Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hi blog!

I almost forget about this blog! It is pretty dusty in here! I miss my blog and I have had so many bloggable moments in the past two years, but not much time or motivation!

So where to start?

We are still in Canada to hubby's dismay! I am loving it as always ! a big mwaah to Canada! But maybe not for long! We are considering a job in UAE, we will see how it goes when hubby meets with them, and of course if they pay well! All hubby wants is to live in an Arabic country where the kids will learn Arabic! I wonder how much Arabic they will learn in UAE! He wants to send them to an Arabic school there, LOL! I can see poor Ziad going into grade 5 only knowing how to write his name and few small words in Arabic! Sorry hon, not gonna happen!

I can do it for 3 years , which is the length of the project he will be sent for! What I would have never been able to do or tolerate was moving to Saudi (a big scream!!) I do not get how people do it there, I am used to my freedom going out and about without my husband! Lets not go there because well, it is not gonna happen!