Thursday, November 15, 2007

Punishment hair cuts

Well, it seems that my parents are not the only meanos around!! One of the most used search key words that bring people to my blog is punishment hair cuts! Poor girls! Beware there are lots of parents out there that will cut their daughters hairs to punish them, so if you love your hair, think before you do something punishable!

My sister was very upset for few days; she cried every night, ah the pain! I shared a room with her! It was so annoying! It is just hair for god’s sake and it was not that short! Eventually she got used to her new hair style and actually kept it that short for few years.I do not believe how cruel parents can be!! I wonder what cruel punishment I will come up for my kids. Think people think, what are good punishments for boys? If I am ever blessed with a girl I know to cut her hair if she dares do anything like skipping school, unless she is a tom boy and prefers short hair!

OMG I’d better not have a tom boy girl, I’d rather just have another boy. I want a girl who is girly, wants to wear dresses and would let me do her hair and buy her all those cute outfits, and do girly things with me! But knowing my luck I will get a tom boy girl so this is why I will not even try, besides I do not want to be fat again, and o that all sickness for six weeks, the back pain, and what if something happens and I get to the hospital too late to get an epidural, yes so not worth it! Hmmmmmmmmmmm ok darn it I think I am getting baby fever! I am so glad hubby is away


7aki Fadi said...

OMG SAM, meeeeeee tooooooooooo . I am having baby fever kaman. But it's strong and it's been 6 months now so it's the real thing, not just a passing whim

Maioush said...

LOL Sam! you reminded me of my childhood :D o was a tomboy girl, short hair, playing football with my brother, riding my bike in the street, and fight with them all the time (I used to win cuz I’m the oldest) :D

nido said...

I just read yr old post abt yr sister, 7aram!! it's a really cruel punishment for a girl who loves her hair!
I used to beg Mama to cut my hair really short when I was a kid!
I wish I can have such hair cuts these days but hubby doesn't like it :(
Maybe I'll get one, but only to punish HIM :ppp J/K!!
and Sam, get pregnant and join the club! this would be really cooool:D

Sam said...

7aki no way..u too eh?? well go fot it..7aram little 7aki needs someone to play with..or so she thinks:) way u r were a tom boy..hahaha.i can just picture u...your poor mom! *lol*

nido..o if i do decide to get pregnant u will be all done being pregnant by then:( hey have u been to babycenter?? if not go there..i do not beleive how much better my second pregnancy was because i had alot of ladies to talk to that were at the same stage in their pregnancy..and of course all those concerns after the baby is is good to have a big support check it out and join:)

Jundi said...

girly post but i just wanted to say that the picture you chose is so depressing heehhehe

Sam said...

jundi wouldnt u feel this sad if someone cut your hair?? well if u did like you hair i guess:)

tinkerbella said...

yes, parents can be very mean, my mom used to make me cut my hair when i did sth outrageous like play frisbee with her good china :((( bs still, no matter WHAT, no girl should *ever* have to go thru that!!

and BTW, jst cuz a girl is a tomboy doesnt mean she will want to cut her hair short..i was the ultimate tomboy growing up (still kind of am) bs my hair was never shorter than shoulder length (not by choice anyway!) but it was always covered with a bandana :D bt yea, i never wore dresses ever, so u mite have a prob there :P

Oriental Arabesque said...

7aram ur sis...this punishment is so mean really :(

and it would be nice if u have a baby girl this time..girls are so cute and they add something special and different to the house..she'll be ur friend too :)