Sunday, July 27, 2008

when people disappoint you...

You know some one for 10 years and then you realize you didn't know

You are always telling you husband to be more like this person...

You think his wife is so lucky to have a husband like him..

You think what a great job his parents did raising him...

Then you realize that this person has a pea for a brain, the temper of a 7mar, and the manners of a beast!

I am very very disappointed!! And very grateful for my least he has enough brains to not let other things in his life make him lose his temper and treat people bad over silly and stupid stuff......OK he can be super annoying and drives me crazy at times...but will never be rude to anyone for a very very stupid reason!

I will never ever ever...tell my husband I wish he was more like someone else...NEVER...he is perfect the way he is...and if our biggest fight is because I am letting the kids watch too much English TV some days, then life is good alhamdoullah!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain Rain go away...

Come again at night when I am sleeping and do not care about going outdoor...

This summer it has rained so much...I am loving the rain because my grass is looking nice and green! Last year it was a sad shade of yellow ....

I love it when it rains while I am in bed, laying there and listening to the rain is peaceful...but I hate it when it rain during the day!

This past weekend was bolbol's birthday...we had a party at a farm..alhamdoullah it was nice and clear when we were doing the outdoor stuff...but the minute we got in to eat the cupcakes and stuff it poured....after the farm we were supposed to take all the kids to a park for pizza and cake for everyone and there is a splash pad...instead we had to go to my house and finish the party there...with 12 kids between the age of 1.5 and 7 running all over the place and 14 was a very noisy day...but none the less it was fun..and surprisingly my house was not a total mess..everyone was helpful so the kitchen was left clean and miraculously the playroom is not a total can still see some of the floor...

On Sunday we were supposed to go to Marine land with our friends...well we woke up to the rain and it rained most if the day so we cancelled it...inshallah next Sunday will be nice..

Today I want to go out and buy few items, but it is raining rained most of the afternoon yesterday and most of the night...our water level is getting high!

Ok alhamdoullah for the rain...I guess it is better than dry weather and it is making the weather now we are not boiling hot....and like I said before my grass is so green and lush..of course hubby is loving it because his new "garden" in the backyard where he planted tomatoes, pepper and few other veggies along with few beds of flowers and 5 trees are getting more than enough water alhamdoullah...

O did mention that those rain falls are accompanied by sever thunder storms?? I do not remember hearing as much thunder as I did this summer..weird! I have a mild to sever case of thunder it not fun...I am making both kids sleep in my know so they won't be scared ...and what if the lights go off?

huh...I think the sun just came out...YIPPY!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Humans are so hard to please!!

seriously I wonder how Allah puts up with us!!!

In winter we complain that it is too cold. In the summer we complain about how hot it is!

Some people have curly hair, the complain and wish for straight hair...other have straight hair and would love for curly hair..

Some people are very slim and would kill for some curves, others are curvy and work day and night to lose their curves..

Some people live in Canada, after having to struggle with a wathika(travel document) all their lives...but yet they complain non stop damn it! and want to move back to the Mideast...(i call those people dumbos..AKA my hubby)...while others are living in the middle east and would do anything to come to time I was in Lebanon and my cousin's friends gave me their pictures to find them a bride to bring them to doesn't matter if she is old and ugly the said...and do you know how many marriage proposals we got last time we were in Lebanon?? I was already engaged for god's sake and my sister was only 14!

Some people try to get pregnant for years..and others cry and throw a fit when they get a positive pregnancy test because they did not want to get pregnant.....

more to come...but right now I am in too much pain....


Friday, July 4, 2008

nothing to blog about

I do not feel like blogging anymore...what is wrong with me?? I always had a million things I wanted to write about. I wrote about everything I did and thought..but now I can not think of any bloggable stuff...I thought about blogging about our weekend outings, and about hubby pretending to be sick so he wont go to work, but I keep on thinking no one cares , so what is the point...

Or maybe it is because it is summer, and I have alot other things to do ...going for walks, to the park, out with friends or just working on the yard...and I do not have snow to complain about it...I do have to vent about the bees and the wasps that are making my windows into their homes! or about how my arms and back are getting tanned but my legs are still white and pale! I am sick of using tanning cream on them..and forget about if going to the beach!

If anyone is wondering how I am doing pregnancy wise....(I know now cares) but I am doing well...actually I can not wait until next wed when I have my ultra sound so I can be sure there is a baby in there! (like throwing up for the first time last week does not prove it)..speaking of throwing up, I do not do it much..and this pregnancy I threw up once..Ziad was very amused and told everyone we met at the grocery store next day! how embarrassing! I am still not showing and can still fit into my regular jeans! I spent $60 on maternity Capri's I want to get some use out of them darn it! I hope I will be able to tell what the baby is next week......I think they should be able to know by 13wks no?

I just found out a week ago that I am not invited to a wedding...I do not why I am pissed off! I guess since I got a baby sitter to get used to the kids just because of this wedding in particular! I thought since they came to my wedding and the whole family came I would be invited to theirs...but I guess not! but it is OK I guess! It saves me $ what can I buy with that money that I just saved...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....anyways, they are so not invited to Ziad and Bilal`s weddings!

so much for nothing to blog about...I just had to get going eh..(my question mark button is not working..I can not figure out what I pressed to make another character appear..this one É...stupid É)