Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my driver's licence picture!

I just got my Ontario driver's licence in the mail and for once I actually like my picture! My hair is perfect, not flat here and puffy on another side, my makeup is perfect, my smile is not weird or half a smile and it actually look like me! Yay! Now I can not wait until someone asks me for a photo ID!

The good news is I get to keep it until 2013! Yay! I wish I could say the same about my passport picture!

I'd show you guys, but I do not have a scanner here! But when I get a scanner I will show you my great licence picture!

I will be going to get my ontario health insurance card soon, let's hope the picture is as good! please please please!


KJ said...

wooohooo! Congrats on the license! MOTORISTS BEWARE!!!


I know this method of "not having a scanner". You just don't want to show us how abysmal you look :P SO you stage a performance saying you look wonderful when in fact you look quite ghastly. You promise to post the photo as soon as you get a scanner then you hope we'd forget about it as the posts come along and no one would ask again.


Anonymous said...

LOL! you don't wanna see my DL picture!! oh my god, it's sooooooooooooooooooooo ugly, i was really sick, and they forced me to go cuz taking another appointment was just so hard :(

Sam said...

KJ *gasps* u mean u do not beleive me?? would i come and post about my so cute picture if i was not happy with it...shame shame on u kj! :p

maioush...that is how my old drivers licence picture was...my face so cold and red and they took my picture..and my passport picture..oy! scary!

nido said...

Let's just hope this "someone" asking for yr photo ID wont be a police man stopping you while driving :p
this post is so funny :D

Sam said...

nido haha..so true..bas i would not mind it if it was a cute cop...ah who am i kidding..lets hope no cops stop me..i've never been stopped before...bas i guess now with a good licence picture i wont worry if the cop coming coming out is a cutie ..eh?:)

Anonymous said...

lol oh man! those pictures are never good for me, I look like an assassin in each one of those, lucky you Sam.

Anonymous said...

The thing about mine, is that I got the picture when my hair was long, and now I'm bald (I shave it this way not natuaraly bald :D) So every time a cop sees my licence he switches looks between the licence and me, and then he asks "Is that really you?!" I hate when this happens!