Friday, November 30, 2007

weight loss vent again...Enter at own risk

Warning! Another girly weight loss venting post, guys and gals read at own risk! There, you have been warned!

Now that I am no longer posting on baby center’s weight loss board since I got so busy with blogs, I have no where to vent, so I will vent here on my own blog....sue me! :p

I am so disappointed in me! I have joined a gym and have gone a total of 2 times in two week! ok the reason I did not go much was for a whole week my arms were way too sore, and the week after bolbol was sick so he was home for three days...Ok yes I know excuses excuses...but not to worry I have an excel sheet with an exercise plan! I will go to the gym three days a week, and workout at home for the rest...I know I know I need to go more...but gyms here do not have baby sitting so two days a week I can not go because of the kids, and I need one day a week to do other things while the kids are in school, you know shopping, going out with friends....
This is my workout schedule, I am sharing it with the world...Ok the few visitors I have on my I will be shamed into sticking to it, rain or shine! Ok if it is raining I will do a video at home for cardio.

sunday cardio 30min, upper body 20min, crunches 10min
monday cardio 30min, lower body 20min, pilates 10min
Tuesday dancing 30min, crunches 10min
Wed cardio 30min, upper body 20min, crunches 10min
Thurs cardio 30min, lower body 20min, pilates 10min
Friday dancing 30min, crunches 10min
saturday free day

What makes me even more disappointed is the quality and quantity of foods I have been eating! I am finally feeling the affects of all the junk; I am feeling so blah! I need to drink a ton of water now to cleanse my poor system! In the past two weeks, I have not even had an apple or anything equally healthy. ..Shame on me....*slap, slap, slap*

Starting today I will follow my meal plan. It is not a diet really, just healthier eating. I have three meals and three snacks! How hard is it?? It is just my snacks are fruits and other yummy healthy foods instead of chocolate bars, and my meals are healthy wholesome foods instead of 5 slices of pizza...and of course if I do good during the week, next Friday will be a free day, so I can eat whatever my heart desires. Of course I have to keep up with my water, not just because I want to lose those icky lb and tone up , but because the benefit of water are countless! All I have to do is fill my 600oz bottle 4 times a day, how hard is that??? Sheesh! To be good to my bones I will have to go back to drinking my three cups of milk! I am starting to get used to baladna and hamouda .

Ok I will share my meal plan so I will stick to it as well...I am so boring, I will be sticking to this for weeks and weeks, until I get sick of it one day.

Bkfast: cheese sandwich/bran cereal/omelette and one cup of milk
Snack: BFL bar and an apple
Lunch: a turkey or tuna sandwich, a carrot, a cup of milk
Snack: banana, 12 almonds
Dinner: whatever I cook for the day (some rice/bread, meat and veggies)
Snack: a cup of milk/2 cups of popcorn

It is hard to count calories since things are not labelled great here, but these should be about 1500-1800 cal give or take.... :)
These days I’m clueless on what to cook without my today I will buy a cookbook! It is hard cooking for three, when two of the three are little kids.. so we throw out alot of food *sigh*

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Do you know what is more annoying than Barney??? Barney in Arabic! OMG kill me please!

Pre kids I always said I will never let my kids watch Barney! I also said my kids will not use a pacifier, will be breastfed for 1yr, will be talking in full sentences in both lanuages by the time they are two, will not watch more than one hr of Tv a day, will be potty trained by two(hahahhahahahahahahahahahah), will not throw tantrums in public(haaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa)! Will never be allowed to sleep in bed with us, will not eat candy except on occasions, and they will do whatever I tell them to do...but things do not always go as planned, especially when you make these plans as a naive none parent and you think you know it all!

My kids love Barney! I am starting not to mind it so much, we sing the I love you song a hundred time a day! But I will put my foot down to Barney in Arabic! Now that is beyond agony!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

“Where is the fine? I need fine right now, where did you put it??”

“What the heck is the fine?? I don’t where it is, what are you talking about??”

