are so going to be screwed when our long distance bill comes. We are waiting for our Vonage device to come. We got 2 for my sister in law last year for her son so he can talk with his fiancé while he was living in Saudi while she was in Jordan in order to cut long distance calls, at the end it cost over 700JD and they did not used it!

So now one is in Saudi Arabia and one is here in Jordan. hubby's nephew's wife's family have the one in Jordan and they do not want to give it to us! I asked his wife for it and she did not bring it, even though she is in the building visiting the neighbours everyday. We have deactivated it last year so the device is useless to them, but she won’t give it to me...I do not get some people!! So now we are waiting for the one in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully she will send it soon.

When we get it we can talk as much as we can. We get unlimited calls for $40 month so we will be able to talk to hours. Right now we are being dingy and making our phone conversations quick and to the point, and still talking for 40-60min a day. I hope the device would get here ASAP! I will need to get a land line and a good DSL connection.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

what I do not love about Amman

Ok so the list may be a tad long...but it is things I can get used to eventually because I am really liking it here...

The sidewalks!! Remember that sidewalk on that I complained about the other day..The narrowest sidewalk in the world with a pole in the middle..Well yesterday I noticed that there are plants sticking out from the house attached to it, making it even harder to walk on!! I wanted to rip those darned flowers and plants off!

The no hot water all day long thing...I do not like washing my face with cold water in the morning. And I can not just jump in the shower, I have to turn the buttons on and wait for 30min...although I do remember how it was even worse in Lebanon 20 some years ago...we had to go get wood from the store across the hmmm a tiny teeny hill and my dad would start the fire to heat the water for showers...OMG now that was horrible..

The no water pressure! Showers are not fun poor hair! My kids can not take a bath here; it would take a year to fill the bathtub to a decent amount of water.

Waiting for a taxi! I hate just standing there waiting for one. Although Ziad loves it! He loves calling for a taxi!:)

The steps on the sidewalks...

The ants in my apartment! I even found one on my bed yesterday!

The constant stares from guys...sometimes I get the urge to get out my mirror and check if I have grown another head...but so far no one has been rude so I guess it is not too bad.

The tiny washing machines, how the heck am I supposed to wash our bed spreads? Even the twin ones are too huge for the washing machine...

No Tim Horton’s coffee...where the heck is there a place that sells American coffee around here? I am dying for a cup!

How school starts so early! The bus picks Ziad up at 6:30-6:50 and they start at 7:30. Gosh I can not wait until Friday so I can sleep in! In Canada they started at 8:55, now that is more like it *yawn*

Walmart! I do not care about the blah blah blah around it...I love going in there and finding everything I need and do not need for the house and the kids.

How people just drop by without calling first...

Ok that is it for now...

I just remembered one more thing I like about Amman...

The kid’s school bus stops at the building door, in Canada there was a meeting place so all the kids in the neighbourhood would gather there. It was such a hassle to wait for Ziad’s bus especially crossing the icy side street with Bolbol in his heavy snow suit and boots to get was not far but it was such a hassle. I was so happy when he switched to morning class and started coming home in a taxi that stopped downstairs and the driver buzzed me.

Monday, August 20, 2007

wow! what a rip off!

Seriously it is so sad how you have to keep your eyes and ears open all the times! Today we decided to take a walk and buy some bread from the gardens..It wall went well...I took bilal sans stroller, and he was not too bad. We crossed the streets without many problems yippy!
After buying bread on the way back we passed the DVD store, we went in to look for an Arabic DVD for the kids; we found bug life and went to pay for it. It was for 1.5JD. I got 1JD out then noticed that I do not have a ½ JD so I got a 5JD out on the table. The guy took the 5JD and put it in the register, and then he took the 1JD and asked if I have a ½ JD!! Holly crap, do I look that stupid??? It is a good thing I was carrying bolbol and not busy running after him so I noticed what he did! He looked like such a nice guy...tsk tsk and I’d say it was an honest mistake but it was so freaking obvious it is was not!

Other than that I enjoyed out walk and found a bakery with nice whole wheat bread that is not too thick!:)

O and today I registered bilal in preschool and I made a friend! She lives close by and her son is few days older than Bilal...she is about my age so I am happy.

