Friday, August 29, 2008

back to school ....YIPPY! is finally time!!! We had a fun summer with the kids and did lots of activities from going to theme parks in the area to just good ol' family picnics with friends and family....but now it time for my house and me to take a break from the kids....well at least one kid!!

Ziad starts grade 2...*sniff, baby is growing up* and bilal will be going to junior kindergarten *double sniff, sniff*

yay I get my freedom back...I can go shopping peacefully....I can visit my friends without yelling at this kid and that kid to behave...and I can go for peaceful walks all by myself....o and I can go to the gym when I please during the day without having to worry that the day care at the gym is open or not....ah the freedom!! 2-3 day a week I will have 7 hours all to myself!!! o well until mid January that is!:o(



7aki Fadi said...

I was gonna say you were so close to being free but now you have number three (hey that rhymes, lol).

So so so will you get a little girl?

Diana said...

yaay, lucky you. I think I'm not gonna get my freedom back before a few years :D

MommaBean said...

Congrats! ButterBean started first grade last week. So far it's gone great and the TwinBeans will be starting KG1 the end of this week. So, that should be super fun! I'm wih you, it's been a good summer, but it's time for some school-time freedom. Although this waking up thing really is awful :).

Summer said...

I know, i have not been here for the longest time! been busy and know how life gets to you sometimes and you have to deal with it!:)
i wanted to wish you a very happy Ramadan and hope all your days will be blessed with all the good things. Enjoy, even if you are not fasting this year!

KJ said...


Allah y5aleelek yahom :)

Jundi said...

back to school = drastic increase in traffic in the morning


Sam said...

7aki yeh i know..o well i enjoy few months of freedom at least..and in 4 yrs from today i will get my freedom for good...ah such a long time..waaaaaaahhhhhh

diana yeh it is going to be few more years..o well...the time will come..

mamabean o yeh ya 7aram...the waking up yikes...i am so glad here..the bus comes to pick ziad up at we can sleep until 7:30-8:00...:o)

summer thank u:) i have miss u on my blog...same to you and your family..:)

KJ thank u:)

Jundi..ah the traffic...not so much here..most people walk or take the bus to school..and there isnt a huge amount of buses like in amman...