“It was right here, why did you move it, why do you have to move everything?”

“I am sorry?? Honey I have no idea what you are talking about, is fine English or Arabic word?”

“Arabic, I need to wipe my nose, where is it, I need fine right now”

So finally we established that he was looking for the paper napkin box, he has caught on and is calling it fine now like everyone does here...hahaha

I call it Kleenex, after a long time of using this term I found out that Kleenex is not the product name, but the brand got so famous that everyone started calling the product by the name of a certain brand even when using a different brand, I mean I’ve never heard anyone say hand me a Scott’s.

I know there is a marketing term for this, but it escapes me right now...

Ziad cracks me up, he is learning so many Arabic words, and sometimes he butchers them so bad; like few weeks ago his teacher asked him to get a daftar(notebook)and he was saying I need a daff...It took about 10 minute for us to figure out that he was saying daftar..

Thankfully he has not learned any vulgar words!! I guess kids are becoming more polite! My friend came from Lebanon to Canada and it is unbelievable the words her 3 year old son said! Words that I would never even think of uttering at this advanced age. She thought it was cute, but I’m sure she will not find it so cute when he is 10-12 and calling her by those words!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ouch , ouch ouch

Like I said yesterday I loved going to the gym! I am so sad that the kids are not in school today so can not go to the gym :( although I am soooo sore!! My biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest...but it is a good pain because it means my muscles are getting restored. Since today is lower body workout day, I guess I’ll do lunges, squats and Pilates at home...and hmmm for cardio I will dance! I love dancing! No more flabby Sammy!!

Speaking of working out, my mother in law is so cute! Every time I say I want to go to the gym she pushes that I should go out walking instead of the gym! She is always advocating walking because when you go to the gym, dance or do any other exercise as soon as you stop you gain the weight back, but with walking you do not gain it back. I am all for walking, I think it is a great, simple , refreshing exercise and have plans (yes with my sister in law so it may not happen) to go out walking every night when the kids are in bed. But walking is like every other exercise, if you stop doing it regularly for a good period of time at a good pace your body will stop losing weight, and being fit! The benefits of walking do not stay forever just like any other form or exercise. Of course she does not think I should be strength training, she thinks I will look as buffy as a man! *LOL* seniors so cute?? I gave up trying to explain things to her, but other times I am in an arguing mood.

Monday, November 19, 2007

my first day at the gym

Well that was 32 JD down the drain...upon my sister in law’s insistence I joined Nadi amman. She likes to swim for exercise, I’m not much of a swimmer, since I do not know how to swim; ok I do a bit but not enough to do a whole 30min cardio workout. I only went once! The workout area sucks, it is in the basement and so depressing and the change area is all blah! It is kind of depressing. It is a walking distance from home, but it is annoying to walk carrying my workout clothes they are heavy! Yes I know excuses excuses...o did i mention that my sister in law has not even joined yet....

Yesterday I joined flex, now this is more like it! It is nice makes u want to go workout....there are windows all over the workout area and the change area looks very this is my kind of gym, mish araf! Hopefully I can go 4x a week while the kids are at school and lose those annoying 5-8lb and tone up big time, after six months of no or little exercise, I am feeling super flabby :( so not nice! My muscles are slowly disappearing are being replaced by fat and we all know how fat weighs less but takes up more space.

So please wish me luck, because in addition to being “fat”, I am also huffing and buffing after climbing up a couple flight of stairs! So my poor heart is also feeling the affects!

