Monday, July 30, 2007


My animation thingie on the side is not working anymore! Now 7aki and Who-sane will be very happy!

And I have been feeling very sad about my little blog! *sniff, sniff*.

No one ever leaves comments anymore *waaaaaah* I am kinda of feeling hurt here! *sniff*

I am officially boycotting everyone and not leaving any comments on any blogs I visit until I start getting comments again! *mad* *sad**mad*

Ok there I said it :p

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Everyone Loves Marineland

"There's a place I know, in Ontario, where the sea lions kiss, so the story goes, its amazing shows and Friendship Cove, Everyone loves Marineland!"

We went to Marine Land this weekend. It was fun; I have not been there since hmmmmmmm forever, since before I got married. It is a lot nicer now. The kids had a blast, and yeh I did too. We went on most of the kiddies rides. Except for the few that Bolbol was too small to ride on!

We got stuck on the roller coaster, I was thankful it was the kid’s roller coaster we were stuck on and not the huge one! Which I did not get a chance to go on this time, but it is ok. I’ve been on those huge roller coasters too many times to count, but I have never been on the kid’s rides before.

It was a gloomy rainy day; it rained most of the morning! It poured on us and ah my hair! My poor poor hair! I straightened in the morning, and within few minutes it was curly! We finally decided that it is not going to stop raining and bought some for those raincoats they sell. We all looked funny, in a cute kind of way, but 10 minutes later the sun came out and we all got dry! Go figure! It was actually fun being in the rain; I have not been out in the rain for so long!

We got to feed the deer, and then the bears! Two bears were so faj3aneen. Bolbol and I threw them all of our crackers and cookies and they still wanted more! The deer were so cute. The whales were incredible! Those orcas and the belugas, wow! So much fun to watch under water! And the dolphins were so darned cute! Oooo and the seals too! The kids were amazed at them all; they have never seen these big sea mammals up close.

And OMG OMG OMG! Three more day before we leave to Amman! I still did not find my perfect black, cute, but still comfy to wear all over black shoes! It is so annoying! They have tons of beige shows, and I want to buy and buy them…but I can only take so many shoes with me! And I need black ones to go with my black skirts and Capri’s! Uff! What age do we live in when you can not find the perfect black comfy but still cute shoes with heels (since I am a shortie)

I am so dreading packing again! I heard that they lowered the weight restriction to only 23Kg for international flight going out of Toronto, but I can not find any of this information on their airport’s website, they just say to refer to your carrier. Well not that I will be packing more than 23kg per bag, but you never know! Shoes do weight a lot!

Ok enough babbling! I will be spending six whole hours at Abu dhabi airport before going to Amman. I will be meeting with my cousin who I grew up with, but have not seen since 1993. It will be fun seeing him again, even if it is for few hours.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Blah Blah

I love being here; there is so much to do. There are lots of people to visit and hang around with as apposed to the nice people I know in Saskatoon (and again this includes three babies). Today we went to a picnic at the beach and although I thought it would be boring, it was actually a lot of fun. The kids had a blast and I got to spend time with lots of people I have not seen for months. We went canoeing and for the first time ever I was not worried about falling out. I had my life jacket and did not have to worry about losing my contacts! of course we did not fall out. The kids loved it. I went with my brother in law, my nephew and Zozo. I was rowing but was not really helping at all, my brother had to do all the work. But I did get a good upper body workout. I ran so much after Mr Bilal AKA Mr Runaway, I am sure I burned a million calories today!

Poor hubby is depressed! I feel so bad for him. I wish I can make it better. I guess the best thing I can do is speak more Arabic to the kids so we get over this soon and be together again, hopefully in Toronto because Saskatoon is so darned boring! Mostly because the people we know there are super boring and are not fun to hang around with.

I feel so fat, I have got to lose weight…waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I hate being fat! Everyone says I have lost weight, gosh these people need glasses, I am huge!

I really hate this I have to have Tim Horton’s cash with me all the time! I love how at Tim Horton’s in Western Canada you can pay by debit or visa. So I never have to worry about having enough cash! I’ve had to drive past Timmy’s few times this past week when I really wanted some coffee due to this no cash thing.

I love driving on the highway. I do not believe some people do not like it. (Looking towards someone whose blog starts with 7) I have really missed highway driving in Saskatoon. Since there are no nearing cities to drive to, all my driving is in the city, zzzzzzz boooring! But here I have to drive between Hamilton and Mississauga few times a week. It is so carefree, speeding, but not enough to have to pay a hefty fine. I am so going to miss when I am in Jordan. Heck I am going to miss driving period!

