Monday, December 28, 2009

A quick Hello...

I just realized that the last post on my blog is a sad blog....we must change that now...

Hmmmm nothing happy to post about...just normal everyday stuff...

It is winter and yucky...thankfully no snow..the last of it melted yesterday...thank you rain!!

The kids are on vacation and so is hubby!! He has been on vacation (parental leave) for almost 3wks!!! Somebody kill me!! I can not wait for January 4th to come!! My house is in dire need of ta3zeel...the closets are a mess, my laundry room is a mess...I need a break from the 3 of them!

My baby brother just got married a week ago!! When did he grow up?? It was a very nice wedding, everyone had a great time...we danced and danced and danced some more...but I am glad it is all is a lot of work getting ready for a wedding. A dress for me, shoes, makeup blah blah blah.. suites for the boys...the baby looked soo cute in his little suite...adorable! Ziad was the ring boy and has a new girlfriend, the little flower girl.

Tamer will be one next month, he is starting to walk, but still has not mastered it, he still prefers to crawl. He is always yelling out his brothers' names laal, thiaad....he is so cute and we are having so much fun watching him learn new things! He makes my kitchen floor a huge mess though, he takes everything out of the cupboard and throws them on the floor, I clean it all up and he does it over again , and again and wonder I am pooped by the end of the day!

Today hubby and the boys went to the March for Gaza in Toronto. When I mentioned it this morning the boys got all excited. They got their pencil cases, paper, and started drawing the Palestinian flag.They put them on a pole and got ready to go. I had a nice relaxing day home with the baby...aaah..when is Jan 4th coming??
Ha, that wasn't quick, was it ??? The kids are playing with their DSs, the baby is killing the kitchen floor and hubby is watching some movie...I was left alone for few minutes...but not anymore...aaaaaaahhh leave me alone!