Monday, February 18, 2008

Please let the ice melt!

Please let the ice melt, please let the ice melt, please let the ice melt, please please please ya rab!

I hate winter, I hate snow, I hate it when it rains and the snow turns to ice! Will this winter never end??

Please pray with me that the ice melts from the sidewalk, the driveway and the street that the annoying town of milton plow people did not clear proberly! We are not in Saskatoon for god's sake! Do not shave the snow and call it a day! sheesh! Inshallah the weather forcast is wrong and it will be above 0 for few days! Please give us a break!


Sel3 said...


Oriental Arabesque said...

Reading your posts makes me feel so insensitive if I start complaining about sunny and hot UAE in February.
I had to switch on the AC yesterday! :(

ya3ni mish ya to'7o ya ekser mo'7o!!
shi ow mino ya allah :(

Anonymous said...

This year is so wierd, since when does it snow in Jordan and Canada nonstop blizzards? Yallah inshallah February ends and ends the winter with you. Im with you on it Sam.

Koko Perhe said...

Hey Sam! I just had to pop over and say that I am happy to see you back on MLW! I also wanted to let you know that I changed the title of my blog! Hope the ice melts soon!

Maher said...

i think i am the only dude..who doesnt want it to snow..because i want to go to uni.. and have normal lectures :S

KJ said...

Spraying salt on the snow actually lets it melt faster

Sam said...

sel3 :)

mais u r so lucky..enjoy the warmth!

batoul yeh it has been a weird winter! i was so not excpecting this!

Denise thank you...u r a sweety for always visiting my blog:)

maher yeh u r weird man! actually wanting to go to uni and not stay home and relax because of the snow that never came..*lol*

KJ salt and sand help...but unless it gets very warm you still have to take the icesheets of the ground...