Friday, June 27, 2008

my laptop is back and other blah blahs

yay I got my laptop back..actually I got it back on the day I posted the post below! I have been too busy (sick) to post about it! I got a new keyboard! I guess they noticed that my keyboard had come apart thanks to the little hands of Mr Bilal! For a while when we were in Amman his hobby was to take they keys out...once time he took every single one out and I had to put them back...ah what an ordeal! Well they replaced that keyboard and put a new board inside...and my wireless is working again! No more stealing hubby's wireless device! YIPPY!

In other news during the morning rush hour there was a baby born on the highway!! Poor mother! How embarrassing! I guess they were on their way to the hospital they got stuck in the DVP traffic..This is why I like being induced! I like waking up in the morning taking a shower, doing my hair and makeup (I wanna meet my new baby in style) then getting the kids ready and taking them to my parent's house, spending sometime with my family and then coming back home...making sure my hospital bag is ready to go and this time I WILL TAKE A NAP! Newborn babies do not sleep much, and our hospitals keep the babies in the room with us, so you do not get to sleep much!

Yesterday was Ziad's last day of school! The end of my happiness! But not to fear next week he starts Arabic school. It is only from 9-12 , which means I have to get up early and drive him to school, then drive Bilal to preschool...but no biggie it just means no lazing around in the morning. After the kids are dropped off, I can go to the gym for 1hr and run errands with the other 2hr...o well it is better than nothing! Ziad will have 1hr of tutoring in the afternoons...two days of soccer, and we can go to the farms and neighbouring parks! We also have a season pass to MarineLand, but we can only go when hubby is not working....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life without my laptop!

I feel so lost without my beloved laptop! It tells me the weather every morning, I keep in touch with my friends, I keep up with what is going on in the world, and I use it as an organizer...

I finally sent my computer in for took me two months to part with it and it has been ten long days without my baby!

In those ten days I have missed two doctor's apt, I finally had my prenatal apt today after the doctor's office calling me twice to ask why I did not make it to my apts.

I let poor Zozo go to school in shorts and a tank top yesterday when it was only 14 degrees and raining all day! It is a good thing he at least had his pullover! I did it because I did not go to my laptop sitting conveniently in the family room and see how the weather was on my desktop!

I forgot that I had to book my ultra sound between June 23 and July 9th. The doctor reminded me today and I booked it! Yay I got a spot on July 9th! The only problem is that it will be at 8 am!! I so not a morning person and the drive the Mississauga will be hell at that time of the matter what route I take! So to make the 20 min drive max I have to leave my house at 7am!

Without my laptop I have to come down the basement and use hubby's old computer! I hate our basement , it is still not finished yet and hubby's computer is annoying! I just do a quick email check and go back upstairs where it is nice and pretty!

waaaahhhhhhh I want my laptop back! Annoying HP the girl I spoke with said it will take 7 days! Every time I see a UPS truck I think maybe my laptop is with him, but he passes our house...*sigh* so frustrating!

Friday, June 6, 2008

summer food

I love summer...not just because I get to go outside without shivering and I get to wear cute summer clothes...or because we can go play outside all we want and everything looks so green and pretty...but because there is so much more variety in fruits at the grocery store! In winter all I can get is apples, oranges, grapes , kiwi and not too yummy strawberries that cost too much! In summer I can still get apples , oranges , grapes, kiwi , yummy strawberries, nectarine, peaches, apricots, plums, water melon and so much more! My fridge is so full of fruits right now it is going to burst! I love it, I have so many choices...and right now with liquid aversion fruits are my best friends...YUM!

Soon we will be able to go to pick our own strawberries and in few weeks we can go pick cherries! Picking cherries is so much fun! I just have to remember to dress my kids in old dark colour clothes because they will stain their clothes so bad ! I can not yummy and so much fun! I have got to remember to take the camera this time, the kids are adorable picking the cherries and eating them...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

a walk back in time...

This past weekend we went to a pioneer village in TO. It was fun...Bilal enjoyed running around..Ziad was fasinated by everything from the sheep shearing, the tiny school house and the tin maker...I wish I could say the same for hubby, he was bored out of his mind! He had nothing good to say...what? they call this history...let them come and look at our history...blah blah blahhhhh....if I had a weapon he would have been gone..I only had the daggers in my eyes to shoot him with!

Few weeks ago we went to the ROM (Royal ontario museum) Ziad and I were fasinated running from one exhibit to another, talking about the mummies, the pots the statues and looking at the dinosaurs. Bilal and hubby were about to fall asleep from boredom...(note to self, never take hubby and Bilal along to things like this)

I love history, I almost majored in history but my parents convinced me not to , so now it is just a hobby..I love reading about how people lived 100-1000000 years is so interesting. I love reading novels that have a historical setting....

After the poineer village on sunday night on our way home we decided to stop by the airport and show the kids the planes landing up close....It was cool...there is a gas station right across from the run way planes land on...if you stand in one spot the planes come right over your head, it is very fasinating...the kids had a blast watching the planes come so close over their many planes land in Toronto airport...a plane landed every 3min or so...small tiny jazz planes , medium planes, huge planes...The kids want to go to the airport everyday now!