I have decided I am going to get into Harry potter! Few times in the past years I wanted to, but this fantasy stuff just did not appeal to me. But now I got to, I need to, I want to read all seven books and watch the DVDs! But I am going to Jordan, where the heck am I going to get the books?? It is not like there is a public library there! Something else both Ziad and I will miss. We enjoy our weekly library visits. Zozo comes back with 20 books, Bilal 5 board books, and I come back with 3 books. Zozo will not be too sad, because I will buy him a couple of Arabic children books every week or so, but what about me?? I do not want to buy books because I may not be able to bring them back to Canada with me, since they weigh a ton! Ah what a dilemma! *sniff, sniff*

Ok lastly OMG 10 days before we leave to Jordan, major butterflies in my tummy! What if my inlaws become different and like other inlaws I know...What if I do not like it there??
What if my kids do not like it? What if I am just not Arab enough and people will not like me there? What if I do not make any friends, I am so darned shy! What if am going to do with Bolbol when we go out, he is so horrible with running away from me! Stupid horrible 3’s! is it July 20th 2008 yet?
ps: I know the picture has nothing to do with my post..but I found it on my brother's computer and thought it cute...:)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy birthday to my baby!

Happy Birthday to You

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Bolbol

Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

you guys should be thanking your lucky stars that I am writing the song and not actually singing it with my not too nice singing voice...:)

So today July 20th three years ago, I was at the hospital giving birth to my second baby! All I can say is thank you Epidural! After 3hr and twenty minutes at the hospital my little angel was born. I have to admit he was an ugly new born! I almost wanted to say o no this cant be my baby! But few days later the newborn ugliness went away and he got cuter by the day, and he was soooo tiny! And now he is so darned cute! With the longest eye lashes ever and the cutest dark complexion!

So Today my baby turns three! We are not doing much for his bday this year! But I will make it up to him next year inshallah. We will be living in Toronto and I will go all out having his party at chucke cheese.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A busy day

I am so beat today. The kids and I went to the doctor’s for our yearly physical. I hate it..I had to do a blood test and not be a baby because my kids were there and I had to be brave…I wanted to be a baby and say aw aw aw…but nooooooooooo I smiled and didn’t even say ouchi or anything. I will not take them with me next year!

I didn’t eat all day, I only had a light breakfast before I left so my blood test will be accurate so by 4:00 pm I was starving and had a headache. The kids and I went to Harvey’s, since we have not eaten there in so long. There aren’t any Harvey’s in Saskatoon. I was so hungry I went all our. Usually I order the veggie burger or grilled chicken and a salad. But today I got a hamburger and a poutine! YUM! Ok it was not so yummy after I ate the whole thing.

Then we went to the mall. I wanted to look for a dress, no such luck and the store where I liked the dresses the other day didn’t have any size 4 in the dresses I wanted. Not even a 6 which would have fit ok too. So I have to go back to the mall in Hamilton and pray that they still have a 4 or a 6! This is why you should buy things when you first like then and not wait! But I did find a book to read on my flight by my favourite author! So I was happy about that. Before leaving the mall the kids and I stopped at dairy queen and got ice-cream! Since I was already bad today I decided to go all out, so I ordered the brownie volcano sundae. OMG it was so good! Well it was not so good after I finish the whole thing. Ok I did share with Bolbol! But he is such a slow eater; I ate the most of it L

A nice end to the day was a trip to the ER. After we got home, Bolbol was playing in the front yard and he ran off the neighbor’s yard to get away from my mom. A second later he screams bloody murder. We had no idea what happened. He kept on saying wawa , wawa. His finger started swelling up and we notices 2 small bites. I though maybe a spider, but it really looks like a snake fangs because there are 2 small little dots on either side of his finger. His finger swelled more and so did the lower part of his hand. To be on the safe side we took him to the ER. But while we were there the swelling started coming down and he was such a happy kid, running all over the ER. We didn’t wait that long, we were out within an hourJ He got a fish sticker, which he lost in the car coming home.
This is Bolbol’s 4th trip to the ER! The first two times we took him to get something out of is nose! Ah I am so thankful we are out of that sticking everything in his nose phase! Once there was a bead, and another time he has a whole freaking peanut! The other million of things he stuck in there hubby and I were able to get out. Once he had a very bad ear infection in the middle of the night, and now this a bite. I am a million years old and I have only been to ER once!

