Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am so happy! Hubby just accepted a job in Ontario at the company he worked at before moving to SK! He will start as soon as possible! We are going to be one big happy family again inshallah!

But now the stress starts, I know hubby will be doing it all, but still I am the one getting stressed! What to do with our furniture and stuff there!!

Hubby will drive so he can put all the books and stuff in the car with him, but uggh! Ok take a deep breath in, breath out, in , out...relax me! sheesh!

So yeh yay!


Anonymous said...

horayyy!!! sounds AWESOME. Here we go again Sam one last time for the better of things for the whole fam :D Happy for you.

kinzi said...

Bravo!! God loves you and so must your mother-in-law!! Major congrats, this will be a move to look forward to!

Maher said...

Mabroook alf mabroook!
so..i hope i got it living in that city is your dream? :s

tinkerbella said...

YAAAAY!! Mabrook inshallah, thats amazing :)
Insha Allah good luck in his new job and hope he loves loves LOVES it so no more moving for Sam :D

Hamza said...

w00t Ontario.

you are gonna be closer and much merrier especially with the ppl you already knew.

time to get out your dusted phonebook ;)

Oriental Arabesque said...

alf mabrook...and best of luck :)

KJ said...



Don't you wish they'd just finish inventing those teleportation devices already!

Diana said...

Great news! I'm happy for you Sam :)

7aki Fadi said...

Mabrook Sam, this is great news! Finally a united one happy family

USAincognito said...

I know how it is to have snow. I am surrounded by close to 6 feet of it!! I am so ready for winter to be over with!!
Hoorah on joining a gymn!! Once I get over this pneumonia & influenza, I will be back to the gym. Will have to start out slowly again as my body is weakened from this sickness. Oh well. Will just be good to get back to the gym!! :)