Friday, November 30, 2007

weight loss vent again...Enter at own risk

Warning! Another girly weight loss venting post, guys and gals read at own risk! There, you have been warned!

Now that I am no longer posting on baby center’s weight loss board since I got so busy with blogs, I have no where to vent, so I will vent here on my own blog....sue me! :p

I am so disappointed in me! I have joined a gym and have gone a total of 2 times in two week! ok the reason I did not go much was for a whole week my arms were way too sore, and the week after bolbol was sick so he was home for three days...Ok yes I know excuses excuses...but not to worry I have an excel sheet with an exercise plan! I will go to the gym three days a week, and workout at home for the rest...I know I know I need to go more...but gyms here do not have baby sitting so two days a week I can not go because of the kids, and I need one day a week to do other things while the kids are in school, you know shopping, going out with friends....
This is my workout schedule, I am sharing it with the world...Ok the few visitors I have on my I will be shamed into sticking to it, rain or shine! Ok if it is raining I will do a video at home for cardio.

sunday cardio 30min, upper body 20min, crunches 10min
monday cardio 30min, lower body 20min, pilates 10min
Tuesday dancing 30min, crunches 10min
Wed cardio 30min, upper body 20min, crunches 10min
Thurs cardio 30min, lower body 20min, pilates 10min
Friday dancing 30min, crunches 10min
saturday free day

What makes me even more disappointed is the quality and quantity of foods I have been eating! I am finally feeling the affects of all the junk; I am feeling so blah! I need to drink a ton of water now to cleanse my poor system! In the past two weeks, I have not even had an apple or anything equally healthy. ..Shame on me....*slap, slap, slap*

Starting today I will follow my meal plan. It is not a diet really, just healthier eating. I have three meals and three snacks! How hard is it?? It is just my snacks are fruits and other yummy healthy foods instead of chocolate bars, and my meals are healthy wholesome foods instead of 5 slices of pizza...and of course if I do good during the week, next Friday will be a free day, so I can eat whatever my heart desires. Of course I have to keep up with my water, not just because I want to lose those icky lb and tone up , but because the benefit of water are countless! All I have to do is fill my 600oz bottle 4 times a day, how hard is that??? Sheesh! To be good to my bones I will have to go back to drinking my three cups of milk! I am starting to get used to baladna and hamouda .

Ok I will share my meal plan so I will stick to it as well...I am so boring, I will be sticking to this for weeks and weeks, until I get sick of it one day.

Bkfast: cheese sandwich/bran cereal/omelette and one cup of milk
Snack: BFL bar and an apple
Lunch: a turkey or tuna sandwich, a carrot, a cup of milk
Snack: banana, 12 almonds
Dinner: whatever I cook for the day (some rice/bread, meat and veggies)
Snack: a cup of milk/2 cups of popcorn

It is hard to count calories since things are not labelled great here, but these should be about 1500-1800 cal give or take.... :)
These days I’m clueless on what to cook without my today I will buy a cookbook! It is hard cooking for three, when two of the three are little kids.. so we throw out alot of food *sigh*


Qabbani said...

wish u a good luck :)

i guess we all need to read :D , at least to be me more careful in what we eat ,

for me i REALLY have a problem in eating and weight , i can lose like 5-7 KG so easy in 10 days , and gain it in one day :D :D
any way again good luck :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

come on you have it all planned now you have to work on it right :) it just needs a bit more from you :) go! go! go! go! il encourage you from here till you reach to what you're aiming to! :) you can do it~! Good luck! :)

Hamza said...

pfft...dancing *rolls his eyes*.

Is this what girls use nowadays as an excuse to start dancing? :P

Tsedek said...

2 cups of popcorn??? *_*
isn't that like a whole lunch (calories wise)?

wow.. that would be good :D

Jundi said...

you rack disaprin samantha-san ..

Sam said...

qabbani thanks:) it is alot easier for men to lose weight..hubby stops eating chips for a week and he loses 10lb! i hate him!:(

amal...thank u , you a sweeti:) my sister's name is amal and she had a baby today..3okbalik when u ready of course:)

hamza r u kidding?? we do not need excuses to dance..but since dancing is one of the best workouts ever we take advantage of it:)

tsedek...well im talking about 2 cups of popped popcorn not kernels...that is about 50-70 cal a good snack size...calories wise ya3ni..and im watching my carbs so it is good:)

jundi :o)

Anonymous said...

12 almonds :p Hahahaa. Good luck! Set yourself a new schedule every week to make it things easier :)

Paasivirta Family said...

Hey Sam! Just thought I would check up on you today! We just started a new challenge and it is grouped by location. We of course have a Canadian/Other group, so if you want come back!! You have a great plan, and I know you can do it I have seen you do it before!

Sam said...

anon well almonds are very good for you...but for such a tiny food they sure do have lots of calories...just the 10 almonds have 120cal...but they do have good the good fatty acids:) and yes i can stick to only 10...the trick is to pick out 10 put them in a little plate and eat them slowly while siting donw:) nah i'll keep the same schedule...:)

Denise thanks for stopping by:) i think i will go sure no one remember me by now...but with the help of the board i lost a total 40lb..20 with each pregnancy...and i love you guys!

tinkerbella said...

ohhh...good luck!
weight totally sucks, you put it on without even noticing and its so hard to work off!!

asoom said...

I'm sure you don't have that much weight to lose, I remember not too long ago you were slipping into a 4!

I have a recommendation for you, with regards to the gym schedule I think you should make it simpler at the beginning and then with time add things and that way you'll be more likely to stick to it.

I recently joined a gym and for the first 2 weeks I only did cardio so I didn't really get lazy about going, and then I incorporated situps and now I'm on my 4th week and I'll start doing strength training and yoga but by now I'm addicted to going to the gym so I don't dread the workout.