Monday, July 30, 2007


My animation thingie on the side is not working anymore! Now 7aki and Who-sane will be very happy!

And I have been feeling very sad about my little blog! *sniff, sniff*.

No one ever leaves comments anymore *waaaaaah* I am kinda of feeling hurt here! *sniff*

I am officially boycotting everyone and not leaving any comments on any blogs I visit until I start getting comments again! *mad* *sad**mad*

Ok there I said it :p


Maioush said...

lah lah lah ya sam ... tawli balek eh :)
my animation thingy is not working too , the site is down , lets hope that will fix it as soon as possible ..
take it easy girl, we love you :)

Summer said...

Sam, I am sorry, this sounds like it is written for me!!!
You have been so kind checking up on me and posting comments on my blog...really nice of you. I know how everyone is so busy this period of the year with too many things....i apologize for not being the best blog reader or commentator lately!
I do hope for people to be back again and read more of your nice posts.
Cheer up and have a great day!

Globalorama said...

lah lah lah, don't worry. I am leaving you the longest comment ever.
first of all, sometimes readers are just too lazy to log in and leave a comment. without any relation to the content of the post.
secondly, yes I am bored. So yes thats why this comment is going to be looooong. I am not saying your post bored me. But, it is Sunday night, just got home, and I am boycotting TV.
thirdly, everywhere in the blogosphere, it is either Iraq's win or Tawjihi's results. since I did not watch the game I am pissed, and since I never made to Tawjihi, I didn't care about it.
Also, I think you should start preparing for your trip to Amman. Camera, take a camera and take pictures of the down town area. please. Last time I was there, was in 2002. I can only imagine the changes it went through.
keep us updated. you are staying for a long time, so you better be blogging from the heart of the action. go to the sultan coffee shop in shmeisani for an argeeleh. Oh, how much I miss those nights. there is a shawerma place right behind it. hopefully it is safer to eat it now.
well, have fun....

MQabbani said...


tawli balk :) 3adi i feel all blogs getting low these days ,
seems all busy , summer vacation , and traveling :)

so as u going to be in the coming days say bye bye and came here to Amman u will not be able to blog or even comment :P

see ya and have a nice day :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

nooooo..there you go :) dont worry.. my blog is sufferring from the same too! btw i always pass by your blog, even if i do not comment..

one more reason to add to globalorama.. some bloggers are away coz they are having a vacation somewhere.. its SUMMER..

2 days to Amman! thats great! wow! im excited.. hope you emjoy it here :)

Anonymous said...

No,don't get upset..I didn't check your blog much lately because I thought that you will be busy preparing for your trip and don't have time to post.. It seems you are a super lady to juggle a blog,kids,shopping and packing all at the same time.. Good for you :)
So, from now on I will visit your blog no matter what and leave you a hello :)
I hope you are ready to take this beautiful trip and done with shopping.. Have fun, and hope you will be able to keep us informed of how it will be for you in Amman :)

hamede said...

I do read your blog even if i dont comment.i like,good blog.

Who's-sane! said...

awwwwwwww sam! I read every single post you write!

but the more time I spend on the blogosphere, the more blogs I visit and the less I comment We get caught up in the blogosphere that we forget our old buddies.

but I can see that the butterfly animation is working again! :(

ma7joob said...

i always read your blog , but am just too lazy to comment :) , but from now on i'll try to comment more often :P

Sam said...

maioush yeh it is working again..yippy i missed my butterfly and dolphine!:) thanks:)

summer no it is not about u...i know u r busy:) thank u:)

globalrama..i love your comments they are always long...i finally met someone who writes more than i do on comments:)if im ever downtown i will take lots of pictures for u:)

mqabbani nooo i will be getting highspeed as soon as i get to amman...i can not live without the net..besides we need to get vonage or else we'll be broke with calling hubby and stuff:)

amal...yeh i know vacations and stuff...but still i was getting bored without any comments:) yeh 2 more days...aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

noura i didnt go to your blog for a while too...i was using my brother's computer and the blogs on my favourites were not on his pc...but i finally visited u today:) im loving my laptop

hamede it is ok..thanks for stopping by :)

who-sane yeh yeh! exuses exuses!...haha my butterfly and dolphine are back...i got the smallest they have so they would not bug u guys! :p

ma7joob, thank u for visiting all the sweet:)

Who's-sane! said...

DARN!! Our (me and 7aki) plan didn't work! We tried destroying that website but apparently they had a backup server! LOL!

OMG, 1 day to go?!?! HORAYYY! hmmmm, why am I happy, I'm not even in Amman, LOL! but at least you'll be within my timezone!

Qwaider قويدر said...

لا و الله ما نسيناكي .. بس المشاغل

حقّك علي

Sam said...

I KNEW I who-sane!! im glad your evil plan to kill my cute dolphine and butterfly did not work! I knew u and 7aki were up to no good! :)
yeh no more 8-10hr time difference:)

Q thank u:) so sweet of u to post a comment:)

kinzi said...

Yii, Sam, that's me too...I even felt guilty one day passing up a post of yours! BUSTED!

LOVE your blog, you are a fellow mommy-blogger who I usually try not to miss.

My blog visits and comments are way low too, if I hadn't gotten HUNDREDS of visits from people in Asia wanted to see the 'snakebaby' video (which I DIDN'T post!) my blog stats would flat-line.

So, is it summer time, or has blogging peaked? :(

Can't wait to meet you and the kids!

Sam said...

Kinzi, tsk tsk tsk! Just is ok...we all get busy at times and too lazy to comment..i've been guilty of that few times too:)
Thank u, i love your blog too:)
yeh i cant wait to meet u and little kinz's too , i will email u as soon as i get online in amman:)

Sel3 said...

tab ana kont msafer o ma kan fe wa2t online! would that be considered bad from my side? bas ya seti 7agek 3alay.

Sam said...

sel3 i knew u were away , u r excused..u r a sweety...u always comment on my blog..well since u started visting few weeks ago:)