O O O O O , while talking to the girl at the school, one of the teachers; I mentioned that I have another son that is 6yr. And she was surprised and asked how old I am. She thought I was 24/25. I love that girl!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Things I like about Amman-other blah blahs

The family get togethers....they are great...even when we are not invited out to dinner by one of hubby’s uncles and just sitting at one of his sisters’ places drinking coffee and argeeling it is still fun.

Maids! I do not have one yet, but I am using my sister in law’s maids as babysitters. So I have been able to go out kids free! Enjoying adult conversations, eating good foods and argeelah...I am also able to wear my sooo cute few inches too high shoes outings since I am not chasing after my kids.

Ziad is able to go play outside on his own without me standing on the side. All the neighbours are in a love/hate relation with him. He is a cutie and does the cutest things. But when he gets mad he is very loud. We are working on that.

The constant chaos all over! I am sick of the quietness we had in Saskatoon. Just like hubby says, when you look out the window you see meet 3ars in front of you.

Having neighbours pass you and drop the salaam, and coming over for juice (since I’m still nervous about the coffee thing)

How everything is open late and the street are so full even late at night.

The 7ares at the building. I just call him and he goes to buy me whatever. Ok so I have not been using him much. So far I only asked him to get me some manaeesh. But it is the fact that I know he is there if I ever need someone to go out and buy me something! I love it, love it, love it! Of course he ignores my phone call sometimes, so I just send him Zozo, and he does not take no or later for an answer!

Ok I had more, but I forgot them now. I’ll talk about something else.

Today zozo started school. He looked so cute in his school outfit. We were going to go with my sister in law. But we were out late the night before so she overslept. We took a taxi. It was a good thing. It was so busy by the school! She would not have been able to park. I decided to walk to a preschool I always see close to the school to register Bolbol after I dropped zozo up...but I lost my way and could not find it...but I found a taxi and he knew masjid elwefaq...phew! So I did not have to do too much explaining.

Zozo was done school at 10:00. So like an idiot I waited until 10:30 and went down to wait for him. Bolbol actually got sick of sitting outside. I am thankful we have a nice gated entrance! We waited until 11:40! Good thing we were outside because the bus almost missed our building but we waved and he came! We are supposed to wait for him from 6:30am tomorrow! KILL ME NOW!

On a happy note, my kids fell asleep at 8:35 and 9:00 today...I feel like I’m in a dream!
O, today we went to visit my mother in law in khalda...I am so proud of myself...I gave the driver good direction and it cost .600JD. After a while we left and took another taxi, and I think the guys ripped me off! It cost 1.100JD! But I gave him good directions. He just took the long way! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......screw him!

I am missing Canadian coffee! I want a cup so bad. Yesterday we were at the inter continental having dinner, and you would think they would have Canadian/America/german whatever you want to call it coffee, but to my dismay they did not....I want Tim Hortons! But I’ll settle for anything! Waaaaahhhh...

I just fixed my space bar a minute ago! Yippy! This is why I have not been blogging much. Typing with a screwed up space bar is not easy! If you want to know what happened to my space bar, I will tell you. Just ask...ok ok you do not have to beg! Few days ago while I was doing my hair while my poor laptop was sitting on the bed behind me and bolbol being a tad too quite on the bed a crime happened! For some reason my three year old monster decided that it would be cool to take the laptop keyboard keys off! He had the B,/,[\, del and spacebar buttons out and working towards the rest! OMG my brand new laptop looked very sad! Thankfully I was able to put them back after figuring out how it works, but the spacebar was not easy! And I have been having a heck of a time typing in the past few days! But not I took it out and put back in and it works! I can push anywhere on it and it works not just in the center! Gosh I am just too smart and just did not know it!

One last thing, I am starting to hate, hate hate fireworks!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

taking a stroll

Few weeks or maybe months ago MQabbani had a picture of a bus in Amman. The picture was of a handicapped spot on the bus. I honestly thought it was hilarious! And I said that on my comment to him. I got attacked by someone about how heartless and stupid I was to laugh about this, and how two handicapped people would not have been able to graduated from Amman university if it was not for being able go get around on a wheel chair blah blah blah.