This is not too much of a girly post is it?? I did not feel the need to put any warnings, so I hope Q will not throw up, and Maher (hmmm I have not “seen” him for a while) will be more thankful he is a guy, although guys have to workout as well.
My first day at the gym was great...the gym is nice, clean and specious. The equipment are all new and very good! I just do not like that they do not have cold water,but I will be taking my own super cold water so it does not get warm while I am working out, I hate drinking warm water...blach! They have nice beaty arabic music, I did not even need to use my mp3, yeh I like working out to arabic music! so overall I loved it, I can not wait to go back on Wed.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Few days ago as I was walking down the street in search of taxi, I had the misfortune of running into a very obnoxious,rude and annoying person. It was during the noon athan, and I hate to wait for a cap in front of the mosque so I decided to walk to the gardens. It is two blocks away. A car passed me, and then he turned around came back and stopped me. he asked me for my number and I said no and kept on walking, but this idiot would not take no for an answer, he kept on driving beside me for the two blocks asking for my number and trying to give me his number ! It was creepy! I was glad I was on a busy road in the middle of the day; otherwise it would have been scary!! He did not get lost until I got into the taxi and somehow we lost him in the traffic, yes he followed the taxi!

I was very grossed out and very offended by this experience.

The man in the car was from Saudi Arabia, I did not really look at him, but I’d guess he is in his late twenties. He is riding an expensive Mercedes, with which he is aparently trying to impress. What the hell makes him think that he can come to Amman, and pick random girls off the street. Does he think Amman girls will be so impressed by his car, and will give him what he is apparently here for? This is very offensive in my opinion. No?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Punishment hair cuts

Well, it seems that my parents are not the only meanos around!! One of the most used search key words that bring people to my blog is punishment hair cuts! Poor girls! Beware there are lots of parents out there that will cut their daughters hairs to punish them, so if you love your hair, think before you do something punishable!

My sister was very upset for few days; she cried every night, ah the pain! I shared a room with her! It was so annoying! It is just hair for god’s sake and it was not that short! Eventually she got used to her new hair style and actually kept it that short for few years.I do not believe how cruel parents can be!! I wonder what cruel punishment I will come up for my kids. Think people think, what are good punishments for boys? If I am ever blessed with a girl I know to cut her hair if she dares do anything like skipping school, unless she is a tom boy and prefers short hair!

OMG I’d better not have a tom boy girl, I’d rather just have another boy. I want a girl who is girly, wants to wear dresses and would let me do her hair and buy her all those cute outfits, and do girly things with me! But knowing my luck I will get a tom boy girl so this is why I will not even try, besides I do not want to be fat again, and o that all sickness for six weeks, the back pain, and what if something happens and I get to the hospital too late to get an epidural, yes so not worth it! Hmmmmmmmmmmm ok darn it I think I am getting baby fever! I am so glad hubby is away

Saturday, November 10, 2007

keeping warm...

To keep your head warm you wear a hat, to keep your hands warm you wears gloves, to keep your body warm you wear a sweater, to keep your feet warm you wear socks, to keep your neck warm you wear a scarf, but what do you do to keep your nose warm without looking silly????

Friday, November 9, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...and other blah blah

Is anyone else cold or is it just me??

It was nice and warm in the sun, but at home I am freezing! I am still in my PJ’s. They are long sleeves and fleece, and I’m still cold!! I am even wearing socks!! I never wear socks at home...and I never wear long sleeve, long pants PJ’s either, so there you go! Ah my laptop’s keyboard is nice and warm, it is warming me up! Is it too early to put on my electric and gas heaters?? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Maybe a nice cup of tea will warm me up! This is going to be one cold winter, not as bad as the
last two winters in Saskatoon, but still! Yesterday I saw few people wearing winter gear. Heavy coats, hats and gloves! It was cold, but gosh not that cold!

Yesterday we went to Amman mall. We ate at MacDonald’s... blach...the kids wanted that...and then we went to dream park for Ziad’s bday. After that we went to Ctown to get cake...but oops, the cakes were all gone! Zozo was very upset, I finally convinced him that it is late and everyone is probably out so we will get cake tomorrow and have happy birthday for him on Saturday. This kid has some temper! When we were all done we waited and waited, and then waited some more for a taxi! It is moments like this that I have being here and want to be home where I have a car! O speaking of cars, I’m so looking forward to buying a new car!! I think I’d like a burgindish red one this time! I want an Acura or a Toyota...we will see, I love buying new cars!! And after spending so many months without a car, I so appreciate having a car, I promise I will keep it clean, I will take it for washing once a week, and I will kiss it everyday morning and night! She will sleep in the garage and will go to for maintenance regularly.