Let’s hope for a better day today. We are off to do more shopping and visiting friends later.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nahr Elbared song

My mom told me about this song and I just had to listen to it....then you know, I just had to blog it !:)

I am a huge fan of Palestinian patriotic song, my favourite song ever ever ever is min sijin 3aka.

I hope this song link works. It is a cute song about Nahr Elbared....and having so many childhood memories there, it makes me sad :(

Any is the song, it used Sijin 3aka music with different lyrics..

Sunday, July 15, 2007

We are finally home, well at my parent's house. Our flight was great! It was actually early this time! The kids were great on the plane! Air Canada finally has TV's on the planes! So the kids got to watch a some TV, I didn't even need to use our DVD players.

We had 5 bags, so heavy!! During our flight I was dreading getting our luggage. Each bag was 50lb. We had to pay extra because two of them had 55 and 53 lb. But I did it! I got the luggage out off the conveyor belt all alone and put them on the two carts all alone! NO help from anyone. Toronto airport does not have porters on the national flights area, and no one from outside can come in to help. At Saskatoon airport the baggage area is right by the door, so hubby usually does all the dirty luggage work!

Hubby was making fun of me for packing so much! He knows I am never a light traveler. You never know what happens when you are away from home, so you always need extra clothes. And let's not forget about all the toiletries a person needs. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotions, face wash and day time lotion, night time lotion, hair gel for straight hair, and another for curly hair, hair spray flexible hold for and extra hold, makeup, hair dryer, hair straighter, ah the list goes on! I wish I was one of those people that can travel with a small bag! But yeh no that will not be happening soon! We are allowed two 50lb bags, why not use them all??

Ok so now I am in Ontario, home sweet home! I actually felt bad leaving Saskatoon! And I am already missing hubby like crazy!! It is finally hitting! This morning I woke up with butterflies in my tummy! I will be thousand and thousands of miles away from my baby, is October ye??!:(

Zozo loves being here, he is talking so much. Bilal is not too happy I guess, he already misses his baba. He is only almost three though; he will be over it soon :)

I am off to the mall to find a dress for the wedding this afternoon, wish me luck! It is so hard to
find a cute dress that fits me with my 8lb that I have not lost that is somewhat msatar….*sigh*

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Packing sucks!

O man there is soooo much work to do! When we bought our house almost four years ago I said to hubby that I would not move again for the next twenty years! Then almost two years later I packed everything, put our furniture in the basement and gave away hundreds of things and came to live (temporarily) in Saskatoon. Now almost two years later I am doing the same thing! Sheesh! Call me bint ba6oo6!

I have to take five bags with us to Toronto. Two bags for our winter clothes; two other bags will have our summer clothes and shoes. The last one is for all the toiletries and other stuff. When I am in Ontario I will be shopping some more, so I will need one more bag for all those extras that I cannot live without and do not want to risk not finding my brands in AmmanJ

I am clearing out my apartment so everything here is hubby’s. When he leaves Saskatoon who knows when he will have to give away everything we own here. Except for the camcorder, and the hundreds of books we have. Those will have to be shipped home.
I tried not to buy too many books here bas it is hard not to! O well!

I think everything has been de cluttered here. I just hope that everything I want to take with me will fit in the bags I still have to pack! I threw so many things away, and now I have 10 garbage bags and 3 huge boxes of things that will be picked up tomorrow by the Canadian diabetes association! Hubby is so going to hate me while going all those trips downstairs to leave the bags to be picked up! An early morning exercise!

I will officially start packing tomorrow! I really hate packing! I will have to do it all over again when we come back to Canada from Amman! Lovely! After that I will not move again! Never ever ever! Hubby can go wherever he wants to go, I am so sick of moving, packing and giving my stuff and the kids stuff away. If I ever gain weight again (god forbid) I will not have any fat clothes, you know how horrible it is shopping for fat clothes?! And if I lose more than 10lb I do not have any ultra skinny clothes left! Hmm although it is really no problem shopping for skinny clothes, it is actually fun! And I doubt I will lose more than 10lb. Ok yeh I do not want to lose more than 10lb, ewww! We do not want a too skinny Sam, now do we? So never mind! Besides all my too skinny clothes are from college days, I will not be wearing them now even if I still had them. I really need to end this paragraph eh?!

