Friday, June 27, 2008

my laptop is back and other blah blahs

yay I got my laptop back..actually I got it back on the day I posted the post below! I have been too busy (sick) to post about it! I got a new keyboard! I guess they noticed that my keyboard had come apart thanks to the little hands of Mr Bilal! For a while when we were in Amman his hobby was to take they keys out...once time he took every single one out and I had to put them back...ah what an ordeal! Well they replaced that keyboard and put a new board inside...and my wireless is working again! No more stealing hubby's wireless device! YIPPY!

In other news during the morning rush hour there was a baby born on the highway!! Poor mother! How embarrassing! I guess they were on their way to the hospital they got stuck in the DVP traffic..This is why I like being induced! I like waking up in the morning taking a shower, doing my hair and makeup (I wanna meet my new baby in style) then getting the kids ready and taking them to my parent's house, spending sometime with my family and then coming back home...making sure my hospital bag is ready to go and this time I WILL TAKE A NAP! Newborn babies do not sleep much, and our hospitals keep the babies in the room with us, so you do not get to sleep much!

Yesterday was Ziad's last day of school! The end of my happiness! But not to fear next week he starts Arabic school. It is only from 9-12 , which means I have to get up early and drive him to school, then drive Bilal to preschool...but no biggie it just means no lazing around in the morning. After the kids are dropped off, I can go to the gym for 1hr and run errands with the other 2hr...o well it is better than nothing! Ziad will have 1hr of tutoring in the afternoons...two days of soccer, and we can go to the farms and neighbouring parks! We also have a season pass to MarineLand, but we can only go when hubby is not working....


Sel3 said...

our neighbor had on of her daughters born in the car, and I remember every one in our neighborhood teasing that poor girl that she was born in a car.

I like the picture on the top of your blog :D

Maher said...

on the highwayyy??!?!?!?!?
mo ma32oool! ya 7araam!!
now i am curios ..sho samo el baby? lo

Jasim said...

Congratulations on the laptop. :D

Seems that you have a full simmer ahead, yalla have fun. :D

And Sel3 just reminded me about the header, I'm a big fan of it. :$