Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a snow of so many...

Did I ever mention how much I hate snow??? Well just in case you did not read the million snow complaints I have already posted, now you know!

We just came in from shovelling the snow in our driveway and sidewalks....The kids helped of course, they each have a small shovel and they are adorable "helping"...ok it is more like I shovel and push the snow into the snow bank, and they put the snow from the snow bank on the sidewalk...but it is ok, their shovels are small, so the damage is minimal!

Seriously what is up with the snow, why does it love me so much! I wish it would stop following me!

On a happy note, we are finally home and settled down! All our stuff has been unpacked! My back is super sore!! I have been so busy for the past two weeks; I just realized that I have let myself go! My skin is dry because I keep on forgetting to put moisturizer on, my hair needs colouring and hair everywhere needs to be waxed, shave and plucked, my nails are all ugly and undone! It is a good thing hubby is away! Well it has all been taken care of now!

So yes we are finally home now, it took so much time and effort to get our house ready! Hubby kept on telling me not to spend too much and I kept on ahaing and oking him...he is going to have a heart attack when he sees the visa statements...hahaha...

There are so many things you take for granted, and TV is one of them...we have been TV less for two days now and we are missing it...We always have the TV on for background noise...none of us can stand the quietness. Our TV was at my parents' house, but it did not fit in my I am waiting for my brothers to bring it...if it was not for the snow I would be watching TV as I type this instead of this eerie quietness. The cable guy will be here tomorrow, but there is no TV! O well he can hook up the internet and the phone...and we will do the cable later. Thank god for my laptop! We are watching DVD's on the laptop here and there during the kids' quite time.

ps. this is depressing....all of our hard work is not covered with few inches on snow! I hate u snow!


Sel3 said...

you said it is a snow post, then came the moisturizer and nails and whatever... why why why... put a warning or something please.

Simply ME said...

But great thing you have an internet!!! :D no>?! Well when my hubby has work or is out for a day, i get all excited because it means this it the time for hair, eyebrows, waxing, nail polish !!!

nido said...

You've been missed Sam! Waiting for more and more posts about "snow" hehe...Sel3's comment made me laugh:D

I can't imagine having a TV at my home! We've been TV less since we got married and I don't think I can stand it's background noise, not anymore!
Hope the snow goes away and yr husband arrives safe :)

Summer said...

Glad you are all settled in and doing well! missed reading you for the past couple of weeks. i bet you are much warmer than you were in amman despite the very cold temperatures!:)

Maher said...

They say it gonna snow tonight in Amman.... waaa333333!!!

If i wake up and see the white snow tom..i think i am gonna have a heartattack or something!


7aki Fadi said...

hahaha sel3.

Sam, please don't get me started on the snow, it has not stopped snowing since mid January it feels, Gosh I am just tired of it. Makes my trip to work just miserable.

I HATE SNOW, well I hate having to get out of the house when it snows :( .

And wow Nido, no TV, that is just amazing, bravo wallah. I wish we didn’t have 3 TV’s in our house, yes THREE. One on every floor and honestly I hate the TV but I love it at the same time, it’s like a love hate relationship.

Omar said...

honestly, after this dreadful winter I'm seriously considering moving away for good. I even applied to a job in california

mr.anonymous said...

sel3 right on man!!!

sam, ur in the land of snow..ur following it not the other way around! I'm glad ur happy back home.

Sam said...

sel3 sorry...but u know me, i cant just stick to one subject:)

Dima yeh when hubby is away i do all the stuff that he thinks miracolously happens on its own...:)

thanks nido..u r so tv huh?? I'd go crazy!

summer thanks:) we are alot warmer here!:)

maher no way..u r the only person in jordan who hates the snow like me..everyone was so annoyingly happy with the snow! grrrrrrrrrrr...

7aki yeh too much snow this year...tooooooo annoying! the years i spent in saskatoon there was hardly any is so unfair!

omar good luck with your job search..i hope u find a job in cali and get a break from the snow..i wish hubby would consider that..but nooooo:(

MR anon..haha...well seriously the snow did follow me! I lived in saskatoon for 2yrs and there was hardly any snow in ontario while saskatoon got record snow for those two years..i go to amman and it snows two times!..i move back here and it snows like crazy in ontario! Im sure if i go to california it will snow there!