Friday, July 6, 2007

why living with a smoker sucks

Forget about the second hand smoke. The stinky clothes that I have to wash everyday. The constant worries you have about your loved one’s health. The added expense of cigarettes; they cost $12/pack now and hubby promises that he will not stop smoking even if it reaches $1000/pack. The burns on my carpet and car seat (I am so killing hubby for that), and the disgusting ashtray sitting on my balcony.

No none of the above are as annoying as hearing ween elwla3a? (where is the lighter?) at least 5x a day, more on weekends. I mean seriously hubby is the one who lit the cigarette with it, why should I know where he put in when he wants to smoke again. Sometimes I get asked this question in the morning while I am in bed AFTER he has smoked his first morning cigarette. He has at least 7 lighters at home, few in the car some at work and still he manages to lose them all! I am going to get him one of those latches, like the one used for babies on the pacifier, to put around his neck with a lighter stuck to it.


7aki Fadi said...

"I am going to get him one of those latches, like the one used for babies on the pacifier"

Ta7sheeeesh , maybe you should invent that and patent it ... you will make millions.

LOL ... inti nahfeh.

jasim said...

LoooL @ latches :D

Smoking sucks.. I really want to quit :(

MQabbani said...


well it seems u had to ,

you know mom never let my friends smoke at home when they visit me , she feel free to knock the door say
guys plz no smoke here ..

i hate smoke , just for it smell ..

really Allah ye3enk

Jundi said...

i had like 15 ashtrays in my room in college .. and it was just a room with a balcony not an apartment .. i had them strategically placed in every part of the room hehe .. but they weren't all for me .. cuz sometimes ppl come over kaman :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

u know what sux most? the curtains! i've been smoke free for the past 4 months (or a little more) and the house (and my clothes) never smelled better!

Na3ouri said...

الله يعينك و يعينا عالمدخنين .. بس عجبتني فكرة الولاعة بما انه يعني مش ناوي يبطل تدخين فأكيد هذا هو الحل عشان ما يوجع راسك بالاسئلة :)

انا بالمكتب قاعد مع مدخن مش طبيعي يعني ما بروح عالبيت غير الاواعي مباشرةً عالغسيل ، و البدلات دايماً منشورين برة عشان يتهوو و تطلع منهم ريحة الدخان

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

hehe..You never know when he stops..hopefully he tries at least.. we dont leave the ashtrays in the sitting room, so it wont be an open invitation to thse who do :)

Maioush said...

LOOOOOOOOL Sam… just like my dad.. he keeps asking the whole house about his lighters.. and he drives meme crazy when he uses the stove when he can’t find it :S

redrose said...

I hate smocking smell at my hair and clothes couldn't stand it at allllllllllllll..should be showered if I caught it immediately.

Sel3 said...

i have like 20 wal3a in my kitchen drawer, i always forget it and end up buying new one, bas mashala hubby 3endo commitment mesh tabe3i, you shouldn't allow him to smoke in living rooms or in the car, yuck smoking in closed places sucks! i only smoke in my kitchen cuz i don't have balcony :( and outside in dubai the heat is killing!

milanoroger said...

as my indian friend told me once: "no smoke no live"..
ps: i have no indian friends :P