Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My new snack...

I am back to my weight loss mission! I have to lose 10lb by the end of May! Except it is not going so well!

Today I thought I will have a good healthy yummy snack! I shared a banana with Bilal. I had just finished making him a peanut butter sandwich and a chocolate milk. So I thought hmmmm,I will spread some peanut butter on my half of a banana, then I decided to add a tad of nesquick on it, just a drop to sweeten it! It was sooooooooooooo yummy! I decided another one won't hurt, so I made another banana and it was as yummy! I am so glad I only had two bananas left or else I would have had more!! I will not be buying bananas for a while now!

I will do 1hr of cardio today instead of my planned 30min to make myself feel better for over indulging! But Bananas ARE healthy, peanut butter is healthy as well..and I just had a tiny bit of chocolate so it is not too bad ya3ni eh?? yah if I only had the half banana I started out with! so Yeh but I am still doing 60min of cardio!


KJ said...

Yes peanut butter and bannanas are both healthy but you need to know that they are usually given to us skinny ones so we can gain weight - in fact what you have eaten is what weightlifters should eat after training!

Oriental Arabesque said...

don't u just crave more sweets and chocolates when it's cold?
i hate that :(

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

great..at least you are trying :)

I want to work on the what i'm eating these days.. i am having a lot of junk food lately and i better watch out!

Sam said...

Kj i do realize that they are both high calories ..but even when on a diet to lose weight a person still needs 30% of fat and 30% protein in our diet...so that is a perfect snack when taken in moderation only one banana and a tablespoon of pp for a 200cal balanced snack..it is hard to get 30% protein without eating a snack high in proteins:)

mais yeh it is so annoying..i always gain weight in winter because u crave more foods and activity is limited...i cant wait fot the summer , walks to the park, playing at the park and the gym..im going to be super skinny ...inshallah:)

amal..yeh trying is the word..although it is already 11 am and im still doing good on my eating plan:)