So back to waiting for a taxi, a taxi finally came and a jerk that just got out of the mall just went in, the guy that works at the mall told him that we have been waiting for a while but he did not care, stupid jerk! I hope one day he is stuck out in the rain and does not get a taxi, and when one finally comes I happen to be going out and hop and he is left out cool would that be??! I hate annoying people who only care for themselves. I was cold, the kids were cold, and we had been waiting for over 20 minutes and he just goes out and hops in...What a 7mar! I hate him! I was so glad to finally get a cap that I gave him the whole 1JD, I guess that was good because he actually got out and helped me take my groceries into the building! It is a trip worth less than 0.400 JD.

So right now Zozo is at the farm...he left this morning. I guess it was not a bad birthday. Playing at Dream Park, ice-cream, having an adventure while waiting for a taxi, and then going to the farm, he is hoping his uncle will allow him to herd the sheep! So now we have cake, but the birthday boy is not here yet! O well...

Wow I guess typing warms you up, I am not cold anymore...but wait my hands are still cold and so is the tip of my nose! Never mind!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Birthday

Finally it is November 08, Mr. Ziad's Birthday.

He is sad because he will not be having a big party, and sadder that his tiny birthday party will not have any kids. It sucks when your cousins are all adults, ok not always he does get to go with them for a rides and to the mall, but there is no one to play with.

So yup, 6 years and 2 hours ago, after 4 hour and 18 minutes of labour an angel was born (more like the devil in disguise) he was so cute! he was such a happy baby, he only cried when hungry or sick. He was and still is super social, he loves to talk to everyone and is so full of questions, he drives me crazy!!

To mark that is he is a big boy, he lost his first top tooth! so he is toothless Ziad. The tooth fairy visited and lgave him 1JD, I know she has gotten cheap since he lost his first tooth.

Happy sixth birthday Zozo!! You are the cutest , and sweetest kid, and I love you so much!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Burned Cookies

My house smells like burnt are thinking o Sam decided to stop being a chicken and light the gas oven! Well no, no way! If I ever decide to live in Jordan for good, I will be getting an electric stove, at least one with an electric oven.

I love chewy chocolate chip cookies, but they are only chewy when they first come out of the oven right? So I put chocolate chip cookies in the microwave for 30 seconds and traaa they get soft and yummy! Yeh yeh I know what you are thinking, shame on you for eating cookies when you are constantly whining about losing weight...but in the past week I have been like a bottom less bucket, I have been eating and eating and eating! I have got to stop! And of course I have to start going to the gym, I have only gone once! Shame shame shame!

O yes back to the cookies...I forgot and set the microwave for 1min, and Ziad called me to see something in his room, and oopsi! 1 min was a bit too long! The cookies turned black! YUCK! So moral of the story, never leave chocolate chip cookies in the microwave for longer than 30sec.
O I think I did it! I wrote a short post! Ok since we are on the subject, I would like to very quicky say how much I love having a microwave, we did not have one for two months! Now we can eat popcorn, I can get my chewy chocolate chip cookies, no more burned rice, and no more burned pot from heating milk!:)

There you have it, a simple short post that is full of blah blah blah!

o one more thing , I could not let Ziad know about my burned cookies. One time we bought a cookie dough, we were all exited about eating cookies. We got home, put the cookies on the cookie sheet and into the oven they went. Ten minutes later we took them out and oops they were burned at the bottom. It was not my fault, I followed the directions...We still ate them, but now whenever we buy a cookie dough, Ziad suggests we eat it raw, so you won't burn them he says! I will never hear the end of it if he finds out I burned already made cookies in the microwave!

ok so this is not a short post after all...well I tried!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

a farewell??

I guess wont not be staying in Amman for too long now!

