Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brothers and their SOs!

My baby brother's engagement party will be at the December....O great..I even suggested they do it on new year's we do not have to think about where to go...and I am so happy for him...his little fiance is so adorable....We know the family since she was 4 yo....and she is my brother in law's cousin...a sweet girl..

But people at the end of December I will be as big as an elephant if not bigger!! Two weeks before my due date I will not look or feel pretty at all! So now I have to shop for a dress that will fit a huge belly that has a 7lb+ baby in it...This is a huge motivation for me to hit the gym more often...I will make to 4 days instead of 3....I can not help the belly has to grow no matter what I do...but at least I can have nice arms and legs...and I have to lay off the sodium...which is no biggi since I am not a salty foods fan...phew!

Then what if , just what if dancing and dabking makes me go into an early labour!! I do not want to have my baby early...and I am terrified of going into labour on my scary would that be?? I like being induced...contractions start when I am already sitting in the hospital bed, connected to all the wires...and have the epidural dude close by! But I love dancing...even a huge belly will not prevent me from hitting the dance floor!

I think I will go to the mall this week and find a dress like the one on top...and no more cheese cake for me!


Hareega said...

if you're 8-months pregnant, that gives you a very good excuse to look very big, going to the gym won't help although it's always good to exercise

hamede said...


7aki Fadi said...

What if u have the baby before the party?

Sam said...

hareega i know but it is not nice to look least i can keep my arms toned..and of course i'd like another less than 4hrs i will exercise ..:)

hamed allah ybarik feek:)

7aki...gosh no i hope not!! he'd better not show up early...i am very happy to wait until the 11th or 14th..even if i have to share my bday with him!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Hopefully, you'll get what you want

Jundi said...

so is the lady in the photo supposed to be pregnant?

Anonymous said...

I myself is shopping for a friend's wedding. Let me tell you how horrible it is! Evety dress only screams out Christmas or looks like a gift wrap :S Good luck and alf mabrouk to your bro and fiance :D

Her shoes are like 2 sizes bigger than her size, pregnant and habla... LOL

Sam said...

Q thanks:)

Jundi yeh i guess :)

batoul...good luck finding a dress...yeh what is up with the shoes..i guess she could not find any that fit for the photo shoot..:)