Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am so happy! Hubby just accepted a job in Ontario at the company he worked at before moving to SK! He will start as soon as possible! We are going to be one big happy family again inshallah!

But now the stress starts, I know hubby will be doing it all, but still I am the one getting stressed! What to do with our furniture and stuff there!!

Hubby will drive so he can put all the books and stuff in the car with him, but uggh! Ok take a deep breath in, breath out, in , out...relax me! sheesh!

So yeh yay!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am so ready to scream!

Everytime Bolbol builds a block tower it falls! He builds it them skinny and does not make a good foundation at the bottom! He is so not going to be an engineer!

Everytime the tower falls he starts screaming and throwing the blocks away! He wants me to build him super dopper towers! Like I have nothing else to do! A girl can build so many block towers in a day...


my driver's licence picture!

I just got my Ontario driver's licence in the mail and for once I actually like my picture! My hair is perfect, not flat here and puffy on another side, my makeup is perfect, my smile is not weird or half a smile and it actually look like me! Yay! Now I can not wait until someone asks me for a photo ID!

The good news is I get to keep it until 2013! Yay! I wish I could say the same about my passport picture!

I'd show you guys, but I do not have a scanner here! But when I get a scanner I will show you my great licence picture!

I will be going to get my ontario health insurance card soon, let's hope the picture is as good! please please please!

Happy birthday my Dear blog!

OOps!!! I missed my blog birthday!!

Happy first bday Sam's blog!

It has been a nice year, my blog has been there for me when I needed to talk and no one else in the real world was there to has been a place I can blah blah all I want without someone rolling his eyes, and even if someone does roll his/her eyes, who cares! I can not see them!
7aki fadi inspired me to start my own blog after reading everyone else's blogs for about a year, I know I am such a copy cat!

On a totally different subject, I FINALLY got my car!! There is a big difference between driving a 1995 Accord and 2006 Accord! My new baby is so quite, I have to listen hard to see if it has turned on or not! I am not a big fan of black cars, but it is growing on me already! I am very thankful for our friends who lent me their car for the past 25 days! They are the nicest and sweetest people I know!

On another totally different subject, it is going to snow tomorrow! The snow has finally almost melted off our street and it comes again tomorrow! KILL ME PLEASE!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thing to do before 18

1) Do not take your friends for granted, the friends you meet in your teens are the ones you will have for is harder to find good friends when you get older...

2) Make exercise a habit and be good to your body, you will be glad you did later!

3) Eat all the junk and fast food you want and enjoy it while your metabolism is still high and calories burn without much affort!

4) Enjoy your time with family and friends, who knows where life will take you later.

5) Learn to ride a bike and to play an musical instrument

6) Dream big, nothing is too impossible! Work on acheiving your dreams, and know that although school seems unimportant it is the only mean to reach your dreams so do good! As much you hate school now, one day you will miss your school days!

I tag nido, Omar, KJ!

The rules for this tag are:
Post these rules before presenting your list.
List 6 actions or achievements you think every person should accomplish before turning 18.
There are no conditions on what can be included on the list.
At the end of your blog, choose 6 people to get tagged and list their names.
People who are tagged write their own blog entry with their 6 suggestions.
Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My new snack...

I am back to my weight loss mission! I have to lose 10lb by the end of May! Except it is not going so well!

Today I thought I will have a good healthy yummy snack! I shared a banana with Bilal. I had just finished making him a peanut butter sandwich and a chocolate milk. So I thought hmmmm,I will spread some peanut butter on my half of a banana, then I decided to add a tad of nesquick on it, just a drop to sweeten it! It was sooooooooooooo yummy! I decided another one won't hurt, so I made another banana and it was as yummy! I am so glad I only had two bananas left or else I would have had more!! I will not be buying bananas for a while now!

I will do 1hr of cardio today instead of my planned 30min to make myself feel better for over indulging! But Bananas ARE healthy, peanut butter is healthy as well..and I just had a tiny bit of chocolate so it is not too bad ya3ni eh?? yah if I only had the half banana I started out with! so Yeh but I am still doing 60min of cardio!

I wish I was a bear!!

Not a polar bear, because apparently they do not hibernate! I guess it does not get cold enough for them in artic.

Remember how I was praying that the ice will melt?? Well it didn't! I had to go out two times today to shovel the ice off my sidewalks! They kinda of melted after I threw salt on them...But I still had to shovel and lift the 1 inch ice sheets of the ground to the snow bank....Now my neck and back are in so much pain! I am so getting a message soon! I deserve it after all this without hubby sucks....! I hate winter!

