Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Arabic coffee

This is so embarrassing! I do not know how to make arabic coffee! It was ok in Canada, because everyone just drank Canadian coffee, but here it is a different story!

I have at least 5 sets of coffee cups in this apartment! My mother in law got me coffee. So I can not use the sorry I do not have Arabic coffee and cups excuse now!

I am too embarrassed to ask people how to do it! I guess just put water, boil it and put the coffee and some sugar...bas how much coffee? lets hope I do not get any visitors anytime soon!

Ok you can stop laughing now!!


kinzi said...

Hey, I'll come over and show you how. A friend even taught me how to make qawa saada from Nescafe!

Sam said...

ok kinzi come soon....:) Yeh come soon...i'll email u my number and give me a call:)

Yazan Ashqar said...

You mean Turkish coffee!
For every boiled small cup (Fenjan) of water, put a full teaspoon of coffee, stirr and let them boil together. Add sugar as pleased.
If someone wishes an extra dark, just over fill the spoon.

Jundi said...

so serve them nescafe wain il mushkileh :D

Sam said...

yazan thank u...i'll try it tomorrow:)

jundi..people prefer arabic coffee here..:(

Maioush said...

ya 7abeebti ya Sam... it's ok, I know how people like Turkish coffee in Jordan, it's still a must for me every Saturday and Sunday, I have to have a dose every week, I love American coffee bs bardo, that coffee is just great, o make sure to ask who ever is coming for a lot of it :)
let kinzi come over and show you or else ask your sister in law, you’ll love it once you get used to it :)

MQabbani said...


شغلتك مو صعبة بس بدك اتجربي على حالك اكتير
اول شي , بتروحي على بياع القهوة , و بتشتريها , احكلي قهوة وقية , نص شقراء و نص سمرا

بعدين , بتحطي المي على النار لتغلي وة ما تعبيها كلها اتركي شوي مجال فيها , بس تغلي بتخفيفي النار و بتبعدي الدلة عنها

حطي السكر يلي بتحبي , و حركي لدوب , رجعي الدلة على النار لتغلي شوي زغيرة و يدوب السكر منيح و ارجعي بعديها
بتحطي تقريبا عيار كل فنجان معلقة شاي قهوة بس مش معلقة ممسوحة يعني خليها متل جبل صغير :) , يعني عادي متل ما بتطلع معك حطيها
عادة الدلة بتاخد 4 معالق لأنه عيارها 3-4 فناجين اذا دلة حجمها وسط
هلا حركي البن ل ينزل بالمي
و حركي لكلو يصير بالمي و شوي متجانس

ممم هون بدك تنتبهي

اربي الدلة على النار و هي واطية , و بعديها لما تشوفيها بدها اتفور , و ضلك حركي شوي شوي , تحسي انها عم تنسجم اكتر , طبعا اذا فارة شوي و طرطشت عادي , انا ياما اكل بهادل , بس ما انك ست البيت انتي يلي بتنضفيها ...

عادي ضلك حركي لتحسيها هديت و راقت شوي ,

و يعطيكي العافية صارت جاهزة

طبعا اذا جبتي القهوة شقرا كلها رح تعاني من الرغوة

Globalorama said...

first boil some water. in the time it takes to boil, go to gahwit abu issa (any taxi driver will know were to go. it is in prince moh'd street, and beginning of wadi sagrra) get some coffee. it is really good. get home, the water is boiling, put it in the fridge to cool down. now you have great coffee and sterilized water! sa7tain.

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

this is the best thing i can do :) come over for coffee and il teach you! its so easy..bas i cant make "2ahweh sada" bas the normal one..

Kinzi, i heard about this too.. I've actually tasted it, it was good, but i didnt learn to do it..

Sel3 said...

Thank you Sam, it is called arabic coffee why do people call it turkish i don't know and it hits on my nerves when they do so, and by the way, i don't know how to make it and i don't like it in the first place

Sam said...

maioush...im actually starting to like arabic coffee...i'll learn how to make coffee..and if u r ever in canada u can come over and i'll make some for u..or in amman if im here when u come:)

globalaroma..ok i'll do that next time...:)

ok mr alramahi..i'll come over and u can teach me...:) a7wi sada? it is just coffee with no sukar right ? or is it different..OMG i've got so much to learn!

mqabbani..today i saw qabanni furniture and thought of u! u r so m3adal...your wife will be lucky...she wont have to make coffee!

sel3 yeh i dont like it either....too morah...but with lots of sugar it is ok..yeh i call it arabic coffee...it is the main coffee arabs drink...just like we call the other coffee canadian coffee..and americans call it american coffee:)

Jundi said...

your house your rules! .. ili mish 3ajbo nescafe too bad .. had il mawjood :D

a2ulik .. i3maleelhum shai :D

poshlemon said...

It's funny. One day after lunch, I promised to make my Arab friends and Greek friends some Arabic, Turkish or Greek coffee... whatever you want to call it.

Knowing me and my primitive kitchen skills, they go to me 'are you sure you know how to make it?'

I am like 'yeah sure I know, walaw!!!'

lol I ran into the room and sent my mom a text: 'mom QUICKLY the water's on fire, how do I make coffee?'.

It turned out to be quite easy.

tinkerbella said...

LOL...so I am not the only one who learned later rather than sooner how to make Arabic coffee hehe. Instructions are simple enough but be careful of it boiling over, its been six months since I finally learned how to make finjan el a2hweh and that still ALWAYS happens to me!!

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

ahhh, the smell of turkish coffee.. beautiful. i cant stand the taste, but i get high on the smell!