Friday, June 6, 2008

summer food

I love summer...not just because I get to go outside without shivering and I get to wear cute summer clothes...or because we can go play outside all we want and everything looks so green and pretty...but because there is so much more variety in fruits at the grocery store! In winter all I can get is apples, oranges, grapes , kiwi and not too yummy strawberries that cost too much! In summer I can still get apples , oranges , grapes, kiwi , yummy strawberries, nectarine, peaches, apricots, plums, water melon and so much more! My fridge is so full of fruits right now it is going to burst! I love it, I have so many choices...and right now with liquid aversion fruits are my best friends...YUM!

Soon we will be able to go to pick our own strawberries and in few weeks we can go pick cherries! Picking cherries is so much fun! I just have to remember to dress my kids in old dark colour clothes because they will stain their clothes so bad ! I can not yummy and so much fun! I have got to remember to take the camera this time, the kids are adorable picking the cherries and eating them...


Qwaider قويدر said...

My fredge is SCREAMING!! :)
They came up with this new fruit called Apriplum, which is a cross between apricot and plums and they taste sooooo goooood! Try them if you get them there.

But yeah, it's a habit of mine, my fridge is always busting with good yummy stuff, most go to waste though, cause .. you know .. it's only moi!

Oh and don't forget to take hats with you to cherry/strawberry picking. The sun can be very harsh over here

Anonymous said...

How exciting, I love fruits and fruit picking. The picture is so cute :D

KJ said...

I once went to pick toot and I messed up my arms so bad they thought I was bleeding. It didn't come off till my skin shed with the days! LOL! My clothes have been disposed of.

It was fun licking myself though :D

Maher said...

i thought you love Summer because you dont have to shovel snow lool

Sam said...

Q hmmmmmmm i never heard of that fruit..i will look for it today when i am out shopping..

batoul...yeh fruit picking is fun...:)

Kj we just got three toot trees in our yard...i dont want to think how my kids will look like when they pick them..i hope they grow far away from the ground!

maher...i dont have to worry about snow dear hubby is more snow shovelling for me...ever again..(inshallah)