Friday, November 16, 2007


Few days ago as I was walking down the street in search of taxi, I had the misfortune of running into a very obnoxious,rude and annoying person. It was during the noon athan, and I hate to wait for a cap in front of the mosque so I decided to walk to the gardens. It is two blocks away. A car passed me, and then he turned around came back and stopped me. he asked me for my number and I said no and kept on walking, but this idiot would not take no for an answer, he kept on driving beside me for the two blocks asking for my number and trying to give me his number ! It was creepy! I was glad I was on a busy road in the middle of the day; otherwise it would have been scary!! He did not get lost until I got into the taxi and somehow we lost him in the traffic, yes he followed the taxi!

I was very grossed out and very offended by this experience.

The man in the car was from Saudi Arabia, I did not really look at him, but I’d guess he is in his late twenties. He is riding an expensive Mercedes, with which he is aparently trying to impress. What the hell makes him think that he can come to Amman, and pick random girls off the street. Does he think Amman girls will be so impressed by his car, and will give him what he is apparently here for? This is very offensive in my opinion. No?


asoom said...

"Does he think Amman girls will be so impressed by his car, and will give him what he is apparently here for? "

Well I wouldn't be surprised to know that he's had some luck in the past, but still noone appreciates being judged like that and he's definately a creep!

Qwaider قويدر said...

My friend's mother and sister were in a similar situation. Right infront of Amra hotel (crown something now)
So my friend and his brother (who were passing by from the other side) got out of the car, and smashed the car, the driver and the passenger to smitherines.. But apparently some women do respond to this junk. Or these wierdos would have tried it!

my friends spent two nights in Jwaideh :(

Many men "think" that a good car compensates for many talents especially when they literally come from behind the sheep!

Sorry you went through that! Next time, threaten him that you will call the police, grab your phone and start dialing... and watch him split like a rat!

Qabbani said...

sorry to say that

but YES there is many girls will be glad to give him numbers and go with him,

this happen in Jordan Syria alot
and who say NO go to Gardinz street or al 7ada2q , Raybeh , and many places u can pick girls there so easy

Maioush said...

yeeeeeeeeee Sam!! I’m so sorry to hear that...
never happened to me el 7amdolla, bur ye if it was me I would call the police for him walahi there is a number I think it's 196 or something I forgot, bs yeah I’m like that, I would put him in Juwaideh with Q's friends :D

joladies said...

Put 191, the police emergency number, in your mobile and call them immediately with the number of the car. T

joladies said...

Put 191, the police emergency number, in your mobile and call them immediately with the number of the car. T

Sam said...

asoom yeh a creep is sick!

Q few months ago we were at shmeisani station and there we 2 kids in the cell..from what i heard they got in a fight with the saudi's now i see how it happened..sheesh!

qabbani i guess they must have had some luck in the past...poor girls they are so dillusional...

maioush i did not think of calling the police..i should have though eh? especially in an arabic country...well lets home there is no next time..because i wont be so nice ..

joladies i will do that :) thanks:)

Jundi said...

was he cute :P

tinkerbella said...

what a creep! but yea, if he hadnt gotten "lucky" in the past, he wouldnt still be trying to do it. you really need to be rude and direct with a*holes like that, otherwise they just wont get it, tell him to go to hell or ull get the police to come and send him there!

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i hate those people.. i dont understand how they think!! i agree with the rest, if he didnt get numbers that way earlier, he wouldnt do it again and again and again..

Oriental Arabesque said...

How silly and annoying!

They do that here too (well it’s much less than the past, local guys here used to be so damn laz2a and annoying!) they still try their luck with ANY passing girl…cause they really can't tell the difference between who accepts and who doesn't..they just try heik randomly even if a girl is driving her car and minding her own business, many followed me till home and made sure they say their number loud and clear when I step out of my car....pathetic!

Sometimes I ignore like the guy doesn’t exist and other times I get so angry and shout at him telling him I’ll call the police if he doesn’t leave me alone. They all run after hearing this, it works all the time….specially that the police here is so strict regarding this issue in particular..the guy could go to jail ya3ni ma-fiha maze7

Hamza said...

did he say something like
"aqollek ya 7elwa..abgha il ragam ya gumar"

yea i got used to this kind of habal here in jeddah. People stick their bodies out of car windows and endanger their lives just to put a piece of paper that has his numberin the girl's car.

I am telling you. It is sooo funny.

Maher said...

not all the amman girls are alike. but trust me Sam,you have no idea what they are nowadays!!

Sam said...

jundi i was too busy being annoyed to notice....but i guess not..if he was cute i may not have minded it so much...ok maybe i would of :p

tinker..yeh he must of had some luck...gosh some girls!

amal...yeh he must of gotten numbers this way...3an jad some girls are hobel!

mais o yeh i imagine the same happens in UAE...sheesh!!

hamza u were a sicko?? im glad u have grown out of it...u have sa7??:p

maher yeh i guess there is the good and the bad...and hubby doesnt want to have any girls in canada he wants to move to the middle east if we have a it is any better here...*sigh*

crystal said...

I live in USA. And ,had a similar situaion happen to me,yesterday.A man in a car asked me if I was interested in him performing a stiptease for me.

I figured out with a young lady,I told this to,that he saw I had a good figure.
So,he probably wanted to strip off his pants and watch me for his enjoyment..

And I tried to, not show off my figure,yesterday,as I walked outside.
I wore a scarf over my chest area and a sweater that I left open and it was short.

And I never want to wear anything but jeans and I refuse to give up my multi-colored rhinestone jeans,after all I am like Tinkerbella a "Blue Jean Queen".

May I ask what you were wearing,Sam? There must have been something that caught his attention about you.

Sam said...

crystal no i was not wearing anything revealing...i was wearing my cordury pants, a turtle neck sweater and a jacket on top...and my pants were a tad on the loose size since i've lost weight it was not clothes that scream im that kinds of girl...