Now I am all for people being able to having easy access regardless of their disabilities. Coming from Canada the sight of individuals young and old on a wheels chair is a normal sight. I admire them for beating their disability and living their life as normal. And I admire our government for making it a law to make easy access to those individuals. You will hardly ever see a public place without ramp. Side walks are wide and smooth without a tree or a pole standing in the middle. So really when I laughed at the picture I was not laughing about the handicapped spot. I was laughing because I can not see how a person in a wheelchair is able to get from his/her home to get to this nice spot made especially for them on the bus!

I dread taking my son out in his stroller. Just a day or so ago we went to C Town and decided that getting a taxi will not be easy..Especially when I gave him the address! I would have paid him triple the meter but I really did not want to wait and see.

So we decided to walk...there were no sidewalk so we walked on the street...then we wanted to cross the street...right in front of the place we are supposed to cross there are 2 broken poles so we have to get on the street a foot away from the crossing place..We crossed safely lady AKA bitch did not stop and almost hit us sheesh! Well anyways we made it to the “sidewalk” on the gardens....we are happily walking then ooops we come upon the first set of stairs, no problem they are wide enough I can get the stroller over both steps..Then we resume happily walk again....but we come to another set of stairs...but this time there are three narrow steps....oy oy oy..How are we going to do it??! But wlad el7alal ktar and a guy helped me get the stroller up while an idiot who was there first didn’t move a muscle to help...screw him! Then we finally get to the crossing place..Yippy! You have to jump on the street and force cars to stop; you can stand there for a while if you do not force them to stop. It is a marked crossing area for Allah’s sake! So we cross both sides of the street safely but oops! There is the narrowest side walks I have ever seen.And to make it worse there is a freaking pole in the middle of it! Thankfully the street was not busy and we walked this small stretch on the street. On the side road leading from the gardens to our house we walked on the street because what do you know! The famous olive trees were in the middle of the sidewalk took up the whole sidewalk, but it was ok because it is not a busy street!

It was a huge ordeal! It was just a five minute walk! It was this hard on me with a small stroller! Imagine how much harder it would be for a person on a wheel I am sure those individuals that person was talking about got a ride to the university and did not take the bus!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

a wedding in amman

Phew...the wedding is over! It was great, the bride was beautiful, the groom was sweet, the place was nice and more importantly I looked good! Ok not really, I felt so fat and was not crazy about my hair..But it is shoes were super cute and so high but not as uncomfortable as they looked!

On Thursday there was a henna party at the groom’s house in Irbid. It was cool actually. My exposure to Jordan has been to Amman elgharbeya. Here everyone is just too westernized; you might even forget you are in an Arabic country sometimes! It was nice to see real Jordanian traditions and very simple people living in a very simple house surrounded by fields. I totally loved it!

I hate how everyone always has to find something bad to say about other’s weddings. Don’t they know about karma, people will criticize their weddings even more? I saw how much work my sister in law and her daughter put into the wedding. Everything was perfect. The hotel was nice, the food was great, and the music was awesome! The only thing is that it is an outdoor wedding so we got cold, but really it is not their fault that it was a cold night, and you can not control the weather, and when dancing you really do not feel the cold at all. They had a shami 3aradah, which was very nice.

I would have had more fun if my kids were not so annoying! Ziad drove his cousin and her husband crazy. He wanted to dance with them, chit chat and blah blah. And then when I was so into dancing he goes off and comes back all wet because he decided to walk in the pool. OMG, I wanted to shoot him. His pants, shoes, socks and part of his shirt were soaked. His solution was to dry his pants with some of the paper towel in the bathroom. O that will take care of the problem. For the first time ever I wished for those air dryers in the bathroom. He got a big timeout on the sofa inside the hotel.

