Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brothers and their SOs!

My baby brother's engagement party will be at the December....O great..I even suggested they do it on new year's we do not have to think about where to go...and I am so happy for him...his little fiance is so adorable....We know the family since she was 4 yo....and she is my brother in law's cousin...a sweet girl..

But people at the end of December I will be as big as an elephant if not bigger!! Two weeks before my due date I will not look or feel pretty at all! So now I have to shop for a dress that will fit a huge belly that has a 7lb+ baby in it...This is a huge motivation for me to hit the gym more often...I will make to 4 days instead of 3....I can not help the belly has to grow no matter what I do...but at least I can have nice arms and legs...and I have to lay off the sodium...which is no biggi since I am not a salty foods fan...phew!

Then what if , just what if dancing and dabking makes me go into an early labour!! I do not want to have my baby early...and I am terrified of going into labour on my scary would that be?? I like being induced...contractions start when I am already sitting in the hospital bed, connected to all the wires...and have the epidural dude close by! But I love dancing...even a huge belly will not prevent me from hitting the dance floor!

I think I will go to the mall this week and find a dress like the one on top...and no more cheese cake for me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have not had a chance to post in so long...I have been busy...and when I am not busy and just sitting there watching TV my laptop is being hogged by a little four year old..he is either playing games on treehouse TV or learning to read on starfall or looking at car websites...he can get into Honda, jeep, ford and kia on his own...the rest he still can not spell right...

Winter is officially here...there is a snow in the forecast for tomorrow...I am not ready for snow yet.......:o(

Why is it when you are pregnant you get insomnia?? Is it to get us used to the baby waking up at night...I have no reason to be up at 3:30 kids are sound husband is in bed and not snoring why am I not snoozing??

I got my hair cut yesterday....I think I like my new hair cut...but I will not know for sure until I wash my hair and have to style it myself...Allah yestor..I do already feel too fat; I do not need to feel ugly with bad hair as well! It was getting too long and annoying the heck out of me though, so I guess it won't be much worse eh?

Bad news!!My GPS has been stolen right out of my car! I feel so violated! I still have to go report it....I feel so guilty for forgetting to lock my seems like everyone in the area has had their GPS stolen these days...I knew the warnings...everyday I read on the HV forum that someone's car was broken into...but I still forgot to lock mine...or I should just start parking it in the garage...SOBs...allah ykaser edeehom!

Tomorrow Ziad has is doing a presentation on Jordan...we got his posters all ready with pictures and stuff...I hope he remember to talk slow an clear and not get too excited and talk too fast...He gets to excited about presenting...They have a presentation about different topics every month...I used to be nervous and stress about presentations for days back in high I see why the others did not seem so concerned and stressed out...if they have been doing presentations since they were in grade 1...their presentation experience had topped mine by 7 yrs or more! Now at my old age it is no biggie...

I guess this is enough rambling for tonight...or this morning I guess...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy birthday Zozo...

My baby turns the big 7 today......
*sniff* where did the time go?? It feels like yesterday that we brought him home!
We are having party at an indoor playground ....with few friends and should be fun:)

so tired...

ah so tired and too busy to complain about it on my blog...but the next rainy cold day we have that I would rather stay home and keep warm, I will be blogging about it all....hopefully I will not have a doctor apt or something else that I must go to ..I just want to sit at home, and watch a movie eat popcorn and maybe some of that halloween candy hiding in the closet, while the kids are at school and before the baby that too much to ask for?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

stupid spam!!

I just wasted a whole freakin hour deleting this loser's spam! Damn him/her!