Friday, July 4, 2008

nothing to blog about

I do not feel like blogging anymore...what is wrong with me?? I always had a million things I wanted to write about. I wrote about everything I did and thought..but now I can not think of any bloggable stuff...I thought about blogging about our weekend outings, and about hubby pretending to be sick so he wont go to work, but I keep on thinking no one cares , so what is the point...

Or maybe it is because it is summer, and I have alot other things to do ...going for walks, to the park, out with friends or just working on the yard...and I do not have snow to complain about it...I do have to vent about the bees and the wasps that are making my windows into their homes! or about how my arms and back are getting tanned but my legs are still white and pale! I am sick of using tanning cream on them..and forget about if going to the beach!

If anyone is wondering how I am doing pregnancy wise....(I know now cares) but I am doing well...actually I can not wait until next wed when I have my ultra sound so I can be sure there is a baby in there! (like throwing up for the first time last week does not prove it)..speaking of throwing up, I do not do it much..and this pregnancy I threw up once..Ziad was very amused and told everyone we met at the grocery store next day! how embarrassing! I am still not showing and can still fit into my regular jeans! I spent $60 on maternity Capri's I want to get some use out of them darn it! I hope I will be able to tell what the baby is next week......I think they should be able to know by 13wks no?

I just found out a week ago that I am not invited to a wedding...I do not why I am pissed off! I guess since I got a baby sitter to get used to the kids just because of this wedding in particular! I thought since they came to my wedding and the whole family came I would be invited to theirs...but I guess not! but it is OK I guess! It saves me $ what can I buy with that money that I just saved...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....anyways, they are so not invited to Ziad and Bilal`s weddings!

so much for nothing to blog about...I just had to get going eh..(my question mark button is not working..I can not figure out what I pressed to make another character appear..this one É...stupid É)


Simple Me said...

hahaha!! they should not be invited to Ziad and Bilal's weddings, I agree :D! Glad your doing well in your pregnancy. You've been missed~

kinzi said...

I CARE!!! I missed you too. Those may not seem to be compelling topics, but the way you describe them is way too much fun :)

nido said...

Of course we care :) Hope you're doing good, and inshallah the ultra sound will tell you your baby is a lil princess ;)

Qabbani said...

am glad your fine :)

so ur Laptop still not working ok?

keys not working

Summer said...

Sam, Miss reading your blog...glad things are going well with you and you are busy with better things than blogging...but you are not visiting blogs either! :)
have a great day

Summer said...

Sam, Miss reading your blog...glad things are going well with you and you are busy with better things than blogging...but you are not visiting blogs either! :)
have a great day

Diana said...

lol at your son, he told everyone that you're throwing up? hehe
inshallah t2omi bil salameh :)

Sam said...

Dima they even invited my uncle's family..i hate them.they r so not invited to anything i do...i will shoot my mom if she invites them to my baby shower!

Kinzi thank u....i missed u! u r so close now...come over to canada for a visit!

nido inshallah...we will see...i am not a secret keeper...i will let u know as soon as i find out:)

qabbani it is working..but sometimes i press something like shift and get the other stuff on that key to work...

summer i know i have not visiting blogs much...just stopping here and there...i do not have much winter i am stuck at it easier...but now there is so much to do..

diana yeh he embarrassing and gross! but it is funny the things that amuse kids..:)