Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chilling in Amman

Chilling in Amman..
We are finally here in, beautiful Amman...where there is never any silence, day and night. I still do not get the honking thing! I see people honking, but there is no reason for it...I guess they are just too used to hitting the steering wheel...o well...I really do not mind it...I do not like silence. We live near the world’s loudest mosque! I love the sound of Athan, but the fajr athan. I wish they would lower the mics a bit!

Our flights were ok like I said...the most tiring was the short one from Abu Dhabi to Amman. I was ready to die, I did not care how gross my hair looked, how my makeup is not perfect, and all I wanted was to get home and sleeep! I kept on nodding off, but zozo, who slept most of the 6hrs in UAE, was wide away on the plane and kept on wanting to chit chat with me, uggh!
So finally we made it to Amman, the visa thing was easy, the guys were very friendly, the porter was very helpful, but he guilted me in paying him 5JD and $5. Hubby’s sisters, mother, brother and nephew met us there. But we missed them and my annoying phone would not work, so we stood on the side and waiting for few minutes, why does this always happen to us! Last year they were at the wrong terminal...they are very sweet, and very helpful!

The apartment is nice, and it has everything pretty much. A lot of storage! Something I hated about our place in Saskatoon! I actually had fun unpacking because the possibilities of where to put everything was endless! It is also very spacious and lots of light come in during the day!
I just had my first ooops! I wanted to give the kids a “bath”. They undressed and got into the bath top when I remembered that I had to turn the water heater on! To make it even worse, we do not have any solar (I think that is what it is called) so we have to get some tomorrow. The kids would not get out of the bathtub without some water, so I gave them the quickest cool “bath”...oops!

Now the kids are sleeping and it is only 12is? I guess I should go to bed too. We are going to checkout Zozo’s school tomorrow! Then to lunch at my mother in laws! O and I got a mobile...yippy! I’ve been feeling so horrible without a phone; my cell from Canada would not work here! Although it worked great in Abu Dhabi! O well..And I got the wireless internet from my sister in law’s home downstairs. So yeh now I have a phone and the internet, so people can call me or email me like a normal person:)

I am so tired, I unpacked everything today, it took forever! Last time I went to bed at 11:30 after 36 hr of no sleep. Annoying bolbol woke up at 2am and i had to stay up with him, finally at almost 6am he went to sleep and so did i. I was so tired i apparently missed my phone alarm which is the most annoying thing ever! At 11am I heard this bird, and I’m thinking there are no birds in my dream where is that bird sound coming from. It was the door bell. Hubby’s niece, who is a cutie, brought us manaeesh. I could not go back to sleep, even though I really wanted to. And now I am so tired, but I do not feel like sleeping...I will probably be out before I finish the few soorahs I read before falling asleep every night. O well!


Qwaider قويدر said...

7amdillah 3al salameh :)
biddeesh a7sedek :)

Maioush said...

yaaaaaay SAm, 7amdella 3ala el salemh my dear, wow, i miss amman, u didn't get enough sleep yet?? oh wel, inshalla u'll be able to sleep tonight, 7amdella 3alae l salemh again .. we miss u already :D

and life goes on... said...

7amdilla 3al salameh.. i hope you'll have a nice stay and you'll enjoy your time there.. :)

MQabbani said...

welcome to Amman :)

kinzi said...

Welcome home, Sam!

Maher said...

Welcome to JORDAN :>

which mosque you talin about ? The Kalooti?

Sam said...

Q thank u..inshallah u'll be here soon too...

maioush..thank u...u r a sweety! still not much sleep..if this keeps up i will be a walking zombi..i think my kids are conspiring against me

Dima, qabbani and kinzi..thank u :)

maher it is masjid elwefak i guess it is freaked my baby this morning...

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

have some rest, you still have plenty of time to spend.. hope you will have so much fun..


btw i know 7adeeket el wefaq.. is it in gardens?

Sam said...

amal...thank u:)
yeh i guess ther is a 7adeekat alwefaq near by..i should check it out! i've heard about it...yeh it is in the gardens..

Summer said...

Sam, i thought i left a message here yesterday but nothing appeared here!!
good to be home i guess...hope you have a great time and you will be over your jet lag pretty soon!! enjoy.