I got a call from Ziad’s school today, I have to go meet with them on Sunday, and I think this is it! They will tell me that they can not handle him anymore.
His reaction to this change has been horrible...he loves Amman. He has a lot more freedom here; he is the center of attention wherever he goes. But at school he did not do well at all. He did not even allow himself to try! He is a very bright and smart kid and has an awesome memory. By 2.5yo he could name every car on the street, but would not bother with his Arabic ABC’s.

He has been behaving so badly at school. He will not listen to his teachers, he even hits kids! Ziad has never ever hit anyone before. Even his little brother whom he is very jealous of, he has never hit, pinched or pushed him. We were actually very worried about him being hit in Amman!

So if Ziad is not in school here any longer we will be going back home. He does not deal well with change at all. When I first went to Canada I had some issues and had a bad couple of years, but my way of dealing with things is to make myself invisible, so no one notices me, but with Ziad it is the opposite, he wants all the attention on him by acting out, so no one would think he is upset about not knowing how to read and write. In Canada they are still learning to read cat, bat, bear...but here he is expected to do a spelling test with purple, white, and black. He is just learning his Arabic alphabet while the kids know how to write madrasiti , bostani and 7asoob in Arabic.

I should not have listened to hubby; we should have put him in an international school. Things may have been different. The thing is though, we chose this school because they have a special class for kids coming from abroad, but later we found out that they do not start until grade 2! He would not have felt out of place in a class like that. Of course on top of all these changes we have to add to the mix the fact that his daddy is not here! He is very attached to his dad. One of the people at school stupidly said o this should not have a big affect on the child and is not a reason for him to act out, there are lots of kids whose dads live elsewhere. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what school did she graduate from??

I don’t know; I am just so sad for Ziad. First we moved him from Toronto, where he was starting to make friends to the middle on nowhere, aka Saskatoon. We did not have friends, family and it was too cold and snowy that we could not go out much. Then we brought him here to Amman, where he was like elatrash belzafeh. He loves his dad’s family here, but it is a big change. He is an angel at home, but the devil at school. Hubby is talking about getting a job in the gulf. An Arabic country...seriously sometimes I feel Canada is more of an Arabic country than Arabic countries. I mean really, is Dubai an Arabic city?? It is hard to tell.

But now I will not move anywhere else. We have not felt any stability in the past 2 years. In Saskatoon we were there temporarily. I could not buy anything for our house and know that I will be enjoying it for years to come, and it is the same here in Amman. I want to move back to my house. I want to plant a tree and watch it grow and maybe one day my kid will build a tree house on it or at least a swing. I do not want to be living temporary here and there.

Canada is our home! Nowhere else will be home for us...not Jordan (we do not have anything Jordanian, not even an iqama...Just Jordanian family members), not Lebanon, not Syria, not Palestine unless a miracle happens or any gulf country. At the end all these places are not our home; we do not belong in any of them. It does not matter how long you live in UAE or other countries eventually you will retire and have to leave the country. This sad reality hit hubby’s family when they left Kuwait and now his aunt will be coming back to Jordan because her husband’s work gave him the, thank you we do not need you anymore.

Hubby worried about being old and alone in Canada...but hmmmmmmm if you are living in Canada, you have friends and family. You grow old with your friends, so how is that different than living anywhere else?? You may be alone if you move to Canada in your 50’s, but you know what?? I see my friend’s parents who moved to Canada in their 50’s and they are not alone! There are always people visiting and there are always get togethers. You social life is what you make of it! No matter where you are. Hubby had an older friend when he lived in Germany and this is what caused him to go into this frame of mind, but really there is a big different between the city he lived in Germany and between a place like the greater Toronto area where there is a huge Arab population. So I can guarantee we will not have his friend’s fate inshallah!

I will miss Amman, yesterday I was looking around and thinking how much I love it here, but I love Canada equally but in Canada I can drive, and I do not feel like crying every time I cross the street. So I guess either way we are ok. I am looking for a preschool for Bilal in Milton as we speak. We will come to Amman every summer.