Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy birthday my Dear blog!

OOps!!! I missed my blog birthday!!

Happy first bday Sam's blog!

It has been a nice year, my blog has been there for me when I needed to talk and no one else in the real world was there to listen...it has been a place I can blah blah all I want without someone rolling his eyes, and even if someone does roll his/her eyes, who cares! I can not see them!
7aki fadi inspired me to start my own blog after reading everyone else's blogs for about a year, I know I am such a copy cat!

On a totally different subject, I FINALLY got my car!! There is a big difference between driving a 1995 Accord and 2006 Accord! My new baby is so quite, I have to listen hard to see if it has turned on or not! I am not a big fan of black cars, but it is growing on me already! I am very thankful for our friends who lent me their car for the past 25 days! They are the nicest and sweetest people I know!

On another totally different subject, it is going to snow tomorrow! The snow has finally almost melted off our street and it comes again tomorrow! KILL ME PLEASE!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Happy blogoversary :)

And Mabrook the new Car :)

And sorry you're going to enjoy more snow tomorrow.

nido said...

lol at "I have to listen hard to see if it has turned on or not!"

I know exactly what this means now! hehe...

I love the cake and kol saneh ou into salmeeen :)

Simply ME said...

Happy Birthday 'my home away from home'.. :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

happy BD Sam's blog :) mine completed 1 year as well (didn't celebrate it though :p)
and mabrook for the car...nice feeling isn't it? :)

Summer said...

Happy blogging for another 100 years!

Hamza said...

happy birthday for your blog. :)

and hi5 to you for the accord. Now we share something in common. :)

kinzi said...

Happy blogoversary, Sam!!! You have been a FUN and interesting addition to the blogging world!!

lol...it doesn't matter if they roll their eyes as you can't see them! Great way to look at it!

Mabruuk issayara too...that sounds like a VERY nice accessory for you!! See what you get for being patient with taxis? :)

mr.anonymous said...

Happy birthday sam's blog..yeah I hear u buddy..you feel like a 100 years old with all the rambling that woman has put on u.. :P

and accords rule!!great piece of machine u got there inside out..gratz!

KJ said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!

LOOOL @ snow hahaha... it is the perfect opportunity to take out your - mabrook mabrook - new Accord and spin in circles... release heat to melt the ice!

Or come to 30 degrees sunny Dubai in February

7aki Fadi said...

Happy birthday blog!

And you were my first loyal reader and commentator, I was like, heeeeeey, someone is reading my
7aki fadi, yaaaaaay. I was happy hwne you started a blog :).

Good stuff Sam :).

Qu.ing said...

lol I think I'm past 18 long time ago and I don't think that these stuff will bring happiness to the person but yeah you got a point.

maybe the most important one of these points is the one that tells to spend the time with the family and friends and that's totally true and should be done at any age as long as you can to.

asoom said...

Happy 1 year! 3u'bal meet sana!