Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Waskesiu Lake

We did not spend Canada day in Saskatoon this year either, I guess I will never know what they do here for Canada day!

On Sunday morning we got up at 9am and started looking at what we would like to do for th day online. We read on the Saskatoon website that there is a thing going on at one of the parks and that you can take the bus there, and of course zozo really, really wanted to go on the bus. KIDS it is so hard to figure them out! It was a very hot day, so after a little while we decided to head to a place called Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert national park; I am so glad I do not live there, because I cannot pronounce that! It is a 3hrs drive from here. By 11:30 am I had the house tidied up, the kids dressed, a hotel room reserved, all dressed, packed and ready to go. We got the only room left in the whole town. We bought some snacks for our car drive and for the beach at the grocery store while hubby got us breakfast from Tim Horton’s. I asked him to get me ice coffee! It sucked. But I had to pretend to like it, because hubby told me it would suck but I did not believe him!

We got there at about 3am, and were very disappointed with our hotel room! It was horrible! NO CABLE! And the window covering was a horizontal blind! It was clean though, so I guess it is what matters. I guess they have nicer rooms, but since we got the last room we had to settle for very basic. They did have a nice continantal breakfast, and a nice patio to have breakfast on. and the staff were mostly friendly, so it was not all bad.

The town was cute, and the beach was great, there were lot of people! I didn’t get to actually swim. The water was freezing cold! Well it was ok when you got used to it. But still we only stayed in knee deep. It was fun looking for fish, but they are so fast we could not get any in our net. We built few sand castles and mountains then squished them. Passed a football around, boy do I need to practice! After dinner we went back to the beach and played at the playground for a while. Watched the fire works and went to bed.

On Monday morning, we checked out of the hotel, went to the beach and stayed for few hours. We met few people, the kids played and we chitchatted with the adults. We played more on the sand and in the water, still didn’t swim because the water was even colder than the previous day, but it was fun still. Then at 2:00 we had lunch and came back home. We are all tanned now, finally! It is already July and we were all pale!

It was a fun weekend, I am so glad we didn’t stay home. We were bored out of our minds on Saturday morning. This is why on Sunday we decided to get away. We are very lazy when we stay at home, it takes us forever actually get out, but at the hotel we were all dressed and ready to go out by 9:30.
We did not get to eat a red and white cake though….and I really wanted to order a cheesecake after dinner. It looked sooo good! But hubby guilted me out of it! Annoying Rami, I still want that cheesecake! If I do good and make it to gym everyday from today until Saturday I am so having a cheesecake on Sunday! I will not share with Rami; he cannot even have one stinking bite!


7aki Fadi said...

Wow sounds like a lot of fun... it was cold here :( ... we could'nt go swimming :( biddi TAN :(

Sam said...

ah ya haram ya 7aki..hahahaha...it usually cold here and warm 3andkom! i feel so pretty with my little tan...