I went to my friend's house in Mississauga, we had a fun! The kids played with the cat , now we have to get a cat! eya ya ya...driving home was so scary though! After above zero temperatures today some of the snow melted and the streets were all wet, now it is below zero and all the water has turned into ice! Driving on the highway and the main streets is ok, but driving on side streets and the ramp into the highway was scary! Getting off the main street into the side street leading to my house I was driving at 20km/hr, and that felt too fast on the ice rink that is the street! There was a car on the highway parked facing the opposite direction, I guess he skidded, after seeing him I drove even slower I was doing 70km/hr on the 401!

Wake me up when February is over and all the bad weather is gone....what ever happened to global warming??? hello!! ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, February 18, 2008

Please let the ice melt!

Please let the ice melt, please let the ice melt, please let the ice melt, please please please ya rab!

I hate winter, I hate snow, I hate it when it rains and the snow turns to ice! Will this winter never end??

Please pray with me that the ice melts from the sidewalk, the driveway and the street that the annoying town of milton plow people did not clear proberly! We are not in Saskatoon for god's sake! Do not shave the snow and call it a day! sheesh! Inshallah the weather forcast is wrong and it will be above 0 for few days! Please give us a break!

Friday, February 15, 2008

rants, rants and more rants...

I will try not to write anything girly in this post...ah who am I kidding, guys be warned, there may be girly stuff in this post!

I need to buy a new jacket, something that is casual! I also need to buy poor Ziad some gloves. No big deal you are thinking right?? EXEPT STORES HAVE ALREADY CLEARED THEIR WINTER STOCKS AND ARE ALREDY STOCKED WITH SUMMER CLOTHES! Who the hell buys summer clothes in February when it is still below zero degrees and few inches on snow on the ground??!! Why do they do this! There are still two months of winter left, kids lose their gloves, and people get sick of their clothes that they still have to wear for two more months! I do not buy summer clothes until May when I can actually wear them! Why would I want to buy clothes now only to put them in my closet and look at them for three months?? I will be going to the outlet mall today; hopefully they still have winter clothes up! Seriously people! Of course Amman is not better! I wanted to buy sweaters and a boots, but in late November they still had summer stuff on display and just a bit of winter clothes! Jeez!

Since I am in a venting mood, let me talk about snow! Have I mentioned how much I hate it?? I got stuck in the snow TWO times getting out of my DRIVEWAY! Luckily I was blocking the garbage truck so the guys got out and gave me a push! Later that night my getting stuck coincided with two cars coming on each side! Two cute guys gave me a push! So to those four guys that got me unstuck on Wednesday, THANK YOU! I would have not left my house seeing how my street was not ploughed yet, but in the morning I had to get Zozo to school, and at night we had to go out and buy him valentine’s cards and a snowsuit.

BTW Ziad started school and so far so good! He does not come home with a ton of homework, he does not have a million books to study with, and he loves it so far! Best thing he starts at 9am not 7:30! So we do not have to get up super early and be all pooped by 8pm! He comes home at 4:00 so I actually get a chance to miss him, not like a 1:00pm dismissal! I never got to do anything while the kids were at school in Amman! The one thing I miss though is the bus actually coming to our doorstep, luckily we are on a corner lot and we just have to cross the street, so I can leave Bilal in watching TV and not have to get him dressed as well.

My back is so sore from shovelling snow! NO NO not just my back, my neck, wrists and arms o and for some reason my legs are sore as well, it may be because I have to go up and down the stairs a million times a day! But hey it is exercise so I do not mind it! Speaking of exercise I really have to start working out! I am not a nice fat person! I have gained 10lb and I need to lose them! I am waiting for the bad weather to pass and for premier fitness to officially open so I can join! And for the snow to melt so we can walk to the park! I am so looking forward to summer! This has been the coldest winter ever for me! First the indoor cold in Amman, and now the snow in Canada! A girl just can not get a break! *sigh*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a snow of so many...

Did I ever mention how much I hate snow??? Well just in case you did not read the million snow complaints I have already posted, now you know!

We just came in from shovelling the snow in our driveway and sidewalks....The kids helped of course, they each have a small shovel and they are adorable "helping"...ok it is more like I shovel and push the snow into the snow bank, and they put the snow from the snow bank on the sidewalk...but it is ok, their shovels are small, so the damage is minimal!

Seriously what is up with the snow, why does it love me so much! I wish it would stop following me!

