Wednesday, February 6, 2008


If you ever read the headlines "Woman murdrers husband after an argument about moving for the millionth time" , know it is me! Hubby has been talking to a friend and he said he can find him a job in Qatar! La Qatar wala bateekh! I am not moving ever again! NEVER! I am putting my foot down!

We are still at my parent's house. Our house needs alot of work!
We moved the furniture upstairs but it needs to be tidied up. I have to put my bed together, and buy beds for the boys.

Yesterday I went to walmart and bought all the cleaning stuff, and I still have to buy food, and other stuff so our house is livable! Is so much work I tell ya!
There is a snow storm today (*&^^%$%^$^_*^&$%$^$) so I am staying put and not doing anything! A little break, except I do not want it because I would like to be able to go home ASAP! Ziad has to start school soon!

The goods news is that I bought a car! Well I do not have it yet, but our friends were nice enough to lend us thier extra car. We subleased it for 2.5years, and if we love it we will buy it at the end of the term. It is black, I really wanted silver but beggers can not be choosers! The monthly payment on it is only $380, just a bit move than what we were paying for the civic! It is a much bigger car! We had to compromise, I wanted a small cute car, hubby wanted a van so we got this! Phew can you see me driving a van?? I am too tiny for a van at 5'1! I have insurance all set up, and just need hubby's signature!

The people we subleased from turned out to be arabs! They got a job in California and could not take the car with them, so they needed to get rid of the lease and are too frustrated ya 7aram! Bas i really wish it was silver! I would have been alot happier! bas o well, black is ok ya3ni eh??

Why doesn't the spell check work here anymore?? I do not want to have to take my stuff to word to check it ! UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH especially that i got the picture in the right spot!


Anonymous said...

Definitely put your foot down..loool at la qatar wala bateekh :D
I hope you settle down soon in your home, you and the kids will feel much better..

As for the spell check ,it's not working with me either..

nido said...

Mabroook for the car:D It's a very good payment!! and black is nice but u should keep it clean :)
So when are you guys moving to Qatar :p?? J/K! Good luck with everything you're up to :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Take it easy little lady, you'll look awesome in your soccer-mommy mini-van :)

Hope you have fun settling in..

I hear Qatar is awesome! So .. you know, it can't hurt

Simply ME said...

i love black cars! mine was black back in Amman.. the silver color change with time, it gets lighter and ugly.. black is nicer and more elegant. :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

leaving from country to country every now and then is way beyond tiring!! you have to settle down.. you need to relax..

Mabrook for the car :)

Anonymous said...

lol @ wife murder. It's just hard to be unsetteled wo on the go especially with kids. Bas heyyy, Mabrouk el car!!! its cute! I love it.

tinkerbella said...

mabrook for your new car

and LOL, inshallah ur hubby has changed his mind about moving.... for his sake ;)

KJ said...

LOOOOOOOOL reading your posts always crack me up!


I have moved twice WITHIN the city and I am going nuts.. imagine moving OUTSIDE! Ugh... I HATE the process!

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i drive a silver civic :D mabrookeh il siyara sam, and hopefully u will settle down and acheive peace of mind soon :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

mabrook 3al car...looks so nice :)

and yeah moving AGAIN is not fun at all...u need to settle down for sometime before even thinking about it! ba3dein 7ada bikoun 3ayesh bi Canada and move to Qatar! in Canada is way much better than any gulf country...from so many aspects!

Best of luck..