Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ouch , ouch ouch

Like I said yesterday I loved going to the gym! I am so sad that the kids are not in school today so can not go to the gym :( although I am soooo sore!! My biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest...but it is a good pain because it means my muscles are getting restored. Since today is lower body workout day, I guess I’ll do lunges, squats and Pilates at home...and hmmm for cardio I will dance! I love dancing! No more flabby Sammy!!

Speaking of working out, my mother in law is so cute! Every time I say I want to go to the gym she pushes that I should go out walking instead of the gym! She is always advocating walking because when you go to the gym, dance or do any other exercise as soon as you stop you gain the weight back, but with walking you do not gain it back. I am all for walking, I think it is a great, simple , refreshing exercise and have plans (yes with my sister in law so it may not happen) to go out walking every night when the kids are in bed. But walking is like every other exercise, if you stop doing it regularly for a good period of time at a good pace your body will stop losing weight, and being fit! The benefits of walking do not stay forever just like any other form or exercise. Of course she does not think I should be strength training, she thinks I will look as buffy as a man! *LOL* seniors so cute?? I gave up trying to explain things to her, but other times I am in an arguing mood.


Qabbani said...

Salamt :D

soo now u going to be Gaweeh :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

Bitjannin your mother in law .. but again, she has a fantastic kinneh :D

Yallah.. you can do it .. balash dala3 ..

Maioush said...

AWWW!! 7amatek is so cute :D
i wanna go to the gym too waaaaaaaaaaa3!!! i haven't been there for more than 6 months ::shy:: i really need to go back, yalla good for you sam :) keep it up. GO SAM GO :D

Hamza said...

try dancing on "shakhat shakhabeet" so that you dance with your kids too ;)

Oriental Arabesque said...

lazeezeh 7amatek...well walking is great if u can do it during winter..akeed u won't be able to do it when it's too cold outside or when it's raining..

and this pain ur talking about is a sweet one..u feel like wohooo the excersises are working :-)

i'm attending oriental dance classes these days (at the gym too) and they are sooooo much fun i tell u...i wanna learn how to dance well...
ra2asa w btor2os :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

*didi hopes her amazing weight loss inspired this gym action* :D

i love it when the body goes sore, its like proof that the workout is actually working! enjoy it bannout and love it so u can live it!

and oooh mais, bidi! i mean i can dance (like REALLY dance), bas 7elo inno classes and techniques w heik :D have fun!