Zozo is having a hard letting go of his things! Today he cried his eyes out because I told him we have to throw the markers away! Most of them are dry anyways because the kids keep on forgetting to put the caps back on! But still! I will leave them in a box here and hubby can throw them out when we are gone!
Ok so that was my vent for today, back to preparing to pack! Two weeks from now I will be packing our stuff again to go to Amman. Did I mention that I hate packing?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Monday, July 9, 2007

More rambling from me

OMG 24 more days until we are in Amman!!! Should I start panicking yet??
Ok let’s talk about something else…hmmmmmmmm


I finally bought my new laptop! Yippy! I went for an HP AMD Tarion, 1GB(will expand it to 2GB later), 160GB, 1.8GHz. Ok so I have no idea what they mean but hey it is a cute looking laptop. But it only has a French manual. I know some French, but not enough to read a whole freakin manual! Grrrrrr…I have put all my files, and favourites, downloaded messenger , it all ready to go.

This weekend I finally got my hair highlighted. Hubby is not too crazy about; he likes my hair dark. Bas I am sooooooo sick of the same colour, it is time for a change! I like it, and zozo likes it.

We went to pike lake yesterday and guess what? I still know how to swim! I even went down the water slide!!! I have never been down a waterslide! At the water parks I just stay in the pool because of my contacts! But now thanks to lazik I was able to go down the slide and not worry about losing my contacts when I hit the water. We went down four times. It was fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!

I so have got to start packing! Have our winter clothes all packed. I am praying that our clothes and stuff we want to take with us will fit in the 3bags I still have to pack!

I cannot wait to see my family in Ontario. I have not seen them since Christmas time! That is 7months ago! The longest I have ever gone without seeing them! We will spend two weeks in Hamilton at my parents’ house. I have so many friends I have to go visit all over the GTA area, get our yearly physical exams (YIKES), shop for a dress for the wedding and few other things, check up on my cute house, and have a birthday party for my son! These two weeks will go by so fast! I may not even have time to blog!! Ah who am I kidding, I will find time!

Ok so that is enough rambling for today. It is a yucky rainy day and I have people coming to clean my carpet. Last time hubby did such a bad job, he is not allowed to shampoo the carpet anymore!

Friday, July 6, 2007

why living with a smoker sucks

Forget about the second hand smoke. The stinky clothes that I have to wash everyday. The constant worries you have about your loved one’s health. The added expense of cigarettes; they cost $12/pack now and hubby promises that he will not stop smoking even if it reaches $1000/pack. The burns on my carpet and car seat (I am so killing hubby for that), and the disgusting ashtray sitting on my balcony.

No none of the above are as annoying as hearing ween elwla3a? (where is the lighter?) at least 5x a day, more on weekends. I mean seriously hubby is the one who lit the cigarette with it, why should I know where he put in when he wants to smoke again. Sometimes I get asked this question in the morning while I am in bed AFTER he has smoked his first morning cigarette. He has at least 7 lighters at home, few in the car some at work and still he manages to lose them all! I am going to get him one of those latches, like the one used for babies on the pacifier, to put around his neck with a lighter stuck to it.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Random Rambles

Cleaning up is so overrated. You tidy up and few minutes later the mess is back, what the heck is the point?

I am so sick of doing the laundry! I have to do one load each day at least. Uggh! My laundry room is a mess! I am not going to do any laundry today! I need a break man!

I finally got my eyebrows waxed yesterday. I have been doing it myself and I screwed up bad. I started growing them and it was scary!! There has got to be a place in Amman that waxes eyebrows! I will not let anyone with a string near me! I do not get it. With waxing it is a couple of few ouches and you are done. With the string it s ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch a million times! And then the ingrown hairs! OMG those just look nasty! I never got those with waxing. The stupid thing is that when those girls are killing you with the string, they have the nerve to diss waxing! Never again!

My son is scared of a stupid fly!! He wants me to go after and kill it! I am not in a fly killing mood right now! This past weekend I came across those weird bugs. They look like an overgrown fly and they sting. Ouch! Those were nasty! They made regular flies look cute and harmless!

My carpet needs shampooing so bad! Someone was supposed to be coming but oops it collides with Friday prayer times so I had to cancel because hubby has became all religious all of the sudden and does not miss Friday prayers anymore. So I have to live with yucky carpet for a while longer! I am so getting hardwood the minute I move back to my house, no more carpet for me except in the bedrooms.

