Sunday, July 27, 2008

when people disappoint you...

You know some one for 10 years and then you realize you didn't know

You are always telling you husband to be more like this person...

You think his wife is so lucky to have a husband like him..

You think what a great job his parents did raising him...

Then you realize that this person has a pea for a brain, the temper of a 7mar, and the manners of a beast!

I am very very disappointed!! And very grateful for my least he has enough brains to not let other things in his life make him lose his temper and treat people bad over silly and stupid stuff......OK he can be super annoying and drives me crazy at times...but will never be rude to anyone for a very very stupid reason!

I will never ever ever...tell my husband I wish he was more like someone else...NEVER...he is perfect the way he is...and if our biggest fight is because I am letting the kids watch too much English TV some days, then life is good alhamdoullah!!


hamede said...

some dayes are butter than others.

KJ said...

LOL I can't believe you tell your hubs he should be like someone else!

Advice from a fellow dude, don't do that! Murders and butchers our ego LOL!

El7amdella the truth came out :D

Hamza said...

OMG sam...3an jad, I strongly agree with KJ. Never ever tell a guy to be like someone...or try to compare your marriage to someone else...this is toooo baad.

but, I am glad you figured it out. you are fortunate and lucky to have your husband and he is fortunate to have a great wife like you. :)

Qabbani said...

I see u removed u last post :)

that mean u feel better ? right ?

i hope things go fine with u

tamnina 3ank

Life said...

Did that someone end up beating his wife.. ?? thats what I think happened..
Sam,some people usually end up totally different that what they look, or what we may thik they are..
me and my friend were in the mall yesterday&there was this really nice, good looking guy walking near to us, and suddenly from behind a few shelves we heard him talk to his wife, yalling at her, and telling her that she is 7mara, and she she shouldnt go anywhere AGAIN with our taking permission from his magesity !!

:) its great to be happy about what you have :) always be Sam..

bella said...

I hope you are feeling better (since you deleted the other post) but I have to say... you are tooooooooooooooooo nice!

IMO.. if you're greeted with (repeated) rudeness, return in kind!

In which case, you will feel better and can not go home feeling mad and frustrated, and just move on from the situation.

Either way..Allah ey5alelek your hubby w5halekom la ba3d insha Allah :)