Monday, November 19, 2007

my first day at the gym

Well that was 32 JD down the drain...upon my sister in law’s insistence I joined Nadi amman. She likes to swim for exercise, I’m not much of a swimmer, since I do not know how to swim; ok I do a bit but not enough to do a whole 30min cardio workout. I only went once! The workout area sucks, it is in the basement and so depressing and the change area is all blah! It is kind of depressing. It is a walking distance from home, but it is annoying to walk carrying my workout clothes they are heavy! Yes I know excuses excuses...o did i mention that my sister in law has not even joined yet....

Yesterday I joined flex, now this is more like it! It is nice makes u want to go workout....there are windows all over the workout area and the change area looks very this is my kind of gym, mish araf! Hopefully I can go 4x a week while the kids are at school and lose those annoying 5-8lb and tone up big time, after six months of no or little exercise, I am feeling super flabby :( so not nice! My muscles are slowly disappearing are being replaced by fat and we all know how fat weighs less but takes up more space.

So please wish me luck, because in addition to being “fat”, I am also huffing and buffing after climbing up a couple flight of stairs! So my poor heart is also feeling the affects!

This is not too much of a girly post is it?? I did not feel the need to put any warnings, so I hope Q will not throw up, and Maher (hmmm I have not “seen” him for a while) will be more thankful he is a guy, although guys have to workout as well.
My first day at the gym was great...the gym is nice, clean and specious. The equipment are all new and very good! I just do not like that they do not have cold water,but I will be taking my own super cold water so it does not get warm while I am working out, I hate drinking warm water...blach! They have nice beaty arabic music, I did not even need to use my mp3, yeh I like working out to arabic music! so overall I loved it, I can not wait to go back on Wed.


Qabbani said...

Nadi Amman , Allah yesam7k , me as guy ba2rf Aroo7 3leh , i go there just for swim sometimes and choose the same day they change the water


wish u all luck , and to lose the annoying amount :)

Maioush said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL @ "I hope Q will not throw up" HAHAHA, well guess what.. I LOVE your girly posts :D seebek menno ;)
good luck Sam, yabayeeaaaa i need to go too :S in amman it was way easier for me to do so.. don't know why but it was..
good luck kteeeeeeeeeeeer :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

Allah ysam7ek ... la wallahi .. ana mabsootlek .. I hope you enjoy it and feel better. Because I personally think you look gorgeos. and you don't need to lose any weight :)

Tamara said...

Good luck : )we all need the work out especialy during the winter.

Nadi Amman sucks big time, I like their pool but its not all that clean of a place.I used to go to flex its very nice.

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

well.. its great you are going there.. it is much better! its great that you have time for working out now.. i hope i can find some time when i move to my next job..

Oriental Arabesque said...

great sam..wish u luck and hope u'll keep it up.. :)

i joined the gym 3 months ago (used to attend aerobics and steps classes only for the past 4 years..)i used to feel that i'm not a gym person at all..but when this new place opened in AD i just loved it..decided to go for a membership even and i'm glad i life changed after going there regularly (i'm going 5 times a week!)..true i didn't lose any weight YET..but my body looks more toned and shaped and i'm enjoying my clothes more now..

it's great..u feel more healthy in general..

Maher said...

FLEX!!! the best best gym , (well based on how many attractive girls go there lol )
i joined flex (7th circle branch) before a year ago, but since the coach were only interesting in helping the girls i found me another gym.

my cousin just joined them and he said they changed those coaches.

they opened another flex in khalda didnt they? i heard its quite nice but still the hot girls are in 7th cirlce :P

have fun :>

Omar said...

going to the gym is all about consistency and motivation.

At the beginning of every year there's a surge in Y members, and it gets annoying. But usually by beginning of March, the usuals are the only people left.

Sam said...

qabbani yeh it is gross...never again!:)it is all your fault 3shan u didnt answer my email about fitness one..:p

maioush....thank u...3an jad u r so sweet! yeh try to go again...make time for it..:)

Q thank u....bas u have never seen me so how do u know?:) alhamdoullah this post didnt make u throw up..bas i have a super girly one just debating it:)

tamara...yeh working out is very stay healthy and fit...yeh nadi 3aman araf:)

amal i can only go in the mornings while the kids are in school...inshallah u will have time to go :)

mais...losing weight does not just means that you lost fat and gained really u did lost weight..but since muscle weighs more u dont loes weight as fast:) measure your waist and other parts and track those..u will see the loss of inches which is a more accurate way to track weight loss than the scale:)

maher yeh i go the one in khalda...not many hot girls in the morning...but im sure they go in the afternoon..but their equipment are great...

omar yeh gyms love those people who sign up and dont go...sadly i was one of thos people last year thanks to annoying saskatoon weather...grrrrrrr...:)

kinzi said...

Sam, too cute AGAIN. Love them girly posts. You are making me feel guilty for not working out (not really).

Pretty soon you'll need to get some new trousers! ;)

Maher, is TOO funny!

Maher said...

Sam!! i was in your neighborhood today at 8:00-9:00pm , A big fight happened.. i don't know if its near your place or not. it was so close to the Mosque though...!!

Sam said...

maher i think i did hear some guys yelling and stuff..i live right across from the u it was pretty close..but i didnt bother to there any injuries?? im glad my sister in laws son is in aqaba..he would have probably gotten involved..

Hamza said...

for me, I never liked the gym. But I try to force msyelf to go to it. I'll go back to it once my rehabiliation period is over.

oh just for the record ( regarding previous post), I was never one of those guys who do "targeem". I just laugh at the scenes I've seen.

Sam said...

hamza...going to the gym is working out at home...
and im glad u were never one of those guys..:)

Anonymous said...

Power Hut is not too bad for the ladies either...some very strong looking female training..seem very disciplend too

Disappointed Wife said...

so did you lose the 8 lbs yet? :p

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