Saturday, August 9, 2008

no chocolates!

For the first time ever since I can remember I am completely chocolate free!!

I can not remember the last time I had a chocolate bar or even a tiny piece of chocolates...(ewwwwwwwwwwww)

I love this baby...he/she is making me hate sweets....give me salty or 7amed stuff...but sweets no thanks!!

Now with this no chocolates/cakes and other fattening stuff and going to the gym 3x a week I have not gained any weight yet and I am already in my 5th mo of pregnancy...YIPPY! and no body can make me feel guilty...I have been eating healthy three meals and healthy snacks like veggies...mostly baby carrots.., and fruits that are not too sweet like red rasberries ...YUMMMY!

The thing that I want to eat lots of are lemons! YUM!

Must it is girl this time eh?....she is already watching her weight so making me not eat bad stuff!!


asoom said...

Oh WOW! 5th month and no weight gain...what an accomplishment!!!!!!

I'm only in my second week of school and I've already gained a pound :( you should teach me something about control and discipline!

7aki Fadi said...

I hope you get a girl , you'll have so much fun with her AND some drama too lol.

Wow how tile flies, you are already in your fifth, wow. I am 8 months and 1 week. YIKES.

bella said...

LOL..a girl who can resist chocolate? She must be very special (and lucky!) :D

Mashallah, 5th month and no weight gain...go Sam!

Et2oomi bessalameh insha Allah and hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will be just as enjoyable for you!

nido said...

If you are cravng sour stuff, it must be a girl!! ;p
Once I told my mom I'm craving sour stuff she said it's a girl 100%! yaaaay :)

I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work Sam:)

KJ said...


how can you

you rebellous fiend!

Sam said...

asoom losing your appetite will do that to u...and i do not mind it..i dont want to find that big appetite of mine anytime carefull..o worked too hard to lose that weight...dont u dare gain it back! :-)

wow 7aki u r almost it another girl? is it? is it?

nido i will see in a couple of weeks inshallah:) with both my other kids all i wanted to eat was chocolates and cheese cake..ewwww

KJ i know i am surprised myself...yesterday hubby bought a huge pack of my favourite chocolates with raisens and almonds...and i have not even looked at it!! weird!

Anonymous said...

ok, where have I been? I missed you *huuug* bas woman, no chocolate? sheesh, mission impossible for me. mashAllah 3leke, no baby fat! My hero lol

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

it took u a pregnancy to quit choc! i havent had any in 29 months now :D btw, what ur doing now with the veggy snacks and fruit love, will knock ur addiction to artificial or processed sweets like chocs and cake and all that stuff fa good going!

it might be, my sister kanat tetwa7am 3al lemon when she was pregnant with her little girl..

inshala bet2oumi bil salameh *hug*

Qabbani said...

إن شاء الله بنت :)

و ان شاء الله بتقومي بالسلامة :)

My sister in her 5 and the other one in her 4 month :D

Sam said...

bella thank u :o) i know i am shocked..i have the chocolates in my pantry and they are untouched by me...

batoul yeh i know so weird...i wish i can stay like this forever..i would never gain weight..but good things have to come to an end one day..:( my appetite returned allah yestor

dima all yesma3 minik...i will be very happy if i could eat chocolates and junk just once a week..i hope i hope..

qabbani thank u:) wow mashallah your sisters r pregnant sister and I always miss each other...i have a baby then she gets pregnant..then she has hers then i do...and so on..ok it has only been 4x..:) allah y3awemhom belsalameh inshallah:)