Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Canada Day...

yippy,awesome fire works, maybe a red and white cake??...yummy!!

My son woke up asking what do we get Canada for her birthday? hmmm I guess being a good citizen?? O well, lets see what they have planned for canada day in saskatoon. This is the first time I am here on July 01:)


MQabbani said...

Canada for her birthday??
why not HIS birthday ??

Hamza said... long as you don't pee on public memorials and take a picture of being caught "in act"..then you are safe.

This story was all over the news last year

7aki Fadi said...

so so so how was it?

Sam said...

mqabbani..comeon wouldnt it sound funny if we called canada a he??

hamza ewww gross! i missed that story