Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Question to Ammani's

Can you beleive it? I will be an Ammani person soon!

Like I have mentioned before we have rented an apartment in Amman. It is close to the gardens and I want to say Talal El3ali?? Is that right, ok I am not sure but is close to Amman mall. The rent is 500Jd/mo. I have no idea what the rental prices are in Amman, since I have never lived there. Heck I have no idea how much they are in Lebanon in either. Everytime my husband talks to one of his Jordanian friends in Canada and Germany they tell him it is too much. What? are you renting a castle? they ask!
So these guys do not live in Amman right now, so how would they know what is a good rental and what is not. So do people living in Amman right now think paying 500JD a mo for a three bedroom spacious apartment an outrageous amount?


Anonymous said...

hmm ok, how apcious in the 175 region? if it is semi furnished and fairly new I think it is a reasonable amount. The prices increased alot lately, and they usually increase rentals in the summer so if u are going to be living in it during the 3 summer months you can renegotiate a lower rate afterwards.
and yes tla 2al 3ali is correct for that area.

MQabbani said...


u get it or not yet???

as BamBam say if its a semi furnished its fair ,
the price's get so high

and a furnished one 3 bed rooms with AC , in west Amman reach 1500JD/ mo

if it's month per month u get it high price , but if it yearly , it is too high ,

plz tell me more about it and will bring u the range price , note if it is near amman mall
and its empty it's too much unless its 300M area .. my client had an office for such things ,and he own me a lot of services i can ask him to help and find one better also ..

okay inform me with

apartment's area , Furnished or not , AC, level , phone line , or any addition stuff ,

am doing a search system for that office so am like 3am dawem ma3hom there till done

Sam said...

mqabbani, yeh we rented it for august 01, it is in the same building my sisters in law live..
it is fully furished i beleive...not sure about the AC..

kinzi said...

From what I have heard, a furnished place that big (what sq. mt?)in that area is not a bad deal. Thank God our landlords like us and don't ask for market rate!

MQabbani said...

okay if so
the price not HIGH but and in average depend on the building age , and if it 3 bed room it must be like 160-200 meter at least ..

make sure about the AC ur not used to hot weather here ...

u cant say its high and not a castle

Sam said...

mqabbani...u've never been to canada have u?? it gets as cold as the north pole in winter, bas it is as hot as amman in the summer...in toronto it is even hotter than amman sometimes...sometimes......:)

i dont know what those guys are talking about..they made hubby mad..

Firas said...


These guys have not been in Jordan for a while. Because 6K/year seems like a good deal,actually a really good deal.

How big is this apt? It sounds like it's 250sqrm-unfurnished,non? The price seems to be fair on condition that the building is less than 10-12 years old, and in a good neighborhood (meaning no stores,market area nearby, no students rez,and so on).

You know what you could do? Ask a friend in Jordan to FedEx you (Aramex is faster and costs le$$) a copy of "Akarkom" it's basically a real estate classified, this should give you a good idea, but keep in mind that the advertisers are real estate agents (really really greedy ppl).

Sam the AC is not a big issue (Qabbani you should really go to Canada in the summer)! The nights are cool, and a brand new AC unit costs JD350 (LG) Inclusive...so don't worry much about it (though think of global warming, the more you use the AC the hotter the earth gets) ;).

Anyways, JD500 sounds right for the given conditions. But I've heard they now ask for 12month rent in advance or something.

People still think of the 4mil humble Jord we once had, today it's 6mil+1milIraqis+300 (Egyptians,Sri Lankans,etc)so don't listen to them.

Good luck Sam.

A FREE TIP: Try to conceal the fact that you were living in Canada as much as you could, especially maintenance guys, cabbies, or any of this sort, because they think you are a filthy rich fool person who they can easily rip off.

Maher said...

i think 500jd a month isnt that high because its fully furnished and because its in nice area. Amman mall area is getting so so expensive , i think u got a fair price.

look at the bright side : you guys are going to be my neighbours..yes i live near amman mall :P

Oriental Arabesque said...


i just wanted to wish you a safe trip and nice stay in Amman

it's going to be a whole new experience for sure...and if one day you decide to come to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, let me know...it will be a pleasure to meet you and show you around :)

Sam said...

Firas thanks for the info:) and yeh i will try not to mention canada when dealing with people:)

maher howdy neighbour..i am going to have to cross the street in amman..it takes me hours to cross dowar elwa7a...

OA Thank u sweeti..i will definatly let u know when i go to the UAE...i'll be in Abu dhabi airport for 6hrs..*a screaming face* bas i will be going to UAE to visit my estranged family there while im living in amman..u know forsa that im so close:)