Some people just had to find something to criticize. And they talked none stop about an umbrella and a sword groom’s family were dancing with. They were colourfully decorated. They said it was old fashioned and made the wedding look backward, da’a ademeh. I thought was very interesting! I wanted to know what the umbrella represented but I was too embarrassed to ask the groom’s sisters. If anyone can shed some light on it, I’d appreciated it. When Arabs become too westernized that any eastern tradition is frowned upon, it gets to be very pathetic and sad. I`ve seen how much Canadians love to come to our wedding, and are very interested by anything eastern we do. I loved going to my friend`s Indian wedding because it was very very traditional without much western influence.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random Rambles

I have two clocks on my computer, one to tell me Amman time and own with Saskatoon time. So I know if I can call my hubby and my family. It was easier counting forward the 9 or 7 hr difference...but it is annoying counting back wards!

People keep on saying wow you have lost a lot of weight! I was so worried i would get the opposite since i gained 4lb over the winter! I have few new favourite people now! But I did lose weight since coming trusty scale that has been traveling with me all over said 125.5lb this morning!!! YIPPY...I have not seen this number since I left Toronto to Amman last summer! Yippy *doing a happy dance*Ok so there is a little voice that says do not be too happy, u have not been working out for 2-3wks , you are losing muscles that little voice I say shut the hell up!

Today I asked the 7ares to get us solar, since ours was empty and we have been taking cold showers for the past few days....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My sister in law is so busy since her daughter’s wedding is on Friday so I did not want to bug her. But now I am worried that he de7ek 3alay. I gave him 100JD to get it filled, and he did it so fast, within 30-40min it was done. He showed me a tank with solar in it, but he could have shown me someone else’s tank. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but my SIL is scaring me now saying that it is very weird that it got filled so soon, and blah blah blah . We will see, I will get my nephew to go down and check it out tomorrow. I hate having to keep on thinking bad of people, but I guess this is how it works here eh?

We got renters for our house, but they have a bad credit. Our last renters we didn’t even check their credit and they were great..the one before had a great credit and made 12k a month, but he still gave us lots of problems with his cheques! So I guess having a good credit does not mean you will never bounce cheques....but to be on the safe side, we’ll pass... While we are on the subject why the heck do people make renters pay everything in advance here?? It is really hard to pay 6000JD all at once...especially when you still have to pay mortgage and rent for 2 other homes and all the savings are tied in stocks and RRSP’S. It is so annoying eh? I say this phrase so much don’t I??

We registered Ziad in school here in Amman. We chose al Omareyah School because it is close and it has a class for none Arab speakers. My sister in law is very upset that we did not register him in an international school where they are taught everything in English, but we want him to learn Arabic, I mean when Arab kids come to Canada they do not go to Arabic schools and they adjust just fine eh? Zozo is very excited about it, he is looking forward to it, I hope the teachers will be nice! I like the fact that the building only has grades 1 through 3. I would not be comfortable with him around older kids!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Arabic coffee

This is so embarrassing! I do not know how to make arabic coffee! It was ok in Canada, because everyone just drank Canadian coffee, but here it is a different story!

I have at least 5 sets of coffee cups in this apartment! My mother in law got me coffee. So I can not use the sorry I do not have Arabic coffee and cups excuse now!

I am too embarrassed to ask people how to do it! I guess just put water, boil it and put the coffee and some sugar...bas how much coffee? lets hope I do not get any visitors anytime soon!

Ok you can stop laughing now!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bike for Sale

Isn't this funny?? Husbands! they are clueless sometimes....a dear friends's husband did this few months ago! He bought a bike without his wife's consent...I am waiting to see his bike for sale ad anytime now.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chilling in Amman

Chilling in Amman..
We are finally here in, beautiful Amman...where there is never any silence, day and night. I still do not get the honking thing! I see people honking, but there is no reason for it...I guess they are just too used to hitting the steering wheel...o well...I really do not mind it...I do not like silence. We live near the world’s loudest mosque! I love the sound of Athan, but the fajr athan. I wish they would lower the mics a bit!

