Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Burned Cookies

My house smells like burnt are thinking o Sam decided to stop being a chicken and light the gas oven! Well no, no way! If I ever decide to live in Jordan for good, I will be getting an electric stove, at least one with an electric oven.

I love chewy chocolate chip cookies, but they are only chewy when they first come out of the oven right? So I put chocolate chip cookies in the microwave for 30 seconds and traaa they get soft and yummy! Yeh yeh I know what you are thinking, shame on you for eating cookies when you are constantly whining about losing weight...but in the past week I have been like a bottom less bucket, I have been eating and eating and eating! I have got to stop! And of course I have to start going to the gym, I have only gone once! Shame shame shame!

O yes back to the cookies...I forgot and set the microwave for 1min, and Ziad called me to see something in his room, and oopsi! 1 min was a bit too long! The cookies turned black! YUCK! So moral of the story, never leave chocolate chip cookies in the microwave for longer than 30sec.
O I think I did it! I wrote a short post! Ok since we are on the subject, I would like to very quicky say how much I love having a microwave, we did not have one for two months! Now we can eat popcorn, I can get my chewy chocolate chip cookies, no more burned rice, and no more burned pot from heating milk!:)

There you have it, a simple short post that is full of blah blah blah!

o one more thing , I could not let Ziad know about my burned cookies. One time we bought a cookie dough, we were all exited about eating cookies. We got home, put the cookies on the cookie sheet and into the oven they went. Ten minutes later we took them out and oops they were burned at the bottom. It was not my fault, I followed the directions...We still ate them, but now whenever we buy a cookie dough, Ziad suggests we eat it raw, so you won't burn them he says! I will never hear the end of it if he finds out I burned already made cookies in the microwave!

ok so this is not a short post after all...well I tried!


Qabbani said...

hahah , yeah u tried ,

what do u mean by cookies , ya3ni sho bezabt 7ata it need to be heated i microwave?

asdk 3ala hadool al ashay2 yali bs 7eteha bel microwave o its done?

Mohanned said...

Use brown sugar instead of white, the brown sugar sucks moisture from the air and keeps them chewy :)
M3 ta7eyyat el chef mohanned!

Qwaider قويدر said...

LOL@ bottomless bucket!

sa7tain ...

Summer said...

Eat all you want cookies and you do not have to work out too!! Who cares? Enjoy it while it lasts...I mean you do not eat cookies every single day, or do you?
I will have to post a great cookie recipes made with candy bars and spread in the pan like stays moist much better than making regular cookies...coming up soon on my cooking blog.

kinzi said...

Sam, you make me laugh so hard! You plan on staying a bit longer?

Mhanned, I didn't know that!! Shu shatre, ya chef!

Summer, after seeing all the 'harvest Party' candy abut the house, I'm having visions of which candy bar will be the most delicious in those bar cookies!

tinkerbella said...

LOOOL...i cant belev ur son does that, man they do learn early don't they!
bt yea, I microwave store bought cookies too, I like to have the choc chips melted :D

Mrs. Al Ramahi said... the recipe one day! Well my problem is that i dont smell very well, so stuff might be burning in my kitchen and im the last to know! heheh!

Anonymous said...

Haha. I read your gym posts and I think good for her. I read your chocolate chip cookie post and I think that has my name all over it too :D
You would think that your burned cookies would be a disclaimer enough, but given that I had cookie dough in the fridge that has been waiting for a while for me to bake it so I decided to try the microwave thing and see if it works.
And NO, it doesn't, for anyone out there considering it :)

Jundi said...

u know they sell chewy chocolate chip cookies right .. no need for this microwave business .. like it will actually say on the box the word "chewy" .. just buy those o_O

Sam said...

qabbani...they are the store bought ones..u know ready made...:) i know im weird..:)

mohanad thanks for the tip...i will keep that in mind when i have an oven i can use:)

Q thanks:)

summer yummy! my mouth is watering already...maybe one day i will visit u and you can make it for me..if i do bake it ,it will be a disaster...just ask ziad!

kinzi..if everything works out good with ziads new temp school we will stay untill the summer..keep us in your prayers...we need it.:) way!! finally someone as weird about cookies as i am...everyone laughs when they see my microwaving cookies..everyone in my family...including hubby... dont smell good..that will come handy when u have a baby with a poopy diaper...:)

anon *LOL* u should have eaten the cookie dough uncooked...they are sooo yummy raw....i miss cookie dough! yum! gosh and i wonder why i cant lose those 8lb!

jundi yeh i know about those..but my kids do not like them..and i think u have read my blog enough to know i need to lose some i am not supposed to be eating them..:/

and life goes on... said...

I think that doesn't sound too bad, if you compare it to the TOAST I burnt when I first got here. We were lucky that the alarm didn't work!!! We had to open the windows for 3 days to get rid of the smell!! I still laugh when i remember that day!!!