On a happy note, we are finally home and settled down! All our stuff has been unpacked! My back is super sore!! I have been so busy for the past two weeks; I just realized that I have let myself go! My skin is dry because I keep on forgetting to put moisturizer on, my hair needs colouring and hair everywhere needs to be waxed, shave and plucked, my nails are all ugly and undone! It is a good thing hubby is away! Well it has all been taken care of now!

So yes we are finally home now, it took so much time and effort to get our house ready! Hubby kept on telling me not to spend too much and I kept on ahaing and oking him...he is going to have a heart attack when he sees the visa statements...hahaha...

There are so many things you take for granted, and TV is one of them...we have been TV less for two days now and we are missing it...We always have the TV on for background noise...none of us can stand the quietness. Our TV was at my parents' house, but it did not fit in my I am waiting for my brothers to bring it...if it was not for the snow I would be watching TV as I type this instead of this eerie quietness. The cable guy will be here tomorrow, but there is no TV! O well he can hook up the internet and the phone...and we will do the cable later. Thank god for my laptop! We are watching DVD's on the laptop here and there during the kids' quite time.

ps. this is depressing....all of our hard work is not covered with few inches on snow! I hate u snow!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


If you ever read the headlines "Woman murdrers husband after an argument about moving for the millionth time" , know it is me! Hubby has been talking to a friend and he said he can find him a job in Qatar! La Qatar wala bateekh! I am not moving ever again! NEVER! I am putting my foot down!

We are still at my parent's house. Our house needs alot of work!
We moved the furniture upstairs but it needs to be tidied up. I have to put my bed together, and buy beds for the boys.

Yesterday I went to walmart and bought all the cleaning stuff, and I still have to buy food, and other stuff so our house is livable! Is so much work I tell ya!
There is a snow storm today (*&^^%$%^$^_*^&$%$^$) so I am staying put and not doing anything! A little break, except I do not want it because I would like to be able to go home ASAP! Ziad has to start school soon!

The goods news is that I bought a car! Well I do not have it yet, but our friends were nice enough to lend us thier extra car. We subleased it for 2.5years, and if we love it we will buy it at the end of the term. It is black, I really wanted silver but beggers can not be choosers! The monthly payment on it is only $380, just a bit move than what we were paying for the civic! It is a much bigger car! We had to compromise, I wanted a small cute car, hubby wanted a van so we got this! Phew can you see me driving a van?? I am too tiny for a van at 5'1! I have insurance all set up, and just need hubby's signature!

The people we subleased from turned out to be arabs! They got a job in California and could not take the car with them, so they needed to get rid of the lease and are too frustrated ya 7aram! Bas i really wish it was silver! I would have been alot happier! bas o well, black is ok ya3ni eh??

Why doesn't the spell check work here anymore?? I do not want to have to take my stuff to word to check it ! UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH especially that i got the picture in the right spot!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back in Canada

Phew am I ever tired!

It was a long trip!

Our flight from Amman to Abu dhabi was great, right on time, the kids were perfect! I did get annoyed with the people at the airport! Why do us women have to leave our luggage all alone to be screened by the machine and then go stand in line to be hand searched! why don't they they just put the search room close to the machine! So annoying!

Abu dhabi airport was so crowded! We did not find any place to sit. We walked and walked! Bilal was very annoying! I kicked myself a million times for not staying at the hotel for those 6 hours! We were so tired, we finally sat on the stairs! Our flight was delayed by 2 hours, then another hour while we sat on the plane waiting for connecting passengers! Then because some idiots were fighting over seats the pilot could not take off while they were standing and arguing! if you boarding pass says seat 38F then sit in 38F, do not go to 34C ...sheesh! Finally the pilot warned them that the airport closes in 10minutes and if they do not take their seats the flight will be cancelled!

The flight was sooo long, almost 15hrs! I watched 2 arabic movies and two american movies, plus some sitcomes. I also slept a bit! I hope I did not snore! I am so tired now!

We have been at my parents house for few hours...

Hubby left Amman on thursday, at 3:30 am, he is still at the airport as I write this! He got to Montreal on Thursday night, and went to the airport to take his flight to Saskatoon on Friday morning! There is a lay over in Toronto. There was a snow storm in Toronto, so his flight was cancelled! He spent an extra night in montreal, and flew to Toronto this morning! Something happened and his flight kept on getting delayed, so he told them to cancel and put him Monday's flight. He is waiting for his friend at the airport to bring him here! Poor hubby, eh?
PS: I am enjoying the warmth here! I am not wearing any socks and only my PJ without any extra shirts....yay!