I have seven garbage bags and two boxes full of stuff to give away to the diabetes foundation. I need them to come and pick them up soon. I have packed our winter clothes so far. I have two bags full, and I will pack two bags with our summer clothes and one bag for our other stuff. I can take six bags all together. To Toronto I can only take five because I need to take the car seats as well. I will be doing a lot of shopping in Toronto so I will need one more bag. Six bags all together, we will look ridiculous at the airport! But he my friend went to Lebanon for few months last summer and for the four of them they had eight bags!

I will go and get my hair highlighted this weekend. I have not highlighted my hair for few years now, wish me luck. Hubby and the kids will go swimming while I am doing that, so I do not have to worry about coming home to a super messy house.

I am so going to miss while driving in Amman!

I still have not lost any weight! I have not been able to make it to the gym as much as I would have liked! Because of hubby and the car! I am never ever ever, ever not going to have my own car again, NEVER! If hubby ever whines about the extra $500 we pay for a second car I will remind him of these two past years in Saskatoon! It has been horrible! And I will not drive a van! Khalas I am so putting my foot down about this!

Ok I enough rambling for now! I have so much to do today!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Question to Ammani's

Can you beleive it? I will be an Ammani person soon!

Like I have mentioned before we have rented an apartment in Amman. It is close to the gardens and I want to say Talal El3ali?? Is that right, ok I am not sure but is close to Amman mall. The rent is 500Jd/mo. I have no idea what the rental prices are in Amman, since I have never lived there. Heck I have no idea how much they are in Lebanon in either. Everytime my husband talks to one of his Jordanian friends in Canada and Germany they tell him it is too much. What? are you renting a castle? they ask!
So these guys do not live in Amman right now, so how would they know what is a good rental and what is not. So do people living in Amman right now think paying 500JD a mo for a three bedroom spacious apartment an outrageous amount?

Waskesiu Lake

We did not spend Canada day in Saskatoon this year either, I guess I will never know what they do here for Canada day!

On Sunday morning we got up at 9am and started looking at what we would like to do for th day online. We read on the Saskatoon website that there is a thing going on at one of the parks and that you can take the bus there, and of course zozo really, really wanted to go on the bus. KIDS it is so hard to figure them out! It was a very hot day, so after a little while we decided to head to a place called Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert national park; I am so glad I do not live there, because I cannot pronounce that! It is a 3hrs drive from here. By 11:30 am I had the house tidied up, the kids dressed, a hotel room reserved, all dressed, packed and ready to go. We got the only room left in the whole town. We bought some snacks for our car drive and for the beach at the grocery store while hubby got us breakfast from Tim Horton’s. I asked him to get me ice coffee! It sucked. But I had to pretend to like it, because hubby told me it would suck but I did not believe him!

We got there at about 3am, and were very disappointed with our hotel room! It was horrible! NO CABLE! And the window covering was a horizontal blind! It was clean though, so I guess it is what matters. I guess they have nicer rooms, but since we got the last room we had to settle for very basic. They did have a nice continantal breakfast, and a nice patio to have breakfast on. and the staff were mostly friendly, so it was not all bad.

The town was cute, and the beach was great, there were lot of people! I didn’t get to actually swim. The water was freezing cold! Well it was ok when you got used to it. But still we only stayed in knee deep. It was fun looking for fish, but they are so fast we could not get any in our net. We built few sand castles and mountains then squished them. Passed a football around, boy do I need to practice! After dinner we went back to the beach and played at the playground for a while. Watched the fire works and went to bed.

On Monday morning, we checked out of the hotel, went to the beach and stayed for few hours. We met few people, the kids played and we chitchatted with the adults. We played more on the sand and in the water, still didn’t swim because the water was even colder than the previous day, but it was fun still. Then at 2:00 we had lunch and came back home. We are all tanned now, finally! It is already July and we were all pale!

It was a fun weekend, I am so glad we didn’t stay home. We were bored out of our minds on Saturday morning. This is why on Sunday we decided to get away. We are very lazy when we stay at home, it takes us forever actually get out, but at the hotel we were all dressed and ready to go out by 9:30.
We did not get to eat a red and white cake though….and I really wanted to order a cheesecake after dinner. It looked sooo good! But hubby guilted me out of it! Annoying Rami, I still want that cheesecake! If I do good and make it to gym everyday from today until Saturday I am so having a cheesecake on Sunday! I will not share with Rami; he cannot even have one stinking bite!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Canada Day...

yippy,awesome fire works, maybe a red and white cake??...yummy!!

My son woke up asking what do we get Canada for her birthday? hmmm I guess being a good citizen?? O well, lets see what they have planned for canada day in saskatoon. This is the first time I am here on July 01:)