Friday, February 15, 2008

rants, rants and more rants...

I will try not to write anything girly in this post...ah who am I kidding, guys be warned, there may be girly stuff in this post!

I need to buy a new jacket, something that is casual! I also need to buy poor Ziad some gloves. No big deal you are thinking right?? EXEPT STORES HAVE ALREADY CLEARED THEIR WINTER STOCKS AND ARE ALREDY STOCKED WITH SUMMER CLOTHES! Who the hell buys summer clothes in February when it is still below zero degrees and few inches on snow on the ground??!! Why do they do this! There are still two months of winter left, kids lose their gloves, and people get sick of their clothes that they still have to wear for two more months! I do not buy summer clothes until May when I can actually wear them! Why would I want to buy clothes now only to put them in my closet and look at them for three months?? I will be going to the outlet mall today; hopefully they still have winter clothes up! Seriously people! Of course Amman is not better! I wanted to buy sweaters and a boots, but in late November they still had summer stuff on display and just a bit of winter clothes! Jeez!

Since I am in a venting mood, let me talk about snow! Have I mentioned how much I hate it?? I got stuck in the snow TWO times getting out of my DRIVEWAY! Luckily I was blocking the garbage truck so the guys got out and gave me a push! Later that night my getting stuck coincided with two cars coming on each side! Two cute guys gave me a push! So to those four guys that got me unstuck on Wednesday, THANK YOU! I would have not left my house seeing how my street was not ploughed yet, but in the morning I had to get Zozo to school, and at night we had to go out and buy him valentine’s cards and a snowsuit.

BTW Ziad started school and so far so good! He does not come home with a ton of homework, he does not have a million books to study with, and he loves it so far! Best thing he starts at 9am not 7:30! So we do not have to get up super early and be all pooped by 8pm! He comes home at 4:00 so I actually get a chance to miss him, not like a 1:00pm dismissal! I never got to do anything while the kids were at school in Amman! The one thing I miss though is the bus actually coming to our doorstep, luckily we are on a corner lot and we just have to cross the street, so I can leave Bilal in watching TV and not have to get him dressed as well.

My back is so sore from shovelling snow! NO NO not just my back, my neck, wrists and arms o and for some reason my legs are sore as well, it may be because I have to go up and down the stairs a million times a day! But hey it is exercise so I do not mind it! Speaking of exercise I really have to start working out! I am not a nice fat person! I have gained 10lb and I need to lose them! I am waiting for the bad weather to pass and for premier fitness to officially open so I can join! And for the snow to melt so we can walk to the park! I am so looking forward to summer! This has been the coldest winter ever for me! First the indoor cold in Amman, and now the snow in Canada! A girl just can not get a break! *sigh*


kinzi said...

God bless you, dear Sam, as you shovel and shop! I can't believe they have summer stuff out, that makes me cold just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

lol@ getting to actually miss him. Yeah, I almost forgot how I used to be dismissed so early in Damascus. Till I went this fall and you didnt get the chance to get rid of them to actually have them back!

KJ said...

Loool @ snow... omg I can't even imagine what I will do if I live in a country where it snows!

*basks in a 27 degree sunny Dubai*

Dandoon said...

I know whats up with that!
It was near impossible to find a jacket in January...3njad habal
Try Laura they are still stocked wth Jackets..Zara had new Jackets out end of January believe it or not..try them. if you find winter items these you would probably get a nice discount on Good luck

MommaBean said...

Awww, we're so missing you, but I do wish I were in the Sate with REAL central heat. Sorry for your getting stuck woes. Know we're thinking of you and missing you in Amman :).

tinkerbella said...

omg, I am so with you on the winter clothes thing, it is RIDICULOUS! I told my mom not to bring a jacket l2no all the nice ones are on sale now and she can get really nice jackets here...bass enfada7et, we couldnt find jackets ANYWHERE, thank God it was relatively warm and her fall jacket is enough... we finally found some in the mall the other day and she bought one, just before it got cold again!

I think they put out the summer clothes because ppl are getting sick of the cold weather and more likely to buy summery clothes to start getting in the mood for summer, bass I agree, its SOOO stupid to have NO winter clothes AT ALL...esp in Canada, where winter drags on and on and onnnnnnnnnn

bass yall, glad to hear you are starting to get settled in :)

Sam said...

kinzi yeh it is so annoying! But my sister actually found a jacket for yippy:)

batoul yeh an early dismissal sucks...i love how they actually get to spend alot of time in school now...:)

KJ you will join us in complaining about the can be nice if it only snowed once a going to pray hard for that! but then again we enjoy having lots of water and greenery so maybe i wont..

dandoon yeh i saw that they had a jacket on display at laura but i never went in..hmmmm yeh the discounts are nice...

mamabean...i miss u guys as well...u'd better not have a cookie party without me! :)

tinker..o no ya 7aram..3an jad fdaye7! im glad u found a jacket before the cold started...!