Our flights were ok like I said...the most tiring was the short one from Abu Dhabi to Amman. I was ready to die, I did not care how gross my hair looked, how my makeup is not perfect, and all I wanted was to get home and sleeep! I kept on nodding off, but zozo, who slept most of the 6hrs in UAE, was wide away on the plane and kept on wanting to chit chat with me, uggh!
So finally we made it to Amman, the visa thing was easy, the guys were very friendly, the porter was very helpful, but he guilted me in paying him 5JD and $5. Hubby’s sisters, mother, brother and nephew met us there. But we missed them and my annoying phone would not work, so we stood on the side and waiting for few minutes, why does this always happen to us! Last year they were at the wrong terminal...they are very sweet, and very helpful!

The apartment is nice, and it has everything pretty much. A lot of storage! Something I hated about our place in Saskatoon! I actually had fun unpacking because the possibilities of where to put everything was endless! It is also very spacious and lots of light come in during the day!
I just had my first ooops! I wanted to give the kids a “bath”. They undressed and got into the bath top when I remembered that I had to turn the water heater on! To make it even worse, we do not have any solar (I think that is what it is called) so we have to get some tomorrow. The kids would not get out of the bathtub without some water, so I gave them the quickest cool “bath”...oops!

Now the kids are sleeping and it is only 12is? I guess I should go to bed too. We are going to checkout Zozo’s school tomorrow! Then to lunch at my mother in laws! O and I got a mobile...yippy! I’ve been feeling so horrible without a phone; my cell from Canada would not work here! Although it worked great in Abu Dhabi! O well..And I got the wireless internet from my sister in law’s home downstairs. So yeh now I have a phone and the internet, so people can call me or email me like a normal person:)

I am so tired, I unpacked everything today, it took forever! Last time I went to bed at 11:30 after 36 hr of no sleep. Annoying bolbol woke up at 2am and i had to stay up with him, finally at almost 6am he went to sleep and so did i. I was so tired i apparently missed my phone alarm which is the most annoying thing ever! At 11am I heard this bird, and I’m thinking there are no birds in my dream where is that bird sound coming from. It was the door bell. Hubby’s niece, who is a cutie, brought us manaeesh. I could not go back to sleep, even though I really wanted to. And now I am so tired, but I do not feel like sleeping...I will probably be out before I finish the few soorahs I read before falling asleep every night. O well!

Friday, August 3, 2007

my first complaint..

and I am not even in amman yet! If I ever again fly through an Arabic country, kill me!

I do not get how hard it is for them to give the damned stroller at the gate! It is not rocket science. When a stroller is left at the gate, give it back at the freakin gate for allah's sake! ugggh! now I am sitting in abu dhabi airport..waiting for my cousin who I probably missed because I was looking for the stroller...uggh! ya3ni why why why! Next time I will come through Vienna at least they give !

Our 13 hour flight went great...the kids got to be annoying at some points but overall they were perfect!
The food sucked though, and the lady behind me complained none stop...I wanted to strangle her!

It is so hot here! I am so checking UAE off my list! ok maybe not..We went outside for 2 minutes and came back sweaty...I do not even want to look at my hair!

Few hours and we will be in Amman inshallah! I am so tired and sleepy..I have been up since 4am and now it is 1am toronto time...yawwwwn..But it will be few hours before we can sleep..

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bye Bye Canada, Hello Amman

This is my last day in Canada…waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I am going to miss driving, decent side walks, and o so much more!

Tomorrow at 10:20 am we will leave Toronto to Abu Dhabi, then from Abu Dhabi to Amman. A freaking 14hrs flight, then waiting at the airport for 6hr, and then I guess it is another 3hr flight to Amman. I am going to be dead. I hope the kids will be ok! I got them new DVD’s and Leapster games , lots of markers and colouring books, so that should keep them busy for few hours on the plane. We will meet my cousin in UAE so I am sure the six hr wait will go fast.

So next time I blog it will be from Amman inshallah! I hope I can get online quick! I will need high speed to set up Vonage so we can call Canada as much as we want without breaking the bank :) you now how much I blah blah blah, well actually it is hubby that talks too much on the phone…

I am all packed; my bags are actually not too heavy! One more bag makes a huge difference! I can even take my favourite cereal with me! Ok maybe not, but I do have plenty of room in my bags!

I am looking forward to meeting some of the bloggers in Amman! Yippy!